His Wicked Game

What we have here is what happens when one person is bored enough to pretend to be Ville Valo and/or Jesse Oliver Valo online and another person is bored enough to discover their games and play along to see what will happen.

I never believed any of his story, I just went along with it, playing the big-eyed believer, to see how far he’d take it. Believe me or don’t, I won’t waste time trying to convince you otherwise.  I don’t care what you think.

See, I randomly found the twitter page of this guy pretending that he was Ville Valo.  Months later I learned that HIM fans, tired of the mods on other fan sites, had migrated to a gossip site called Who’s Dated Who, where mods do not interfere with conversations.  Fans were discussing at great length an unlovely new alleged girlfriend of Valo’s.  At this site, there was this guy who played under several names (EyeUminati, LazarusVampire, and LazarusNoNotValo were just a few of them), and I noticed that this person had the same mannerisms, the same way of way of typing, and the same consistent misspellings as the guy on the Valo wanna-be Twitter.  So, I tested a theory and it panned out.

all this garbage is still there.

This Lazarus NoNotValo, as he called himself, posed a bunch of bizarre theories (but he posed them as facts) about Valo and drugs, the Illuminati, MK Ultra brain-washing, rapes, beatings, incest, abuse, and tragedy.  He also insisted that the muse all HIM fans know about was a person he alternately called B, Bella, Arabella or Bell.  Then a self-proclaimed muse using that name came and invited fans to talk to her on YouTube under the name LaSun14. So, I had some interesting conversations with that person as well (as if I would believe for a second that Ville’s real muse would exchange so many messages with a bored and random online fan! Right?!) I would be inclined to believe it was the same individual playing a role but! what disconcerts me about that, is how vehemently this Bell person insisted that he was NOT Jesse (which I knew, of course) and how appalled she was at the idea he would even pretend to be. She straight up did not (or pretended not to?) believe me that he did that.  Also, she could type and use English a hell of a lot better. There were a few similar things – the “I’m nobody, I’m just me” act, and the abbreviation of the word “lil” that were the same. Later, when I told Laz-Baby that she said that he was not Jesse Oliver he, well… it’s all in the chat. So THAT particular part of this stupid game, I have not entirely figured out.  But… whatever.  We’d be chatting along and NoNotValo (Lazarus Something) would have no idea who Wainio or Niiranen was.  This, plus, the need for cyber-sex? I’m sure that neither one of the Valos would be confused by those names, or ever, EVER need cyber-sex, for that matter, so…  IF Bell was a different person than NoNotValo, and IF what she said about NoNotValo being a friend of Ville’s is true (which I doubt, hard to know what if anything in this sick story could possibly be true), then Ville should know what games his “friends” are playing online. Also, Laz-Baby, why is Wainio on your friends list ? Lucifer’s Son? Vlad Hermit? Lazarus Hermit? Huoripukki? Samsa Lempi? Aatami Laki, Mai Valo, and Vee Vail? DeadMansThirst? I was under the impression that she doesn’t add random HIM fans.

The chat is edited for length, irrelevant content, and ikki-gross cyber-sex. Nothing has been added, only cut out.

Oh and Laz-Baby? Before you wanna piss me off again, remember all that I have, still.  Tons of WDW inbox chats. Emails. Facebook inboxes.  Ah, yes, And all those lovely YouTube chats with Bell.  Enjoy your reward for fucking about in my inbox unsolicited  two years later and have done with it, otherwise maybe I’ll get bored enough to add that crap to this blog, too.  Laz-Baby.

Kisses on your cheeks! :*

his twitter where he pretends to be Valo:

(click the magnifying glass twice or of course it’s going to be too damn small).


header from Lazarus email:

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IM Aug 22, 2012 5:15:52 AM

5:15:52 AM

heartagram_princess:  hi

5:16:33 AM

Lazarus Something: hi

5:17:05 AM

heartagram_princess:  why are you so sad my friend?

5:17:29 AM

Lazarus Something: Because I am trying to help but can’t

5:17:47 AM

Lazarus Something: I am more then 100 % sure that skeptical is his B

5:18:23 AM

heartagram_princess:  really? but I am confused!! If brokenman was HIM and he shall see his girl in 3 days, isnt the girl he will see B ?

5:18:52 AM

Lazarus Something: no

5:19:09 AM

heartagram_princess:  no!? wow I got really lost somewhere, I thought for sure it was

5:19:10 AM

Lazarus Something: Like I told you, he must’ve been brainwashed again

5:19:16 AM

heartagram_princess:  I thought there was Sandra and B

5:19:25 AM

heartagram_princess:  wow but again, all the ladies want him

5:19:35 AM

Lazarus Something: Like I told you, he must’ve been brainwashed again

5:19:43 AM

heartagram_princess:  I can see where there would be more… but

5:19:46 AM

heartagram_princess:  oh dear

5:19:58 AM

heartagram_princess:  thats discouraging! but ..

5:20:12 AM

Lazarus Something: He is either dating San, which I will not hope for him, or some other creepy fan girl.

5:21:05 AM

Lazarus Something: and skeptical. What she said, only she knows that. He never told it to anybody else except her and poeple close to him.

5:21:39 AM

heartagram_princess:  I am so confused, I thought his goodbye post was saying he would be with the girl you spoke of… the Cali Sun… it is no? but thats what I understood! I am so lost

5:22:34 AM

Lazarus Something: No, no, my guess is that he is with her, but not with B. I am totally sure he is not with her. He is Finnland she is still in Los Angeles

5:23:42 AM

heartagram_princess:  i am still confused… i thought for sure she was the one he was so happy to see in 3 days

5:24:02 AM

Lazarus Something: No, sadly not

5:24:42 AM

Lazarus Something: in 3 days? no he is going to see either S or some other girl but not B

5:24:56 AM

heartagram_princess:  what? sad!! but he seemed so damn pleased about it.

5:25:37 AM

Lazarus Something: Sad because it’s not B. It’s some groupie. Like I said, they must’ve brainwashed him again.

5:26:45 AM

heartagram_princess:  i dont know your position but clearly you are closer than most. Will you be in the way of knowing what happens in 3 days? what happened to make yu think its not B? He sure made it sound like he meant that one

5:27:45 AM

Lazarus Something: No, he didn’t at all. You have to read carefully. He said that she will understand it, that he is with S or whoever.

5:28:35 AM

heartagram_princess:  well the person he said would understand i assumed was sandra… but I thought he was going to his B. I didnt know there was a third chick involved

5:29:02 AM

Lazarus Something: He also said he will call her to talk with her about everything and that she will understand that his heart is not meant for 2.

5:29:56 AM

Lazarus Something: No, I am not talking about a third chick. I said it could be that he is either dating S or another girl. But definitely not B.

5:30:18 AM

heartagram_princess:  I dont know sandra OF COURSE but I dont see how any chick is gonna take losing him lightly… im not so sure she’s going to be very understanding about this… whatever “this” may be

5:31:58 AM

Lazarus Something: If he calls her, B I mean, then I am sure she understands him. Sad but true. Because she set an ultimatum for him. And she will hear it in his voice, that he didn’t do a thing to change his stupid habbits and then she will let him go.

5:32:57 AM

heartagram_princess:  idj exactly what substance youre talking about but i gather that its fairly hardcore

5:33:06 AM

heartagram_princess:  *idK

5:33:16 AM

Lazarus Something: I am trying to help, for a long time now. But nothing works

5:33:24 AM

Lazarus Something: Yeah it is

5:33:34 AM

heartagram_princess:  you must be very fond of him

5:35:05 AM

Lazarus Something: Am I? Maybe kinda. But I am not gay. I could not even love him in that way. because, there’s a bond between us since I came out of my mummies stomach. But I can’t say no more.

5:36:54 AM

heartagram_princess:  Well he’s a lovely man and he deserves all the support he can get. Watching WDW for the last coupla months is a window into just how crazy some HIM fans are. Lawyer Hanna? wow.

5:38:06 AM

Lazarus Something: Yeah I know what you’re talking about. I can’t take that girl she is to heavy for my poor nerves.

5:38:46 AM

heartagram_princess:  she must have an awful life…. its best to just feel sorry for her for a second or two and then forget about her if possible

5:38:58 AM

Lazarus Something: Yeah

5:39:00 AM

heartagram_princess:  the way she runs her mouth sometimes, jesus christ

5:39:23 AM

Lazarus Something: Exactly, oh lord.

5:39:59 AM

heartagram_princess:  but you mustnt allow yourself to get to depressed over his problems… you sounded so very down tonight.

5:40:17 AM

Lazarus Something: I was

5:40:20 AM

heartagram_princess:  at least not TOO depressed

5:40:25 AM

Lazarus Something: And I still am

5:41:06 AM

heartagram_princess:  there must be more to it than HIM. You mentioned you were still sad about a breakup of your own. I am sorry you are suffering, i know, that is the very worst hurt

5:41:45 AM

Lazarus Something: Yeah

5:43:18 AM

Lazarus Something: they tried to reprogramm hin in 07 or 08, Rehab in hollywood is just another word for reprogramming. His reprogramming failed. Because of B. Since then they’re trying to brainwash him. I guess, this time they succeeded.

5:44:05 AM

Lazarus Something: Seppo is controllign him since the very beginning. He is one of them. And he hurts him continously. If V doesn’t listen, he has to pay for it. B was his secret love because he had to keep her a secret.

5:46:34 AM

Lazarus Something: Because of S. I don’t want to type out his name. Gives me shivers down my spine. So I rather just type Sp.

5:46:46 AM

heartagram_princess:  It doesnt seem like money would be worth it. I wish he would be defiant…

5:48:17 AM

Lazarus Something: Sp’s contract. From the beginnig, was a deal with the dark lord. You can call me crazy but it’s true. And V only signed it because he was forced to sign on and because all he wanted was to find real love. Never money of fame. I was never about that.

5:48:44 AM

Lazarus Something: or

5:48:51 AM

Lazarus Something: Not I, it

5:49:01 AM

Lazarus Something: It was never about the fame.

5:50:08 AM

heartagram_princess:  is Sandra orchestrated by Silke and Sp to keep him under control? What is up with that whole mess… and the leaking of the pics… its all so strange

5:50:55 AM

heartagram_princess:  i have always had the feeling that the boys arent getting paid properly too, per SP, but idk, just a feeling. speculation.

5:51:51 AM

Lazarus Something: Exactly. But he enver dated her. He maybe fucked her or got laid by her, basd on the pills she throws into his drinks and based on the shit he is doing to his body by himself. And it wouldn’t be the first time that he got his drink spciked.

5:53:08 AM

Lazarus Something: And you are right. The rest of the band ets paid better then V but V, Sp keeps him on a short leash by gving him a weekly very low pocket money and that’s it.

5:53:23 AM

Lazarus Something: gets not ets

5:53:29 AM

heartagram_princess:  how unlovely

5:53:37 AM

Lazarus Something: Yeah

5:53:44 AM

Lazarus Something: Sweetie

5:53:53 AM

heartagram_princess:  I wish I could believe that you were a nutter…

5:54:02 AM

heartagram_princess:  it makes me very sad for him

5:54:22 AM

Lazarus Something: hey do not cry. I am doign my best. But sweetie?

5:54:26 AM

heartagram_princess:  yes?

5:54:50 AM

Lazarus Something: My older bro comes over in a few mins. i have to get ready.

5:54:59 AM

heartagram_princess:  ok

5:55:27 AM

heartagram_princess:  now i have this acct we can chat again sometime if you want… I hope you have a good day…

5:56:12 AM

Lazarus Something: If you want, we can chat a some more when I am back home. Because. My bro has free work holidays just like me. So I have to enjoy the time I can spend with him til he has to go back to work.

IM Aug 22, 2012 5:59:24 AM

5:56:40 AM

Lazarus Something: a bit more

5:56:42 AM

heartagram_princess:  try not to let depression get the best of you today… and have a good time with your bro.

5:57:19 AM

Lazarus Something: I try my best. even though it’s hard. Because my brother is a very stubborn nature.

5:58:22 AM

heartagram_princess:  oh I bet he is

5:58:32 AM

Lazarus Something: Yeah, believe me.

5:58:41 AM

heartagram_princess:  mayhep we can chat tonight… ttyl friend

5:59:16 AM

Lazarus Something: Yeah sure, why not. ttylaw on your cheek. I gotta go now sweetie. bye for now.

5:59:24 AM

heartagram_princess:  bfn ❤

IM Aug 22, 2012 4:01:27 PM

4:01:22 PM

Lazarus Something:

7:21:27 PM

Lazarus Something: hi sweetheart

7:22:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  hello Lazarus

7:22:27 PM

Lazarus Something: hello

7:22:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  what are you up to? I am listening to Barrington Levy & chilling out

7:23:35 PM

Lazarus Something: typing to you and chating with you.

7:25:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  i see you changed your mind about skepical… what happened?

7:26:11 PM

Lazarus Something: Ah nah, to many poeple there who won’t believe me anyway, that’s why I said I think it’s not her, so they leave me alone.

7:26:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  i understand

7:26:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah, lots of meanness goes on there

7:26:53 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah that is very true

7:27:12 PM

heartagram_princess:  tonight’s drunk, carpet-whoever, sounds like a drunk lawyer hanna XD

7:27:56 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah he or she sounds very drunk and very childish. sounds like a little teenie to me.

7:28:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  probably so

7:28:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  did you have a good time with your stubborn brother?

7:29:40 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah, he’s very stubborn, never listening to me, always ttells and shows me that he is older then I am and that he does not have to listen to what I say. And that I have to keep myself out of his life because he is old enough to know what he is doing and what not.

7:31:08 PM

Lazarus Something: we went out to have some fun and look for ladies, but as always, ladies stare at him and ignore me.

7:31:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  my sister is 5 years older than me, so, I understand that attitude very well; she acts the same way with me

7:31:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  she is supremely arrogant and never EVER wrong

7:32:01 PM

Lazarus Something: elder siblings are boring, always try to play the guru. my bro is older then 5 years then myself

7:32:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  I can relate to THAT as well, she is the golden girl and I am the black sheep

7:32:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  we couldnt be anymore different

7:33:13 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah same here. he is the proud and the apple of my parents eyes. He is everything for them.

7:33:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  that can get annoying for sure! I know how that feels, VERY well

7:34:17 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah. its always, look at your older brother. he achieved this in life and he achieved that and bla bla.

7:35:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  she is blond and good-looking, politically correct and well-schooled… she doesn’t dabble in ANY sustance abuse at all, not even alcohol or cigarettes. I am the polar opposite of all of that

7:35:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  well most of that

7:35:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  i cant stand alcohol or cigarettes myself but I am a big fan of the sweet leaf

7:36:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  your parents should know better than to rub his success in your face

7:36:53 PM

Lazarus Something: oh my brother is good looking as well. every woman wants him. it was always like this. but he drinks and smokes. but still, he is the apple of my parents eyes. im just the ex junkie.

IM Aug 22, 2012 7:51:28 PM

7:38:36 PM

Lazarus Something: ok my parents do not know that he is drinking again, or they want see it, or not acccept it that their oldest isn’t infallible

7:38:55 PM

Lazarus Something: won’t not want

7:39:39 PM

Lazarus Something: nah I have a close relationship to my parents, but my brother is their wonderful angel.

7:39:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  I have an addictive personality so I dont understand why alcohol never got me… I’m lucky, I guess. That stuff is awful.

7:40:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  he is the golden boy is he? thats frustrating for sure

7:40:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  up on a pedastal, is he?

7:40:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  how annoying.

7:40:54 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah he is.and yes it is very annoying.

7:41:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  too bad he’s drinking again

7:41:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  alcohol is repugnant

7:41:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  yuck.

7:42:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  to me, anyway.

7:42:19 PM

Lazarus Something: they did not see or do not want to see that I achieved some things in life as well. for example: I was better in scholl then him. But still he is smarter then me and they say: oh he was not good in school but he reads a lot and has a big knowledge.

7:42:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah, that overt and unreasonable favoritism thing. My sister may have been to multiple colleges, but, I was schooled on the streets and I know if shit ever hits the fan economicaally speaking, I will last longer than she does

7:49:24 PM

Lazarus Something: sometimes I hate him. but then again, he is brother.

7:50:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  sometimes family ties arent enough, there are family members that I hated literally to death

7:50:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  it is what it is

7:51:28 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah, very true, indeed.

IM Aug 22, 2012 8:16:24 PM

7:54:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  who is this Maya that they are yapping about?

7:54:59 PM

Lazarus Something: Idk, I guess a product fo their fantasies.

7:55:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  lotsa that going around

7:55:56 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I know.

7:57:54 PM

Lazarus Something: YOu know, sometimes my brother can be a really big asshole. All the women is life even our mother, they kinda think he is god or something like this. sometimes he treats people like shit.He can be very polite as well. But when he is drunk or something else ( again a think my parents can’t or won’t see ) he can be the meanest person in the world.

7:59:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh I believe it… a drunk’s mouth is the meanest mouth in the world. Sometimes people who are so admired and set up on a pedestal get into this bizarre mindframe that they can shit on anybody they want to, and get away with it.

7:59:55 PM

Lazarus Something: Yeah he can be very mean when he is drunk or high.

8:00:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  hopefully your parents aren’t so niave that they cant actually see… more likely they are in denial because the truth hurts

8:00:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  self defense mechanism on their part

8:01:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  affter all what can they do? they cant really sit on him and make him not do dangerous and/or foolish things…

8:02:17 PM

Lazarus Something: They do nothing at all. Because they can’t or won’t believe that their golden boy is a drug addict.

8:03:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  that really sucks. I hope he doesnt end up in the hospital or dead.

8:04:46 PM

Lazarus Something: I hope so as well, but he doesn’t want any help.

8:07:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  well that is unfortunate

8:07:56 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

8:15:26 PM

Lazarus Something: I am here again.

8:15:52 PM

Lazarus Something: He gets all the ladies. I get nothing, they just want him.

8:16:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  why is he so marvelous?

8:17:10 PM

Lazarus Something: Idk, because of his looks. He has my mothers face and a ” sweet ” smile, at least that’s what the ladies say.

8:18:14 PM

Lazarus Something: You are sweet sweetie. I would want you

8:18:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  well isnt he a living doll?

8:24:05 PM

Lazarus Something: nah, really, they wouldn’t. YOu knwo what people say to me?

8:24:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  what do they say?

8:25:04 PM

Lazarus Something: They say, straight into my face. Look at your brother, he is so adorable and so pretty, he could be a top model, but you, you are jsut average and normal.

8:26:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  wow how rude! why do they speak to you so? I guess your bro won the genetic lottery but we cant all be so blessed.

8:27:58 PM

Lazarus Something: Idk why they do such things. And yes my bro won the genetic lottery indeed. the ladies just come to me to ask me about my brother.

8:28:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  that must get excessively annoying, must make you want to just… idk… almost just wanna stay the fuck home

8:29:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  pretty lady approaching.. yay! oh, another question about my bro. fok.

8:29:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats gotta suck

8:29:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m sorry man

8:29:44 PM

Lazarus Something: I’m always alone and lonely. There are women I have, But they jsut want me to get close to my brother. I had a girl, one day she told me: I’m just together with you to get close to your brother.

8:30:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  well I hope you aborted THAT relationship in a hurry

8:30:22 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I did. I hate him for that.

8:31:00 PM

heartagram_princess:  she must be pretty damn stupid… did she imagine that you would keep her around after that? Maybe help her get him? Right. Nuts.

IM Aug 22, 2012 8:47:26 PM

8:31:12 PM

Lazarus Something: the only thing I had better luck with genes is the body. I have a better body then he has, not all to much better, but a bit.

8:31:46 PM

Lazarus Something: Yeah I’m sure that that’s what she thought but I told her to fuck of and to leave me alone and never come back again.

8:32:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  good for you, I would have done the same! what a bisssh

8:32:28 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

8:33:19 PM

Lazarus Something: so, it’s hard for me to trust the ladies. Because I never know if they want me for myself or becaue I am the brother of my brother.

8:33:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  It must make you want to go away to someplace where nobody knows

8:34:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  that sounds like a damaging existence

8:34:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  life in the shadow

8:34:31 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

8:35:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  well on the upside if he ever really pisses you off you can use your superior body to give him a solid whomp

8:38:05 PM

Lazarus Something:  yeah I could and it’s the only thing that makes him a little bit jealous of me

8:39:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  well work out a lot and try not to drink too much. Then you can get really cut and have something to rub in his pretty face for once

8:40:37 PM

Lazarus Something: Ha, yeah I’m doing a lot of workouts and I am proud of my abs and my muscles.

8:40:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  I bet you are adorable!

8:41:30 PM

Lazarus Something: oh thank you. you are making me blush

8:41:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  good!

8:44:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  sibling rivalry… always fun.

8:44:41 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah, sort of

8:47:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  you are a sweetie, I like talking to you. On WDW you hinted that you try to help V in order to redeem yourself for something in your past. Idk what you’re talking about but I hope you don’t beat yourself up over it, try not to, ok?

IM Aug 22, 2012 8:48:38 PM

8:48:38 PM

Lazarus Something: thank you. you are very sweet as well and I like tlaking to you as well sweetheart. Yeah I did something very bad in my past to somebody who is very close to me since I am born.

8:50:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  I hope you can find closure, somehow.

8:51:17 PM

Lazarus Something: yes it can. BUt I am always under the shadow of my bro, so I think I will enver find the right lady,

8:52:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  can you not remove yourself away somehow? Move to a different part of the country? or is it too big for that?

8:53:23 PM

Lazarus Something: I could, but, Idk, I am bond to my family.

8:54:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  I see. It’s a concept that I dont hold dear, but I know that many do.

8:55:15 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah i actually love my family and it’s not that my parents do not love me.

8:55:37 PM

Lazarus Something: Just not so much as they love my bro.

8:56:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m sorry.  unfair!

9:10:23 PM

IM Aug 22, 2012 9:15:13 PM

9:15:13 PM

Lazarus Something: my brother pretty much influenced my taste in music.

9:18:03 PM

Lazarus Something: I love music, it’s my passion. and my life is pretty much bassed on my bro.music is my way to escape.

9:19:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  it is the escape that wont hurt you. I have found out recenly that other escape mechanisms I had devised for myself have an unexpected power to hurt…

9:20:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  that wasnt supposed to have happened. It was supposed to have been a safe escape.

9:20:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  but it is still less dangerous than many alternatives

9:21:26 PM

Lazarus Something: that is true. like I said, I used to be a junkie, now I am clean for many, many years.

9:21:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  where did you find the resolve and strength that it took to stop?

9:23:52 PM

Lazarus Something: funny story i was my girl who gave me the strength, til I catched ehr in my own bed with my best friend, so I got back on drugs and then I thought, fuck it, why should I kill myself for some bitch who wasn’t a lady at all and who cheated on me.. so I went back to rehab and did it for myself.

9:24:00 PM

Lazarus Something: it not i

9:24:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  jesus christ!

9:24:34 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

9:24:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  gosh what a lousy trampy thing for her to have done… I guess you lost a best friend in the process as well!

9:25:18 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

9:26:00 PM

heartagram_princess:  double whammy

IM Aug 23, 2012 3:19:15 PM

3:19:15 PM

Lazarus Something: oh you’re of. Hmmmm ok maybe later you’ll be online.

IM Aug 23, 2012 4:08:55 PM

4:08:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  hello ❤


4:38:25 AM

Lazarus Something: good morning sweetie

4:38:27 AM

Lazarus Something:

4:39:50 AM

heartagram_princess:  good morning ❤

4:40:05 AM

Lazarus Something: hey and good morning

4:40:32 AM

heartagram_princess:  I was just thinking about you

4:40:55 AM

Lazarus Something: oh how nice of you. You’re making me blush

4:41:48 AM

heartagram_princess:  i was just googling stuff about rehab/brainwashing but didnt find much

4:42:00 AM

heartagram_princess:  i must need to look for mk ultra specifically

4:42:36 AM

Lazarus Something: I’m not surprised that google doesn’t know anything about that thema.

4:43:20 AM

Lazarus Something: theme

4:43:23 AM

heartagram_princess:  yes, infos are sorely lacking

4:43:33 AM

Lazarus Something: or better say topic

4:43:33 AM

Lazarus Something: yup

4:43:58 AM

Lazarus Something: you are very curious about that hm?

4:44:23 AM

heartagram_princess:  yes, I have a fascination with all things macabre

4:44:37 AM

Lazarus Something: ah ok

4:45:03 AM

heartagram_princess:  also sad/worried about who you said may be brainwashed

4:45:03 AM

Lazarus Something: then you should google illumintati

4:45:33 AM

heartagram_princess:  i will more extensively. I have watched a lot of youtube vids abot it

4:46:06 AM

Lazarus Something: or youtube: selling your soul to the devil or bloodsacrifes

4:46:11 AM

heartagram_princess:  what was up with the Olympics this year?

4:46:19 AM

heartagram_princess:  jeez he didnt do THAT did he?

4:47:55 AM

Lazarus Something: ah that, there’s a card game, released by that clan, and the card game told the world about the twin towers before it happened, also said that there will be a plane crashing into the big ben on this years olymphics but nothing really happen. Well there will be another olympics this year, must be about to happen then.

4:48:14 AM

Lazarus Something: he didn’t do what?

4:48:34 AM

heartagram_princess:  sell his soul to the devil or the blood sacrifice

4:49:02 AM

Lazarus Something: well, I just say heartkiller and peter steele.

4:49:16 AM

heartagram_princess:  yes I know what game you speak of, I have heard it mentioned before and that the guy who made the game had his home and office ransacked and everything taken… right?

4:49:31 AM

Lazarus Something: yup

IM Aug 24, 2012 5:02:14 AM

4:53:10 AM

Lazarus Something: ok. you asked me about that seeling your soul thing. I tell you, have a close look at when heartkiller was released and when peter steele died.

4:53:31 AM

heartagram_princess:  ok

4:54:27 AM

heartagram_princess:  december & april?

4:54:27 AM

Lazarus Something: conspiracy? nope

4:55:22 AM

Lazarus Something: no no, as I remember heartkiller was released one week after he died.

4:56:03 AM

heartagram_princess:  oh? the single not the album? inet sez 8/12/09

4:56:13 AM

Lazarus Something: yup the single

4:56:50 AM

heartagram_princess:  well its a buzznet page i see it on so it could be wrong

4:57:06 AM

Lazarus Something: well, I don’t remember it. My brain doesn’t memorize time dates very much, lies in my family and my genes.

 5:04:00 AM

Lazarus Something: I’m sure he was forced tot alk about them, as most of the time he is forced to tell lies in interviews. Everything is required by THEM

5:04:08 AM

Lazarus Something: to talk

5:04:16 AM

heartagram_princess:  forced to tell lies? how… hideous

5:06:25 AM

heartagram_princess:  seems so strange… why do they care about rock star interviews? I suppose because they know many people are fascinated

5:06:32 AM

heartagram_princess:  and will listen/watch

5:06:45 AM

Lazarus Something: exactly

5:07:29 AM

Lazarus Something: His whole life is requierd by them.

5:07:34 AM

heartagram_princess:  and the HIM fandom is a tad more, well, eccentric and susceptible than most

5:08:00 AM

heartagram_princess:  but what if it is B he meets this weekend?

5:08:33 AM

Lazarus Something: I hope so, but Idk for sure.

5:08:55 AM

heartagram_princess:  you shall probably find out soon enough

5:09:15 AM

heartagram_princess:  but how do people make work something that didnt seem to work the first time?

5:09:39 AM

Lazarus Something: Idk

5:10:44 AM

heartagram_princess:  mayhap they can, who knows

5:10:56 AM

heartagram_princess:  im watching related videos on youtube

5:11:15 AM

Lazarus Something: ah ok

5:12:40 AM

Lazarus Something: I’ve to go grocery shopping in a bit with my brother, we’re having a barbecue today.

IM Aug 24, 2012 5:19:26 AM

5:13:40 AM

heartagram_princess:  may I ask how old are you?

5:14:11 AM

Lazarus Something: I am 28

5:14:30 AM

Lazarus Something: but my brother is very close to your age.

5:14:44 AM

heartagram_princess:  how old he?

5:14:52 AM

Lazarus Something: He’s 35

5:15:03 AM

heartagram_princess:  decrepit.

5:15:08 AM

heartagram_princess:  XD

5:15:29 AM

Lazarus Something: but he is close to 36. old man

5:16:09 AM

heartagram_princess:  creaky ole bones

5:16:15 AM

heartagram_princess:  greying old whiskerz

5:16:26 AM

heartagram_princess:  positively decrepit

5:16:42 AM

Lazarus Something: yup

5:17:08 AM

heartagram_princess:  almost time for the receeding hairline

5:17:15 AM

heartagram_princess:  does that run in yer family?

5:17:22 AM

heartagram_princess:  male pattern baldnes

5:17:25 AM

heartagram_princess:  fun!

5:18:05 AM

Lazarus Something: oh he is not bald at all, but he has to dye some parts of his hair already

5:18:39 AM

Lazarus Something: but poeple tend to say, he looks younger then he actually is.

5:18:43 AM

heartagram_princess:  but grey streaks can be hot!

5:18:58 AM

Lazarus Something: idk, I am not a lady

5:19:12 AM

heartagram_princess:  lucky bastard, people say I look older than i am… sucks, especially for a female

5:19:26 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah I bet

IM Aug 24, 2012 5:16:39 AM

5:19:27 AM

heartagram_princess:  he sounds like an enviable guy

5:20:19 AM

Lazarus Something: ah yeah, can be. I mean, every woman wants him. I’m sure if you would know him you would want him as well.

5:20:41 AM

heartagram_princess:  especially if he’s a longhaired boy

5:20:55 AM

heartagram_princess:  ive been a fool for the longhaired boys ever since i was like, 12

5:21:17 AM

Lazarus Something: and I mean, what would you want with a 28 year old young guy?

5:21:36 AM

Lazarus Something: oh he has long hair, so I’m pretty sure you would want him.

5:21:36 AM

heartagram_princess:  heh heh heh

5:21:50 AM

heartagram_princess:  I’m sure I could think of SOMETHING to do with a 28 year old guy…. XD

5:22:10 AM

Lazarus Something: oh really? and what?

5:22:29 AM

heartagram_princess:  I’m sure it would be very carnal

5:22:52 AM

Lazarus Something: showing me how well educated you are in bed?

5:23:03 AM

heartagram_princess:  something like that

5:23:18 AM

Lazarus Something: ohw I’m blushing sweetie.

5:23:29 AM

heartagram_princess:  so cute, you are

5:23:41 AM

Lazarus Something: oh thank you sweetie

5:23:52 AM

Lazarus Something: but you too

5:24:03 AM

heartagram_princess:  ❤

5:24:23 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah my brother always gets them all.

5:24:34 AM

heartagram_princess:  what a ladies man

5:24:39 AM

heartagram_princess:  how does he handle it?

5:24:53 AM

heartagram_princess:  not the monogomous sort, is he?

5:25:59 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah a real ladies man he is. How he handle’s it? haaa either ignores them or when he is durnk enough, he …is having penatration with them.

5:26:30 AM

heartagram_princess:  so he likes to swing it around does he

5:26:37 AM

heartagram_princess:  nice work if you can get it

IM Aug 24, 2012 5:34:08 AM

5:27:03 AM

Lazarus Something: but when he is in a relationship then I have to say, he never cheats, he is always true to his woman, when he really loves her.

5:27:29 AM

heartagram_princess:  well he has some redeeming features then

5:27:48 AM

Lazarus Something: yup

5:28:02 AM

Lazarus Something: but wan’t in love very often yet.

5:28:15 AM

heartagram_princess:  its not the easierst thing to find

5:28:30 AM

Lazarus Something: that is true

5:28:36 AM

heartagram_princess:  idk if it would be harder with EVERYBODY in your face, or like with me, NOBODY in your face?

5:29:06 AM

heartagram_princess:  to try to find love

5:29:09 AM

Lazarus Something: he tells me almsot everything and so do I.

5:29:31 AM

Lazarus Something: but it is really hard, standing in his shadow

5:29:49 AM

heartagram_princess:  kind of cold too, i bet

5:30:18 AM

Lazarus Something: standing in his shadow? cool? nope , nit at all.

5:30:19 AM

Lazarus Something: not

5:30:33 AM

heartagram_princess:  but cold

5:30:37 AM

heartagram_princess:  colder than cool

5:30:45 AM

heartagram_princess:  cold is not a nice thing

5:30:46 AM

Lazarus Something: ah cold

5:30:53 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah cold it is.

5:31:01 AM

heartagram_princess:  a forsaken and neglected feeling

5:31:11 AM

Lazarus Something: exactly

5:31:18 AM

heartagram_princess:  i know it well

5:31:28 AM

heartagram_princess:  but probably to a lesser extent

5:31:52 AM

heartagram_princess:  my family scattered … thank heavens … close knit, we are not

5:31:55 AM

Lazarus Something: there are so many broken hearts, where he is walking when he is single and drunk.

5:32:03 AM

heartagram_princess:  jesus i bet

5:32:40 AM

Lazarus Something: usually, he is not a womanizer at all, only when he is back on booze and other things.

5:33:13 AM

heartagram_princess:  i guess thats when the gentleman in his pants gets desperate

5:33:25 AM

Lazarus Something: there where times, when he used to be sober and clean, those where the best times in my life and I bet in the ladies life.

5:33:40 AM

Lazarus Something: exactly

5:34:08 AM

heartagram_princess:  hard drug use is … gosh i cant imagine why

5:34:20 AM

heartagram_princess:  its the great leveller

5:34:26 AM

heartagram_princess:  it makes the tall small

5:34:35 AM

heartagram_princess:  why would any1 do it on purpose?

5:34:41 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah I know. I’ve been a junkie for a while.

5:34:59 AM

heartagram_princess:  especially when the sweet leaf is so abundant

5:35:09 AM

heartagram_princess:  sweet leaf, all, piss on the rest of it

5:36:17 AM

Lazarus Something: he does it because, his life isn’t happy at all. I know it because he is my brother, but that is something he enver tlaks about, not even with me. Many days, I see him crying, when he thinks nobodys watching him, but he keeps on forgetting that I am his borther and that I know and see very well how my bro feels

5:37:15 AM

Lazarus Something: Oh I did heroin. And I am not proud of it.

5:37:18 AM

heartagram_princess:  to me it seems like being good looking and desired and cared about by parents would be a heaven… what is his sadness?

5:38:17 AM

Lazarus Something: Idk for sure. But it is real love. All he ever wanted was to find the love of his life and having a family, but it didn’t happen yet.

5:38:23 AM

heartagram_princess:  what does heroin feel like?

5:38:55 AM

heartagram_princess:  well hes only 35, here is time yet, and based on what you say, no lack of willing potential partners

5:40:32 AM

5:40:59 AM

Lazarus Something: h. it’s long ago, but as I remember, it makes you feel like the king of the road. You become very arrogant and high above everything. for me it was…..it made me feel sexier then my brother and made me think that i am better as him. What a wonderful illusion it was. TO be something better and sexier then your brother. But it only lasted as long as the drug was in my system

5:41:20 AM

heartagram_princess:  it sounds wonderful

5:41:22 AM

heartagram_princess:  and awful

5:41:29 AM

Lazarus Something: it is

5:42:07 AM

Lazarus Something: a wonderful illusion, as long as it lasts.

5:42:38 AM

heartagram_princess:  but none too lovely when the illusion shatters and reality seeps in, bleak and grey

5:43:11 AM

Lazarus Something: yup

5:44:39 AM

heartagram_princess:  well Im glad you had the common sense to stop it

5:44:56 AM

heartagram_princess:  see in some way you ARE “better” than yer bro

5:44:57 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah, me too

5:45:09 AM

heartagram_princess:  in that yu are strong enuff to stop yet he is not

5:45:17 AM

heartagram_princess:  see?

5:45:46 AM

heartagram_princess:  you have more common sense and a stronger resolve

5:45:50 AM

Lazarus Something: maybe

5:45:53 AM

heartagram_princess:  that must count for something

5:46:07 AM

Lazarus Something: he still is the golden boy

5:46:13 AM

heartagram_princess:  of course he is

5:46:19 AM

heartagram_princess:  he always will be

5:47:05 AM

heartagram_princess:  he shines like the fokking sun, doesnt he?

5:47:18 AM

Lazarus Something: Don’t get me wrong. I love him, dearly, he is my best friend, even though I am not his best friend.

5:47:25 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah he does

5:47:52 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah

5:48:02 AM

Lazarus Something: I’m sorry, excuse me for a moment please.

5:48:11 AM

heartagram_princess:  certainly

5:51:15 AM

Lazarus Something: sorry sweetie. I’m back

5:51:22 AM

heartagram_princess:  wb

5:51:29 AM

Lazarus Something: thank you

5:52:20 AM

Lazarus Something: I love him, but he is an asshole. the way he treats women when he is drunk or on drugs, makes me hate him sometimes.

5:52:42 AM

Lazarus Something: But still, I think ladies love assholes.

5:52:49 AM

heartagram_princess:  we do

5:52:54 AM

heartagram_princess:  we cant help it

5:52:59 AM

heartagram_princess:  and we have no idea why

5:53:03 AM

heartagram_princess:  it sux!

5:54:36 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah most of it, it sucks for the good boys. But when I used to be an asshole. it was brother who got me out of my personal hell and who forced me to detox. Those where times when when he was clean and sober and when he wasn’t an asshole, at all.

5:55:00 AM

heartagram_princess:  why cant he make his way back to those times?

IM Aug 24, 2012 5:55:18 AM

5:55:18 AM

heartagram_princess:  he should be inspired by your sobriety

5:55:38 AM

heartagram_princess:  or cleanness if not sobriety, whatever

5:55:45 AM

Lazarus Something: no he isn’t. he doesn’t care about anything anymore.

5:55:57 AM

heartagram_princess:  why?

5:56:21 AM

Lazarus Something: a lot of factors.

5:57:12 AM

Lazarus Something: and I know how this barbque will end today

5:57:23 AM

heartagram_princess:  how?

5:59:02 AM

heartagram_princess:  him, high?

5:59:35 AM

Lazarus Something: we want to have a barbque with our parents, but I am sure he has the chick with him and lots of booze and I’m sure he won’t be clean. it’s not that my dad does not drink a bit of booze too, but nobody in my family likes the chick he is surrounded at the moment. He swore to me that she is jsut a friend, but I knwo that she wants him and I know that she would do anything to have him.

6:00:33 AM

heartagram_princess:  ugh, outsiders at the family picnic

6:00:46 AM

heartagram_princess:  sounds like a great way to rain on y’all’s parade

6:01:17 AM

Lazarus Something: exactly . If she’d be a nice girl, she’d be more then welcomed. But she is a bitch

6:01:52 AM

heartagram_princess:  Why she gotta be such a bitch? If he has so many suitors it seems like he could do better. What is this one extra fine or something?

6:02:53 AM

Lazarus Something: no she is not even pretty. But she has soemthing other girls don’t have. Free drugs.

6:03:19 AM

Lazarus Something: She made him an addict again.

6:03:34 AM

heartagram_princess:  …it seems like flesh always rules at the end of the day… oh… free drugs? she sounds like a real fly-trap

6:04:03 AM

heartagram_princess:  seems like a pretty, nice girl would trump a witch-faced drug scagg

6:04:20 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah, first she spicked his soda with booze, then she spicked his booze with drugs. and viola

6:04:37 AM

heartagram_princess:  im glad i dont know hard drugs… id rather have a nice pretty man than a creepy uggo with free drugs

6:05:00 AM

heartagram_princess:  he should be brighter than not to watch his drinks

6:05:09 AM

heartagram_princess:  does he have a dumb streak?

6:05:40 AM

Lazarus Something: it’s not his fault. she spicked his soda with booze, after he was a booze addict again she spicked his booze with drugs, and now hes using and drinking with a free will

6:05:51 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah

6:05:57 AM

heartagram_princess:  that sucks

6:06:08 AM

Lazarus Something: it does

6:06:27 AM

heartagram_princess:  but how not his fault? i mean he didnt spike it, but he wasnt watching his own drinks either…

6:07:08 AM

heartagram_princess:  i guess being female watching my drink (when i drank, which was long ago and hardly ever) was just like, common sense or instinctive to me

6:07:23 AM

Lazarus Something: he told me he did watch it, but he was tlaking to one of his friends, and didn’t pay attention for one second and viola.

6:07:43 AM

heartagram_princess:  so your parents allow this skagg around because they are wearing blinders when it comes to the golden boy. Marvelous.

6:09:10 AM

Lazarus Something: nah, they don’t like her either. But I knwo for sure, that when he comes with her on his side, they will say to her: You will not get inside our hosue and he will say. ok if she has to leave, I leave with ehr and you will enver going to see me ever again, so ebtter think about it

6:09:25 AM

Lazarus Something: and of course, they wouldn’t risk to lose their golden boy

6:09:32 AM

heartagram_princess:  how revolting

6:10:02 AM

heartagram_princess:  too bad fates dont entervine and make her sat away from him somehow

6:10:26 AM

heartagram_princess:  STAY AWAY from him

6:10:30 AM

heartagram_princess:  damn typoz

6:11:26 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah

6:12:01 AM

Lazarus Something: oh wait please, golden boy is calling me.

6:12:13 AM

heartagram_princess:  lol, ok

6:14:21 AM

Lazarus Something: hey sweetie?

6:14:35 AM

heartagram_princess:  let me guess – its time for you to go

6:14:50 AM

heartagram_princess:  I hope you have fun today in spite of the hideous girlfriend

6:15:00 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah, sorry He is on his way to me and he’ll be here in a few mins.

6:15:13 AM

heartagram_princess:  ok, check ya later…

6:15:22 AM

Lazarus Something: grocery shopping together with him. YAAAAY

6:15:35 AM

Lazarus Something: I am being sarcastical

6:15:41 AM

heartagram_princess:  i couldnt tell

6:15:44 AM

heartagram_princess:  (kidding)

6:16:03 AM

Lazarus Something: all the ladies will be staring at him

6:16:28 AM

heartagram_princess:  they shall want to drag him to the produce section and bang him in the vegetables

6:16:38 AM

heartagram_princess:  peace love and vegetables right

6:16:50 AM

heartagram_princess:  what fun!

6:17:06 AM

Lazarus Something: I maybe I should elt my hair grow too. Idk why but ladies seem to love longhaired assholes. I think he looks ugh with long hair, short fits him better. but ladies seem to love long hair.

6:17:56 AM

Lazarus Something: yup only vegetable and everything vegan. a vegan barbque woho yay

6:18:01 AM

Lazarus Something: vegetable

6:18:13 AM

heartagram_princess:  what goes on the grill at a vegan bbq?

6:18:32 AM

Lazarus Something: a lot of vegies and maybe tofu meat……yuck

IM Aug 24, 2012 6:21:50 AM

6:18:37 AM

heartagram_princess:  ew.

6:18:44 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah ew

6:18:46 AM

heartagram_princess:  tofu XD

6:18:52 AM

Lazarus Something: not really

6:19:21 AM

heartagram_princess:  well maybe shell be hungover or something & not come

6:19:24 AM

heartagram_princess:  hold out hope

6:19:31 AM

Lazarus Something: yeah

6:20:28 AM

Lazarus Something: ok sweetie. I’ve gotta go now, sorry  yeah I hope so too. if she’ll be doing something like that, then she’ll found a new enemy and I’ll make her life a living hell. bet on it

6:20:43 AM


6:20:48 AM

heartagram_princess:  bye for now ❤

6:21:00 AM

Lazarus Something: ok til tonight

6:21:26 AM

Lazarus Something: bye for now sweetheart. til later. kiss on your cheek

6:21:40 AM

heartagram_princess:  likewise

IM Aug 24, 2012 8:08:31 PM

8:08:31 PM

Lazarus Something: hey sweetheart

8:08:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  hi!

8:08:56 PM

Lazarus Something: hi

8:09:14 PM

Lazarus Something: how are you?

8:09:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  how was you day? Did that chick ruin it?

8:09:31 PM

Lazarus Something: yup she did.

8:09:36 PM

Lazarus Something: I knew she would

8:09:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh dear… what did she do?

8:10:36 PM

Lazarus Something: she forced him to drink more and more and I know why. She wants to be fucked by him. Sorry for my rude language.

8:11:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats ok, I used to operate homeless shelters in Seattle, I doubt theres a word or an expression in the world that could faze me, I am none too delicate…

8:11:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  well, ew. How dare she.

8:12:10 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok, well then: she is a bitch, that’s why she dares.

8:12:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  how repugnant.

8:12:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  too bad she is not banished. he must be out of his mind.

8:12:51 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

8:13:15 PM

Lazarus Something: and to top all of that.

8:13:37 PM

Lazarus Something: My ex called me, the one who cheated on me.

8:13:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  really!? whats up with that?

8:15:14 PM

Lazarus Something: she seriously called me, only to have my brother’s number, so I flipped and said: What the hell do you want from my brother. Wanna fuck him too? Keep your dirty pussy from my brothers dick got it? and she hung up on my by telling me that I have not to worry, she’ll get his number anyway, sooner or later by askign the bitch that is surrounding him.

8:15:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  jesus christ.

8:15:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  what a skagg

8:15:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  what makes her think he would fuck his brother’s ex? I hope he’s above that

8:16:47 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah, I’m really thinking of moving away. maybe I move to his ex, I always had a crush on her, but she never on me, she just had eyes for my brother, which is great because they loved each other.

8:16:56 PM

Lazarus Something: Idk what makes her think that.

8:17:18 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

IM Aug 24, 2012 8:17:54 PM

8:17:54 PM

Lazarus Something: I give up, I can’t help him. I wish I could but he doesn’t need or want my help it seems.

8:19:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  I cant even believe the nerve of your ex-gf, how very very rude

8:19:54 PM

Lazarus Something: I don’t knwo what to do anymore. I tried everything. But, it’s useless.

8:20:04 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah she is a bitch as well.

8:20:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  sometimes there is nothing that can be done

8:21:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  i suppose the religious would say “let go and let god” but I am agnostic, so, I can’t say that

8:21:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  the sentiment is good tho…. I guess

8:22:15 PM

Lazarus Something: my dad told me to let him fall down , til he is broke and lost and on his knees, that will be the time when he realises that he needs help and that he did something wrong. But I told my dad, that that is useless too, because he will never be alone to fall that deep, because there will always be a woman or a bitch who will stand beside him

8:22:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  what did dad have to say about that?

8:23:15 PM

Lazarus Something: he said: yeah my son, I think you’re right.

8:23:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats discouraging… but it sounds like your dad isnt completely blind to the situation

8:24:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  your parents must fret a lot about both of you

8:24:48 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

8:25:10 PM

Lazarus Something: I don’t want to lsoe my brother, but I am out of way to help him

8:25:16 PM

Lazarus Something: loe

8:25:17 PM

Lazarus Something: lose

8:25:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  I hope you dont lose him… no offense but it sounds like he needs to be bitch-slapped and have some common sense bobbled into him

8:26:10 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

8:27:13 PM

Lazarus Something: I think I should go to bed, I am becoming melancholy, which is no good in front of a woman, especially not when she is older then me.

8:27:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh dear… age has nothing to do with anything… please dont think of me as old XD

IM Aug 24, 2012 8:37:54 PM

8:27:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  but if you must, you must

8:28:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  melancholy darling ❤

8:28:33 PM

Lazarus Something: no I don’t must go, but it will be better, or I cry. I am a man, it has snothing to do with your age, I just don not want to cry in front of a woman

8:29:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  I cant see you my dear, we do not have webcams. I’m alright if you cry, I am sorry that you do so, though

8:30:19 PM

Lazarus Something: he is my brother. I don’t wanna lose him. no matter what a big asshole he is at the moment.

8:32:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll get a hold of the wrong crack rock or the wrong hit or whatever… or she’ll get a hold of the RIGHT one… if you know what I mean

8:32:23 PM

Lazarus Something: hm yeah

8:32:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  but I know that your fear lies in the fact that she MIGHT get a hold of it… but then pass it onto your bro…

8:32:51 PM

Lazarus Something: exactly 😥

8:32:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  god damn her

8:33:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  i mean, if there was a god

8:33:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  may he damn her

8:33:50 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

8:34:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m kinda surprised that with the great gobs of crap getting shovelled in WDW tonight that you zeroed in on the skeptical remark. Somebody was deleting comments, too…

8:35:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  it must be an admin because it takes 500,000 points to be able to modify comments

8:35:23 PM

Lazarus Something: what kind of comments?

8:35:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  jesus thats a lot of points

8:36:06 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah skeptical says things, only she can know.

8:36:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh shameantah and fubu and MissLucifer all breaking their asses to try to impress and/or piss of onhiscarpet, whom they believe to be brokenman, aka EyeU, aka Valo

8:37:05 PM

Lazarus Something: onhiscarpet? they guy who only talks random bs?

8:37:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  well if he is reading the page I guess skeptical must be twisting his little head around, no?

8:37:19 PM

Lazarus Something: oh ho, they have no idea

8:37:48 PM

Lazarus Something: I wish she would twist his head around

8:37:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  its hard to have any ideas around that place… everybody talks in bullshit riddles…. nobody is straight up

IM Aug 24, 2012 8:55:20 PM

8:38:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  haha!! you wish she would twist his head around…. XD

8:38:43 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah , if it’s really her, then yes. Not tlaking about onhiscarpet, he is not v

8:38:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  it seems that he has it on backwards, no? his poor head

8:39:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  who the hell is hermatt? more sickos with jokes?

8:39:18 PM

Lazarus Something: I bet so.

8:39:52 PM

Lazarus Something: that guy onhiscarpet doesn’t tlak a least like v

8:40:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  do you have any idea who any of those people are? Do you know sandman just from the site?

8:40:21 PM

Lazarus Something: yup jsut form the site.

8:40:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  it seems like some of those people know stuff but it hard to tell who is playing games and who is legit

 IM Aug 31, 2012 7:00:38 PM

6:46:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  so why is he so wonderful? Does it boil down to flesh and $$ like EVERYTHING in this world does? I wonder how golden he’d be without your mother’s pretty face…

6:46:48 PM

Lazarus Something: every word, as well as every letter that comes out of his mouth, is pure gold

6:47:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  too bad its not real gold, hah, follow him around with a bucket & collect it

6:47:45 PM

Lazarus Something: oh wihtout my mothers pretty face, he would only have his charm left, but his charm is golden as well

6:47:52 PM

Lazarus Something: ha ha

6:48:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  he just drips with it, does he? how delightful

6:48:49 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

6:48:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  well I am sure you are probably quite charming & handsome yourself

6:49:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  he cant have it ALL right?

6:49:31 PM

Lazarus Something: idk. I think I ma not ugly, but not has pretty as he is.

6:49:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  sounds like you have what I call Burton Syndrome

6:50:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  you’d be the totally hot one if it wasn’t for just… ONE… person

6:50:55 PM

Lazarus Something: burton snydrome? ha ha yeah, if it wasn’t my bro then I maybe ok for the ladies.

6:51:05 PM

Lazarus Something: I’m not I

6:51:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  surely there must be one who wants YOU

6:52:19 PM

Lazarus Something: nah, they just want me for my brother or to get my brother

6:52:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  revolting. well you dont want them anyway if thats what their moral fiber consist of, shallow bishes…

6:53:09 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

6:53:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  some real weirdos on WDW tonight… the games have begun again

6:53:55 PM

Lazarus Something: oh wait I check

6:57:10 PM

Lazarus Something: oh lord

6:57:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  XD

6:57:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  according to them you are Jesse and brokenman/onhiscarpet is Ville… well I dont care who you are, anonimity is fine… I like you no matter who yu are… you’ve been civil & kind to me…

6:58:17 PM

Lazarus Something: thank you sweetheart. I can tell you for sure. onhiscarpet is not brokenman.

6:58:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  sounds like a bunch of bored drunks and stoners playing games

6:58:59 PM

Lazarus Something: His or hers wrting style is way different then brokenmans writing or better say typing style

6:59:08 PM

Lazarus Something: exactly sweetie

6:59:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  brokenman was a trip… I gotta wonder what was up with that

7:00:21 PM

Lazarus Something: and me, I am just myself, a lonely lil brother of a big older brother who is the centre of the world

7:00:38 PM

Lazarus Something: of the entire world

IM Aug 31, 2012 7:12:12 PM

7:00:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  wow so your brother is like molten lava?

7:01:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  surely he cant be THAT hot! XD

7:01:06 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

7:01:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  center of the world… magnetic… so many puns could be made here XD

7:02:08 PM

Lazarus Something: oh you have no idea how hot he is. Ladies melt down by just having a gloss on him

7:02:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  lady-puddles

7:02:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  ick.

7:03:09 PM

Lazarus Something: ick?

7:03:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  like, yuck.

7:03:21 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok

7:03:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  in my head i see a comic drawing of a man surrounded by melted puddles that look like ladies… puddles have faces, hair, maybe a high heel or a purse in the puddle XD … I am silly

7:04:47 PM

Lazarus Something: thank you sweetie

7:05:47 PM


7:05:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  its a funny picture XD

7:05:58 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

7:06:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  dont you have any lady? It seems there must be ONE out there anchored enough in reality to realise that she wont get next to him & that she’d be lucky to have you

7:07:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  piss on the ones who dont feel that way…

7:07:54 PM

Lazarus Something: nah, really, there is none

7:08:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats unreal

7:08:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  sounds like you have to put up with a lot of idiocy… unfair

7:08:37 PM

Lazarus Something: no it’s the reality sweetie, they just want him.

7:09:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  well his head must be the size of the sun then… I cant imagine what that must feel like… I am the polar opposite – NOBODY wants me

7:09:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  well, one person does, but he’s like, 25 years older than me. Thats just NOT gonna happen….

7:10:14 PM

heartagram_princess:  old men are not my forte

7:10:21 PM

Lazarus Something: nah never. I few years older is ok. But 25?

7:10:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah, thats a bit much…

7:11:33 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah it is

7:11:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  its weird how some people on wdw seem to recognize eachother… I wonder what the HIM camp makes of that nutty page?

7:12:12 PM

Lazarus Something: Idk, I can’t tell you.

IM Aug 31, 2012 7:26:48 PM

7:12:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  I saw in the editor’s section some woman wrote to WDW claiming to be the celeb the page was about & insisting that certain insulting things be removed… maybe it will occur to S to do that…

7:13:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  but short of closing the page they wont be able to stop people there from taking their daily shit on her…

7:13:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  I cant remember who it was, tho… some z-lister

7:13:47 PM

Lazarus Something: hm yeah, but she is not a celeb, she just wants to be one and stand in the shadow of one, like everybody else is standing in that shadow.

7:14:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  I dont understand what Jonas OR Ville see in that girl… she must have qualities that dont come across on camera

7:15:09 PM

Lazarus Something: ha  I bet she has great qualities when it comes to her mouth

7:15:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  that must be it… but fok, theyre both good looking lads… it seems they could BOTH do better, especially what with being in bands & all…

7:15:52 PM

Lazarus Something: but serisouly, she just gives, nah nevermind.

7:16:00 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

7:16:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  !! oh get me curious again!!

7:16:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  tell?

7:16:31 PM

Lazarus Something: she just,

7:16:58 PM

Lazarus Something: gives him free booze and most of all, free stuff.

7:17:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  so I guess $$ isnt abundant for him or else that wouldnt be an issue

7:18:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  something seems incongruant… must be the Sp’s allowance thing… so… weird

7:19:24 PM

Lazarus Something: the thing is, his money, all the money he could have, does not lay in his hands, just a bit of pocket money and that’s it.

7:20:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  I was reading about illu.. in the music industry, god theres more online about it than I ever knew there was… very disconcerting stuff… you know that most recent band pic? Well outside of having been airbrushed to death (which it clearly was) I cant hep but think that they all look like something is very wrong. Every damn one of em look like theyve had their souls sucked out. They are… vacant.

7:20:47 PM

Lazarus Something: if you only knew sweetie

7:20:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  What you said is so weird… I wonder why he ALLOWS himself to get an “allowance” – seems like he’d be all, “bitch give me my money or I ain’t gonna play and then NOBODY will get paid”.

7:21:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  i wish i knew… maybe.. it would be a soul-squashing knowledge, I think.

7:22:36 PM

Lazarus Something: soul sucked out is very true, more then true

7:22:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  I dont know the man but I gotta say, from the outside, he looks like a total pushover. No offense to him but being a pushover isnt a very “bad ass” “metal” image.

7:23:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  in case you dont know the slang, a pushover is a person who is easy to overcome or influence

7:23:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  somebody who is very easy to manipulate & push around

7:24:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  It’s not just V tho, they ALL look vacuous  in that new pic

7:24:04 PM

Lazarus Something: true words and thank you for the explantation, I ddin’t knew the word, you’re right.

7:24:13 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

7:25:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  I looked at old pics of all of them, they still looked like people, they looked alive. That new promo shot looks like robot-people, shells.

7:26:48 PM

Lazarus Something: their souls, no longer belong to them

IM Aug 31, 2012 7:27:16 PM

7:27:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  I feel sorry for the fans who just blatt on & on about how “cute” and “handsome” they are in the new pic… it seems to me that even the brain damaged should be able to see that theres something very wrong there

7:28:00 PM

heartagram_princess:  theres also a tension to the picture… its impossible to tell of course but it just LOOKS like some very ugly arguing was going on right before it was taken… evey damn one of em look angry and sick

7:28:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  not a damn one of em are happy to be there

7:28:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  and its not just the ususal heavy metal band “look badass and stoic” picture

7:28:49 PM

Lazarus Something: well there i have to say, that fubu thing said something very true , the fans are brainwashed by the music or whatever it is, so that makes them blind ( not saying all of them but msot of the fans ) to see and face the reality.

7:28:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  something deeper and very wrong is going on there… and it bleeds through that pic

7:29:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  I gotta wonder how much of it is about his magnificent face…. and how much is really the music. There are other bands that sound better but THEY dont have such rabid fans

7:30:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  I mean I love HIM, theyre a great band and all, but they are not the end-all and be-all

7:30:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  end-all and be-all is an expression that means EVERYTHING

7:31:40 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I guessed that sweetie, but thanks for the explantation

7:33:12 PM

Lazarus Something: it’s the pretty face. even the male fans are facinated by it, gay or not gay , bi or not bi, even the males are facinated.

7:33:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  well, he is so beautiful that its stupid

7:33:42 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

7:33:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  damn him

7:35:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  damn pretty boiz

7:35:29 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

7:36:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  dudes dressed up as women too… I cant rememb which music vid Ville did that for… but Cillian Murphy did it twice, in Peacock and Breakfast on Pluto

7:36:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  damn them, they even look good in drag

7:36:38 PM

Lazarus Something: there we go, now the meaning of the song soul sucker gets a whole new meaning for you sweetie hm?

7:37:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes, its a vicious thing. I am such a hypocrire

IM Aug 31, 2012 7:51:52 PM

7:37:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  *hypocrite

7:37:27 PM

Lazarus Something: wow, you really checked that? I know the name of the video, it was when love and death embrace.

7:39:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  ah! thanks for letting me know. I couldnt remeber which vid… plus he is much more subtle, everything is shadows and guesses. At least Cillian is overt about it and you can actually really SEE whats going on instead of just catching shadowed glimpses…

7:40:09 PM

Lazarus Something: there story behind him dressed as a woman is very simple

7:40:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  do tell? I am curious

7:40:28 PM

Lazarus Something:

7:42:24 PM

Lazarus Something: they couldn’t find a model for no money. because they didn’t had enough money at that time, and mr. V. is very skinny and his figure is very feminine and his gestures at that time where very feminine as well, so he had to be lady in the video

7:43:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wonder if he enjoyed it… I like Cillian a lot because being an Irish lad he didnt have to play the American game of being all machismo and pretending he didnt like it & saying it was just a job

7:43:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  he said that he ENJOYED getting in touch with his feminine side & that just made me like him even more

7:44:12 PM

heartagram_princess:  I dont like it when men smack of too much machismo

7:44:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  machismo does not impress me

7:45:42 PM

Lazarus Something: i guess he liked it at that time. Nowa days? I wouldn’t bet for it, because nowa days he is trying to be more of a man , that’s why he cuts his hair so much lately.

7:46:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats too bad in a way… not the being a man part, I think that is good, from a fan’s perspective I’d say he really needs to Man Up

7:46:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  whats too bad is the hair

7:46:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  he has such dreamy curls

7:46:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  damn him for being so beautiful

7:46:51 PM

Lazarus Something: exactly

7:48:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  I think I vaguely understand his situation… having dealt w Sp since he was little more than a kid I can see where there might be the situation of a psychological hold over him…

7:48:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  but I and other fans wish he’d do that whole Being A Man thing and stand up to Sp

7:48:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  cuz at the end of the day with no V there is no HIM

7:48:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  I dont understand why he doesnt wield that power

7:49:29 PM

Lazarus Something: because he can’t because he’ll gets punished for every little step he tries.

7:49:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  more of that Eyes Wide Shut Ill… stuff right?

7:50:08 PM

Lazarus Something: uh huh

7:50:12 PM

heartagram_princess:  or maybe SM will be instructed to take his Candy away?

7:51:30 PM

Lazarus Something: without the candy he wouldn’t excist, because he wouldn’t survive the hell he is trapped in.

7:51:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  so he really is a robot… just like he & the rest of the band look like in the profile pic… just programmed to perform and not allowed to be free

7:51:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  just organic machines

7:51:52 PM

Lazarus Something: yes exactly

IM Aug 31, 2012 8:00:54 PM

7:51:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats sick

7:52:16 PM

Lazarus Something: it’s worse then you think it is

7:52:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  can you tell me any more?

7:53:09 PM

Lazarus Something: idk if I told you already but, there is a thing, which usually happens to ladies.

7:53:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  they melt?

7:53:45 PM

Lazarus Something: nah

7:53:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  no, I’m not sure what you mean…

7:53:53 PM

Lazarus Something: a bad thing

7:54:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh, that. the violent violation

7:54:20 PM

Lazarus Something: usually jsut happens to ladies, it doesn’t happen to guys very much.

7:54:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  i know now what you mean

7:55:02 PM

Lazarus Something: well, and that is what happens to him and the rest of the band, but to him it happen every day since he is very very young

7:55:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  so one of these powerful old men from the 13 Families of Olde get to play perverse games with his prettiness if he misbehaves? Fok, it seems like they’d WANT him to misbehave then…

7:56:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  every day? very young… ?! Why isnt Kari killing somebody?

7:56:49 PM

Lazarus Something: yes

7:57:11 PM

Lazarus Something: his hands are tying

7:57:14 PM

Lazarus Something: literally

7:57:19 PM

Lazarus Something: he can’t do a thing either

7:59:43 PM

Lazarus Something: I have to find her, or else

IM Aug 31, 2012 8:02:05 PM

8:02:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  I kinda wondered if brokenman wasnt HIM and that maybe the lullabye for the crying sun wasnt the thing he referred to when he said that SHE read the site and saw that & gave him a signal. I guess I’m a sucker but I kinda hoped that it WAS V and that he was to be with her again.

8:02:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wanted it to be real for his sake but I guess Im just a gullible fool, just another poor PoeRaven

8:02:54 PM

Lazarus Something: no she is not with him sadly not. I have to find her,

8:03:54 PM

Lazarus Something: poe raven? I know the book and the writer, but that’s it about it. my older brother is more into reading those thins

8:04:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  she ws not the one on WDW who said something about being a caretaker of an elderly or invalid? SO many nuts on that site, its hard to pick out whats real

8:04:35 PM

Lazarus Something: no im sure she was skeptical

8:04:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh PoeRaven is an infamous online HIM fan who is convinced that @Huoripukki on Twitter (and other usernames on fb) are the real Ville

8:05:00 PM

heartagram_princess:  she is like a joke of the HIM online fandom, sorry

8:05:03 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok

8:05:38 PM

Lazarus Something: i’ve heard about that huoripukki, on WDW, but never before.

8:06:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  I read thru his twitter page one night

8:06:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  he tries so HARD to make people believe he is V

8:06:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  many did

8:06:32 PM

Lazarus Something: oh lord, thats sad

8:07:00 PM

heartagram_princess:  but then one night he posted a pic of Carrie Z and said “this isnt Carrie Z its Krisse Salminen”

8:07:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  what a dumbass

8:07:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  that Leah Spencer person who gets shit on on WDW a lot called him out on it & he lost a ton of followers overnight

8:07:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  now all but the most asinine HIM fans know that he is a faker and a joke

8:08:07 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok

8:08:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  god, Sandra tho… jesus. Its pretty bad when you find a lady who makes Kat Von D look like a GOOD idea…

8:09:01 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

8:09:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wonder how Ville likes Kat’s precious post on fb proclaiming her musedom?

8:09:49 PM

Lazarus Something: not very much

8:10:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  he should be properly livid

8:10:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  she WASNT the muse, was she? …?

8:10:24 PM

Lazarus Something: no she wasn’t , hell no

8:11:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  good, so his brain was at least semi-functional at the time

8:11:27 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

8:12:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  idk I know a lot of people like Bam and Kat, but… I dont… sometimes I gotta wonder about Ville, it’s like, was he TRYING to hook his name to America’s biggest z-list joke celebrities?

IM Aug 31, 2012 8:23:22 PM

8:12:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  idk how the rest of the world see them but their defiantly not hot property here… theyre like,, below daytime soap opera stars as far as celebrity goes

8:13:01 PM

Lazarus Something: the same his muse asked herself about kvd and bam

8:13:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  people laugh at them, all except for the kids and the 20-something year old douchers

8:13:37 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah she thinks the same

8:14:13 PM

Lazarus Something: well, lets put it that way, they used to be his boozing buddies, when you are drunk, everyone who is drunk with you is your best friend

8:14:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  she must be wonderful and lovely

8:14:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  so many scaggs wouldnt care what he was doing, just to be next to a rockstar

8:14:45 PM

Lazarus Something: she is

8:14:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  its awesome that she wont tolerate his addiction

8:15:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  but sad that he wont just… stop

8:15:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  but I guess like you said its tied in with all that other meglomaniac stuff of evil

8:15:40 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

8:15:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  how then could she save him?

8:16:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  wouldnt he be punished in that way you spoke of if he even tries to get next to her again?

8:17:38 PM

Lazarus Something: it sounds stupid but it is the truth. first of all, she has a big beleive in the good things, second, her family is very wealthy and her fathers part of the famiyl is very influential

8:17:48 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah he would

8:18:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  if I understand you right you say she is a memebr of one of the 13 families?

8:19:15 PM

Lazarus Something: nah nah

8:19:20 PM

Lazarus Something: she has nothing to do with them

8:20:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  but her father has influence… if her love is true why doesnt she act? Or has she just written him off and said done is done?

8:20:12 PM

Lazarus Something: but still ehr family is very very influential

8:21:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  from what I’ve gathered, they fought bitterly… is it possible that she just has no more interest at all in the situation? Maybe she has washed her hands of it?

8:21:43 PM

Lazarus Something: yup, she tried to help and rescue him countless times, but they where more successful then she was, because seriously, what can she do oceans away. mr. V sent her back home as soon as he found out that they are threatening her too.

8:22:20 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

8:22:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  I would imagine that if she IS the one thing who could stop this, then they WOULD be threatening her, very much.

8:22:36 PM

Lazarus Something: she gave him an ultimatum, and he didn’t do it

8:22:47 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah and they do

8:23:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  Ultimatum being quit using the candy and … ?

8:23:15 PM

Lazarus Something: booze

8:23:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  even if he did that there would still be the issues of what he is being forced to do

IM Aug 31, 2012 8:35:57 PM

8:23:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  yuck, booze. yuck.

8:24:54 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah, exactly, and there is a bit of an understanding barrier between them. she knows how evil they are but she does not understand why he can’t fly to her, he tried to do so, many times, countless times while having the break in the past two years, but everytime they catched him

8:26:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  SO if this album bombs will they finally just leave him alone? Screamworks wasnt exactly super-successful, hell, Sade’s Soldier of Love was released on the exact same day and it buried Screamworks

8:26:29 PM

heartagram_princess:  and Sade isnt exactly on music’s A-List, you know?

8:26:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  Maybe if it bombs they will set him free. Maybe he should try to suck.

8:27:10 PM

Lazarus Something: no they won’t ever set him free. they are obsessed with him.

8:27:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  even if he sucks?

8:27:38 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

8:28:21 PM

Lazarus Something: they have a sick believing in him, which means, they believe he is the light bringer.

8:28:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  I mean it cant be ALL blamed on illegal downloading. Soldier of Love can be illegally downloaded jut as easily as Screamworks can but it still buried SW. Maybe they should focus their unlovely attentions on Sade. Maybe… they already have. Who knows how big this all is?

8:29:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  light bringer? what the hell? what does that even mean?

8:29:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  like the second coming or some happy shit?

8:29:37 PM

Lazarus Something: valo in english means light

8:30:11 PM

Lazarus Something: so lightbringer. and the light bringer is nobody else then whom they pray to

8:30:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes, William the light-bringer. But what does it mean? It sounds like a Prince from Stephen King’s very unusual The Eyes of the Dragon novel…

8:31:12 PM

Lazarus Something: the light bringer is nobody else then whom they pray to

8:31:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  so he is a Lord? oh dear….

8:32:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  Its just a last name… wow these people sound nutty. Why not Kari? Why not Jesse? Why not any other Valo? Oh I guess because their faces dont shine like the sun, right?

8:33:41 PM

Lazarus Something: because of what you said, vilhelm= villiam=valo= light briner, he is the chosen one, the son of luzifer. shhhhhh

8:34:05 PM

Lazarus Something: at leasts thats what they think he is

8:34:29 PM

Lazarus Something: and I guess I remember the night or day he was born it was full moon

8:34:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  but not a blue moon, like tonight

8:35:25 PM

Lazarus Something: idk

8:35:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wonder what its like to live a life behind a face like that. If he didnt get caught up with that band, he’d probably have a sinfully happy life indeed

IM Aug 31, 2012 8:48:51 PM

8:36:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  I dont see how anyone could look that good and NOT have some Ego Issues

8:37:29 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah.(

8:37:31 PM

Lazarus Something:

8:38:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  this world is so unfair… I wonder why some people look like Ville Valo & others look like Gilbert Gottfried. No justice. SO UNFAIR

8:39:27 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I know

8:40:12 PM

heartagram_princess:  Its unfair how much of our success, flesh determines

8:40:58 PM

Lazarus Something: only she can rescue him, his soul is almost lost forever

8:44:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  If she wasnt lovely, would he still give a shit?

8:45:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  if he wasnt lovely, would she?

8:45:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  Its a hard thought in a world based on flesh and $$

8:46:28 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah he would, because he does not only love her for her looks, also for her person and how she treats him and the fact that she fell in love with him wihtout knowing who he is and because they have very similar personallities, they are soulmates and best friends, she was the only person who could look behind his rockstar facade and image

8:47:05 PM

Lazarus Something: she would as well, because she obviously loves him for his personality

8:47:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  she didnt know who he is? wow did she live under a space rock?

8:47:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  well hell if she loves him so much she needs to quit fokking around and help him, before he does end up like Shannon.

8:48:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  and Brad. And Layne. And Amy. And Whitney. And… oh the bloody list goes on & on.

8:48:29 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah really, they met in LA and he told her who he is and she said: Wow and Ville Valo is who? and he told her about HIM and she said, wow I have no idea what you are tlaking about but you seem to be very arrogant anyway.

8:48:46 PM

Lazarus Something: peter steele

8:48:51 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah it goes on and on

IM Aug 31, 2012 9:02:07 PM

8:48:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  XD she thought he was arrogant! But she gave him a chance anyway huh?

8:50:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  But if she is so fine why had not some other dude already snatched her up?

8:51:23 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah, he said something nice, something whihc made her think that he cant be that bad at all. He said to her that her puppy is very cute, so they kinda had dates every day and they met and set and talked for hours sometimes the nights as well and when he flew back home they he stayed awake to chat with ehr for the whole night. and when he flew back to LA it went on and on, til one day he told ehr that he loves her and she said the same

8:52:39 PM

Lazarus Something: oh she is raised very, very old school. her mother was married and in love with only one man, and never ever loved another man, and he is her true big love and she will enver ever love anohter man either, she does not even look at other men, he is her universe.

8:53:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  well I wish she would do something about this then. Even if i would miss the band I prefer no HIM to a dead Ville.

8:55:23 PM

Lazarus Something: john lennon was a sacrifice as well

 1:41:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  if I had a brain in my idiot head I would leave that stupid site forever

1:41:13 PM

Lazarus Something: hey

1:42:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  well hell what good does it do me

1:42:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  and idk what position youre in to say hes not w Sandra

1:42:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah mr v

1:43:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  i HOPE hes not w her, but if he is, why should i admire somebody who’s retarded?

1:43:30 PM

Lazarus Something: well, be happy you are not next to him,

1:44:25 PM

Lazarus Something: he is in a horrible state

1:44:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  why?

1:44:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  he was doing so well ….

1:45:20 PM

Lazarus Something: please, do not ask me. Just trust me. I can not say much.

1:46:41 PM

Lazarus Something: but, he is jsut like my bro is. and my bro, well, he is boozing and doing shit. and if nobody comes to help or rescue him, then I do not know.

1:47:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  I swear the owner of this site is an idiot too

1:47:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  wtf!

1:48:00 PM

Lazarus Something: always the golden child, every woman wants him, always gets what he wants. Poeple could care less about his inner feelings. That is his karma, but he does not lsiten to me

1:55:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  so what do you think of that chair picture… sandra’s work or no?


1:56:54 PM

Lazarus Something: it is her handwritting, defentely, but it is meant in a differnet way and yet has to mean nothing about her being in a relationship with him. trust me.

1:57:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  someone disputed it was about oral sex

1:58:04 PM

Lazarus Something: ha nah

1:58:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  sounded like oral sex to me

1:58:15 PM

Lazarus Something: eh eh

1:58:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  so… meant in a different way… how?

IM Sep 11, 2012 1:59:01 PM

1:59:01 PM

Lazarus Something: ok, I think this much I can tell you, but please you have to hush about it, people wdw won’t believe it anway.

1:59:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  like I’d tell those asshats anything XD

1:59:49 PM

Lazarus Something: ok, thank you sweetie. I trust you

2:00:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  ❤

2:01:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  …?

2:01:50 PM

Lazarus Something: it is meant as in. Hm how can I say it? she wrote actors, right? well, that word is based on his friends and family, because she thinks that, while looking straihgt in ehr face, everybody is nice to her, and as soon as she turns her back on them, they tlak bull about her. Which is true. she might be in the friend circle but she is not resepcted, at least not from everybody.

2:02:36 PM

Lazarus Something: and sit on his face, literally jsut means, that she won’t back off til he finally falls in love with her, which will never happen.

2:02:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  well from what ive garnered she doesnt deserve respect

2:03:03 PM

Lazarus Something: no she does not, not at all

2:03:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  god what does he think of this rabid fan backlash, do you know? people are laughing at him & questioning his sanity (as you know).

2:04:59 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I know, I can only tell you so much, from my brothers perspective, well, I told you, that my bro is dating that bad chick, and she is no good for him, and she does not love her, not a bit, but she has free shit and booze for him. which makes him addictive( in some way ) to her .

2:05:15 PM

Lazarus Something: he not she, sorry

2:05:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  sounds like yer brother and VV have some profound parallels.

2:06:16 PM

Lazarus Something: uhm, yeah, kinda

2:06:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  too bad the key one seems to be idiocy… no offense

2:07:18 PM

Lazarus Something: well, golden boys, biggest idiots in the world

2:07:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  yesterday you say tho that he does not date Sandra… well I guess soon with interviews and what not he shall be plagued with questions… but he’ll most certainly play his ambiguous bullshit game.

2:07:54 PM

Lazarus Something: he does not date her, that is true.

2:09:06 PM

Lazarus Something: but, my bro for example, in a way he doesnt date his dealer chick either, because he does not love her, and when people ask him about her and if he is together with her, he says: hell, no. but, I know for sure that he fucks her because she threats him with stuff

2:09:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  gross.

2:09:43 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

2:10:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  so she says she’ll chase him forever… if she’s denied doesnt she have any pride? any propriety?

2:10:43 PM

Lazarus Something: no she does not, she is a stalker.

IM Sep 11, 2012 2:11:58 PM

2:11:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  XD good

2:12:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wondered if that would be TOO harsh

2:12:21 PM

Lazarus Something: nah, nah sweetie it is ok

2:14:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  Well I hope thsi stupid story doesn’t drag ON & ON like this muse story has. Maybe its time I put all my HIM energy into (a different band) (who’s new album is out today, by the way)

2:14:34 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok

2:14:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  at least (dude from other band) doesnt have all this retarded bullshit teenybopper drama surrounding him… with him it really IS about the music. :”(

2:15:33 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah it used to be with him as well. But much of creepy things are going on at the moment and he is in danger, but I can’t say more.

2:15:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  😥

2:15:49 PM

Lazarus Something: hey

2:15:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  I dunt want him in danger

2:18:33 PM

Lazarus Something: sweetie?

2:19:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes?

2:21:31 PM

Lazarus Something: my brother jsut called me, today it is his whiny period, so he needs somebodys shoulder to cry on and talking about how much he is going to change and that he will detox and bla bla. I know he won’t change a thing, but he is my brother and i love him, so I have to go now. But maybe, no hopefully, we can tlak later?

2:21:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  sure

2:22:46 PM

Lazarus Something: ttyl

2:22:54 PM

Lazarus Something: kiss on your cheek

IM Sep 11, 2012 4:09:08 PM

4:09:08 PM

Lazarus Something:

4:09:09 PM

Lazarus Something: Hey sweetie. I am back

4:09:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  hello there

4:09:35 PM

Lazarus Something: hello there as well

4:09:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  were yu able to help out yer bro?

4:10:12 PM

Lazarus Something: well,idk

4:10:28 PM

Lazarus Something: mhmh yeah

4:11:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  so now hopefully you get to relax

4:11:51 PM

Lazarus Something: oh I hope so too, but I am sure he will call, every few hours

4:12:29 PM

heartagram_princess:  just to mess up your relaxation? :/

4:12:51 PM

Lazarus Something: nah, he has panick attacks

4:12:57 PM

Lazarus Something: panic?

4:12:59 PM

Lazarus Something: panic

4:13:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  panic

4:13:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  well gee that sucks!

4:13:37 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

4:13:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  sounds very unpleasant

4:13:48 PM

Lazarus Something: it is

4:13:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  any ideas why?

4:14:26 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I think I know why

4:14:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  do tell?

4:15:23 PM

Lazarus Something: hm, well he is an alcoholic and these poeple tend to have loads of panic attacks and so does he. and some other things as well.

4:15:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh why do people drink

4:15:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  specially with so much lovely herb around

4:16:06 PM

Lazarus Something: in his case, depression, loads of stress, and not being able to cope wiht his life.

4:17:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  idk why, but having been homeless I always have to suppress a mild contempt and amusement towards people who’s top concerns dont include food, clothing, & shelter

4:18:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  yet still have issues coping with their lives

4:18:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  sorry if that sounds kind of mean

4:18:33 PM

Lazarus Something: its ok sweetie, don’t worry

IM Sep 11, 2012 4:19:03 PM

4:19:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  I guess life is a bitch for all of us

4:19:12 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

4:24:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  anyway. sigh. i need to have my head examined for giving a shit about VV/HIM.

4:25:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  I need to find new amusements.

4:25:47 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah you should sweetie, why don’t you write or paint?

4:26:30 PM

Lazarus Something: then write, poems or short stories.

4:27:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  maybe. used to. seem to have forgotton how

4:28:36 PM

Lazarus Something: forgotten how? it’s easy sweetie, sit down, turn of the lights in your mind, don’t think, just let your mind and your imagination go with the flow.

4:29:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  my flow is full of overgrowth and sediment

4:29:46 PM

Lazarus Something: hmmmmm

4:30:43 PM

Lazarus Something: then nevermind the flow, jsut let your mind fly away and dream and what you are dreamin, write it down .

4:33:11 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah..I was jsut about to show you some of what I wrote, but.my stystem tells me error..maybe I should restart my comp?

4:33:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’d like to see that.

IM Sep 11, 2012 4:45:21 PM

4:45:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  do tell me more about your writing

4:46:18 PM

Lazarus Something: my writing? well, what shall i tell you about it? it helps me to cope with world and with my life. and if I am inspired then it makes me forget everything around me

4:46:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  I remember that feeling. It’s been a while. It’s a lovely feeling

4:47:13 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah it is indeed

4:48:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  I used to get it when tye-dying or painting.

4:48:37 PM

Lazarus Something: ok

4:49:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  were you going to show me some? I would like to see. I could use a constructive distraction.

4:50:09 PM

Lazarus Something: oh but , before you said you don’t want to see, or did I misunderstood you? I am a little bit confused sweetie

4:50:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh no I DO wanna see

4:50:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  must have been misunderstanding

4:50:37 PM

Lazarus Something: ok sure.

4:50:47 PM

Lazarus Something: wait let me see what I can show to you.

4:53:14 PM

Lazarus Something: ok. this one is an very old one and not very good:

4:53:37 PM

Lazarus Something: Angel’s fly high
Devil’s fall deep

One loves the heaven
One treasures the hell

Always decide for yourself

Always treasure what you love most
Before it’s too late and something beautiful’s gone

Once you’ve lost your love
your heaven is weak

IM Sep 11, 2012 4:54:15 PM

4:54:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  Once you’ve lost your love
your heaven is weak

4:54:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  I can dig that

4:54:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’ve felt that way before

4:54:36 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah me too sweetie

4:55:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  I felt it too much

4:56:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  i like what you wrote

4:56:32 PM

Lazarus Something: oh really? it’s nothign special and it’s old, but thank you very much sweetie

4:57:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  People tell me I should write but I lack incentive. Only source material I have is fantasy and I’m not sure how to turn that into a story…

4:58:14 PM

heartagram_princess:  I used to write poems when I was a kid but then when I saw them being used for kindeling in the woodstove I kind of quit caring

5:02:28 PM

Lazarus Something: here. some lines from something my brother wrote, two years or a year ago. yeah my brother writes too, but he does it better then I do

…………heaven and hell my shall burn

this pointless war of mathematical eloquence
somehwere in between us
finally has to end
cuz love is the destruction of war and all evil

5:02:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  my problem is that I am a decent writer but I am inspired by bad things. I write mostly when I am angry and that can result in some very bad things. And I rant! Last time I wrote anything it was – very unpleasant subject matter – but I wrote for 10 hours.

5:02:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  I get carried away.

5:03:19 PM

Lazarus Something: nah, nah. it’s totally ok sweetie.

5:03:57 PM

Lazarus Something: heaven and hell may shall burn
this pointless war of mathematical eloquence
somehwere in between us
finally has to end
cuz love is the destruction of war and all evil

5:05:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  wow O.O

5:05:42 PM

Lazarus Something: told ya. He is much better then I am.

5:05:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  that sounds inspired by some dark emotions

5:06:01 PM

Lazarus Something: oh he has a lot of dark emotions, yup

5:06:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  odd cadence to the first line

5:06:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  heaven and hell may shall burn

5:07:12 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah it’s his style, he has that dark style.

5:07:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  sounds inspired by … like, a really bad breakup? sounds heart-rendering

IM Sep 11, 2012 5:08:03 PM

5:08:03 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

5:08:28 PM

Lazarus Something: he had a couple of bad break ups

5:09:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  jeez

5:09:22 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

IM Sep 11, 2012 5:17:21 PM

5:17:21 PM

Lazarus Something: well, let me tell you something…

5:18:30 PM

Lazarus Something: I know you would never fell for me, you would fell for my brother, as every woman would, even though I think you are very, very beautiful, but I wouldn’t have a chance. But, I think I have a little something to make you smiel at least.

5:18:45 PM

Lazarus Something: smile

5:18:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  a smile is good

5:18:56 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah, wait please.

5:20:11 PM

Lazarus Something: but first

5:20:26 PM

Lazarus Something: please, I trust you, ok?

5:20:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  thank you, and likewise

5:21:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  I will stay trust-worthy

5:22:18 PM

Lazarus Something: thank, first I have to search it , but then I show it to you, what I ahve for you. I am pretty sure that it makes you smile

5:22:29 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok… I shall be here

5:26:50 PM

Lazarus Something: im sorry it takes a while

5:29:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  I was mad earlier, I don’t REALLY think I need my head examined for liking VV/HIM…

5:30:02 PM

Lazarus Something: its ok sweetie.

5:30:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  I shoot off my mouth when I’m irate. XD bad habit

5:36:41 PM

Lazarus Something: that’s ok sweetie. Who does not do it

5:36:42 PM

Lazarus Something: ?

5:40:42 PM

Lazarus Something: can you see the picture?

5:40:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  nice chin XD definitely smile inducing

5:41:35 PM

Lazarus Something: thank but ehm, the picture is not myself, because I wanted to make you smile

5:41:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  a familiar-ish chin

5:42:01 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

5:42:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  why would not your picture induce a smile as well?

5:42:13 PM

Lazarus Something: I think it is familiar to you, yup

5:42:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  o yes

5:42:53 PM

Lazarus Something: because, everyy woman jsut smiles when she see’s my brother. yeah even men smile when they see him.

IM Sep 11, 2012 5:43:05 PM

5:43:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  but I am convinced your own pic could elicit a grin or two, no?

5:44:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  elusive little brother?

5:44:11 PM

Lazarus Something: nah, I don’t think so, my brother looks better then me and I don’t have very much pictures of myself, because, I do not even like my face, because I don’t have my mummies eyes.

5:44:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  your mummy does have lovely eyes

5:45:01 PM

Lazarus Something: my mum, yeah, but not me though

5:45:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  you know… I suspected t’was you… but… o hell

5:46:11 PM

Lazarus Something: ok then I have to log on into fb

5:46:18 PM

Lazarus Something: o hell?

5:46:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  sure, he’s gorgeous but a girl cannot deny that yourself is very attractive as well…

5:46:39 PM

Lazarus Something: eh nah, I am not, believe me.

5:46:49 PM

Lazarus Something: well, ok, I log in

5:47:45 PM

Lazarus Something: I added you

5:47:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  I have seen pictures. Very few men match your brother’s charms but come on, sheesh, you make yourself sound like you’re Chet from Weird Science

5:47:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  you are much cuter than that

5:48:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok ill go accept request

5:48:16 PM

Lazarus Something: ok

5:48:57 PM

Lazarus Something: you never saw my mother sweetie, and you only saw this chin pic of my brother, so you can not know how I look.

5:49:07 PM

Lazarus Something: believe me, my brother is sex on legs

5:49:17 PM

Lazarus Something: I am…..

5:49:22 PM

Lazarus Something: shit on legs.

5:49:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  are you not JOV?

5:49:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  you are adorable

5:50:32 PM

Lazarus Something: oh lord, how come? I never told you my name. I am just my older brothers little brother, nothing more, I am not worth mentioned beside the golden boy.

5:50:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  really does sound like me with my sister

5:52:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  but you have no deformities and are very nicely built … if you’re yer older brothers little bro.

IM Sep 11, 2012 5:53:56 PM

5:53:56 PM

Lazarus Something: yes I am my older brother’s little brother. and I am sjut the second born child , nothing mroe or less.

5:54:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  im the problem child, the black sheep, the ruination of all their lives

5:54:29 PM

heartagram_princess:  ha and I’m only part kidding

5:54:43 PM

Lazarus Something: idk what you think about yourself, but I think, you are pretty, very pretty

5:55:35 PM

Lazarus Something: oh the golden boy, shaking my head, he follows me wheever I go and viola, even on your profile he is.

(obviously, there were pics of Ville in my facebook albums.)

5:55:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  You saw more pics? Wow, thank you

5:56:14 PM

Lazarus Something: yes I saw, no need to thank me, it’s the truth. you are pretty.

5:56:20 PM

Lazarus Something: oh the golden boy, shaking my head, he follows me wheever I go and viola, even on your profile he is.

5:56:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  I know

5:56:46 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah he is everywhere.

5:56:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  I knew ya’d see that… but look… theres lots of other boys too

5:57:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  my Feed Your Eyes Album is full of them (and some HIM) I admit…

5:57:49 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I saw it sweetie

5:58:13 PM

Lazarus Something: oh lord, jared leto? my brother hates him.

5:58:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wasnt sure if yu saw him in Feed Your EYES OR pROFILE pICS

5:58:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  in fairness I was tagged by others in some of them XD

5:59:07 PM

Lazarus Something: I think it was in profile pics, but,

5:59:31 PM

Lazarus Something: I wanted to say that I am missing somebody in feed your eyes, but nah I found him.

5:59:40 PM

Lazarus Something: River Phoenix

5:59:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh, ALWAYS River

6:00:00 PM

Lazarus Something: oh lord

6:00:03 PM

Lazarus Something: and there he is again

6:00:11 PM

Lazarus Something: in your feed your eyes album

6:00:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  i warned ya about that one XD

6:00:27 PM

Lazarus Something: but

6:00:41 PM

Lazarus Something: I miss somebody in it…..wait let me check if he is in that album

6:01:16 PM

Lazarus Something: no court cobain but many golden boy pictures.

6:01:19 PM

Lazarus Something: and

6:01:25 PM

Lazarus Something: oh lord thank you

6:01:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok I suck… HIM boys are like 1/2 the album… XD

6:01:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh look at that

6:01:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  who’s in there twice? (That would be Jesse Oliver)

6:02:01 PM

Lazarus Something: now you got me blushing sweetie thank you on your cheeks

6:02:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  lol and I had no time to go edit it for yer benefit either

6:02:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  its For Reals

6:02:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  I TOLD ya I thought you were a darling

6:02:39 PM

Lazarus Something: thank you

6:02:49 PM

Lazarus Something: uhm sweetie?

6:02:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes?

6:04:31 PM

Lazarus Something: I would do it, because you made me blush and because I really think you are beautiful

6:04:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  aw hell, now I wish you were in front of me

6:04:53 PM

Lazarus Something: oh lord well then

6:05:06 PM

Lazarus Something: close your eyes and imagine me in front of you

6:05:07 PM

Lazarus Something: and

6:05:48 PM

Lazarus Something: a smack of a kiss right on top your wonderful lips

6:06:50 PM

Lazarus Something: wow I am sure your lips feel like pure satin sweetheart.

6:07:15 PM

Lazarus Something: I hate to see him, I close my photo share ok?

6:07:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok

6:07:38 PM

Lazarus Something: have to see that chin to often

M Sep 11, 2012 6:07:52 PM

6:07:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  I bet you wanna sock it from time to time, too

6:08:00 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

6:08:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  i cant say i blame ya

6:08:08 PM

Lazarus Something: one thing sweetie

6:08:13 PM

Lazarus Something: thank you

6:08:17 PM

Lazarus Something: one thing

6:08:54 PM

Lazarus Something: I’ve to admit, even though it was just an imaginary kiss, I got pudding in my knees

6:08:57 PM

Lazarus Something:

6:09:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh … I’m smitten… blushing even

6:09:37 PM

Lazarus Something: you know what?

6:09:50 PM

Lazarus Something: I’d really love to make you smile and happy.

6:13:56 PM

Lazarus Something: you know what, many words are going to ruin the oment..I’ll sjut do it and hten you know what I am thinking, but sure you can ask me afterwards

6:13:58 PM

Lazarus Something:

6:14:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  do it, do it!

6:15:16 PM

Lazarus Something: you are beautiful sweetheart: I said it before I saw the picture and I still say it

IM Sep 11, 2012 6:16:33 PM

6:16:33 PM

Lazarus Something: wow very wonderful.can I say one word?

6:19:38 PM

Lazarus Something: am I allowed?

6:19:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes

6:19:58 PM

Lazarus Something: ok

6:19:59 PM

Lazarus Something: sexy

6:20:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh, thank you!! Sometimes I feel like a squot, fat little pumpkin. I was on the west coast and there are SO many beautiful girls out there

6:21:13 PM

Lazarus Something: hey you are not fat or anything like that

6:21:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  my dad is Italian so I got the ample t&a

6:21:58 PM

Lazarus Something: well my mums hungarian. but I don’t have her temper or good looks

6:24:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  well its a good thing you dobt have her temper. And I LIKE your looks.

6:25:48 PM

Lazarus Something: pictures of me? I do not have very much pictures of mysel. And actually I dunno where to search fro them in my sticks and memory cards, they’re full with the golden boy, because actually they’re his memory cards, I borrow them, because sometimes he has to help me with musicla stuff, ok most of the time, and then he adds soemtihng on the card, I add something and that’s how it goes when I need his help

6:26:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  you sound much closer to him than I am to my sister

6:27:14 PM

Lazarus Something: well, we are close, to each toher, we share the same interests and the same friends. and he is my brother and i love him.

6:28:50 PM

Lazarus Something: how did you know who I am? and when did you find out about ?

6:29:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  well you’ve been dropping clues left and right and your brother like I said had like, SO many parallels to V…. I guessed around our first conversation

IM Sep 11, 2012 6:29:50 PM

6:29:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  had suspicions even before that when I saw you on WDW

6:30:19 PM

Lazarus Something: oh lord

6:30:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  I intuitavely knew you had an inside track and that the stuff you poseted wasnt ranting like some others (MOST others, actually)

6:30:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  *posted

6:30:42 PM

Lazarus Something: well, they call me a liar, especially HA

6:31:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  I think the MK Ultra Illum.. stuff caused many of them to instantly decide you were a loon or a fubu alt

6:31:22 PM

Lazarus Something: but please sweetie, please don’t tell them anything, i trust you.

6:31:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wont tell them a thing… most of them are … well probably all of them are unworthy

6:32:10 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah sometimes I forget about that, sometimes me and my brother, we seem to be like borthers like in the old days, ebfore they came

6:33:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wish none of it – whatever IT is that made the whole band look like zombies in that promo shot – had never happened

6:35:03 PM

Lazarus Something: it’s really pain and hurtful,they won’t leave him alone, not a second, sometimes he looks like when we where kids, but only for a few moments (

6:35:40 PM

Lazarus Something: because I am not such a musical genius like my bro .

6:35:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  So they are why he has aged 10 years in 2 years? I thought it was the broken heart. Was both, I guess.

6:36:30 PM

Lazarus Something: yup, both

6:38:21 PM

Lazarus Something: they thiefed his soul

6:38:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  makes me think about Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

6:39:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  what in the world… did they do to him? Makes me think of him being put in weird machines like Roger Daltrey in the rock opera Tommy…

6:39:30 PM

Lazarus Something: I know a lot baout music, but not as much as he does.

6:40:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  yay!!

6:41:03 PM

Lazarus Something: you are sweet

IM Sep 11, 2012 6:41:13 PM

6:41:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  surely you’ve seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? Johnny Depp?

6:41:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  or Se7en with Morgan Freeman & Brad Pitt?

6:41:30 PM

Lazarus Something: yuuuuuuuup

6:41:33 PM

Lazarus Something: yuuuuuuuuuup

6:41:37 PM

Lazarus Something: I saw it

6:41:44 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

6:42:21 PM

Lazarus Something: fear and loathing, johnny is me and my borthers big idol, but my brother is my bigger idol, sjut not when it comes to booze and shit.

6:42:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  He chooses really macabre subject matter like those two films for example… and he samples soundclips from the films… blending them expertly with some of the best darkwave industrial garbage that I’ve ever heard

6:42:55 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok cool

6:43:09 PM

Lazarus Something: uhm I don’t think so, but I am sure vilts does

6:44:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  listen to this:

6:44:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  link removed

Lazarus Something: ok wait please

6:44:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  certainly

6:45:39 PM

Lazarus Something: ha fear and loathing

6:46:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  SO much good shit but this is a favorite – candy to my ears

6:47:04 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah its great you have great taste babe

6:47:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  omg a Valo said I have good musical taste!

6:47:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  :::^^:::

6:47:55 PM

Lazarus Something: yup you have approved by me the not golden boy

6:48:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  that a-ok wif me

6:48:11 PM

Lazarus Something: great

7:03:33 PM

Lazarus Something: I am wraping my arms around you, and I am holding you tight, and warm and safe in my arms.

7:05:12 PM

Lazarus Something: oh heavenly

7:06:49 PM

Lazarus Something: I am romantic as well

7:07:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  hopefully not a hopeless one

7:07:23 PM

Lazarus Something: nha, not like my brother

7:07:41 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok, nah I am not like my brother

7:07:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats good, whether you see it or not

7:08:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  he seems like a mess

7:08:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  I say with sadness, not criticism

IM Sep 11, 2012 7:20:28 PM

7:08:25 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I see it every day

IM Sep 11, 2012 7:09:25 PM

7:09:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  was there not a female that you were dating recently? I seem to remember some gossip…

7:10:10 PM

Lazarus Something: nah, a few times, yeah, but, that’s over, since a few weeks

7:10:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  sorry

7:10:33 PM

Lazarus Something: its ok

7:10:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  i guess it was because of HIM ?

7:11:06 PM

Lazarus Something: yup as always

7:15:04 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah its bad, I could sing a song of some things you said

IM Sep 11, 2012 7:22:56 PM

7:22:56 PM

Lazarus Something: me too, I’M melting too when I fell the touch of your lips and when I imagine to kiss you tenderly

7:23:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  *want*

7:24:18 PM

Lazarus Something: Id love to stay some more, but today I was late, and …you want me to do that? ……and I can’t be late again, but I would risk it for you

7:24:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  off! to bed!! {kiss}

7:24:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  talk to me soon

7:24:49 PM

Lazarus Something: but you said want

7:24:58 PM

Lazarus Something: I would stay for you babe

7:30:07 PM

Lazarus Something: I’d like to caress your pretty face, sweetie

~~ ok here I edited out a 2 hour long episode of explosively amusing cyber sex because it gets pretty goddamn sickening.  And funny. Depends on if you meant it or not. I didn’t. He did. If he finds a new and exciting way to piss me off I can always edit it back in later. Right, Laz-baby?  ~~

9:36:36 PM


IM Sep 11, 2012 9:36:49 PM

9:36:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh good

9:37:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  for I like you so very much & all

9:37:11 PM

Lazarus Something: HES STILL THROBBING

9:37:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  sometimes you disappear for days

9:37:23 PM

Lazarus Something: OH THANK YOU BABY

9:38:06 PM


9:38:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  well brother or no brother if I could I would fuck YOU til you cried (thats just an American expression, it sounds bad but it means a good thing )

9:38:23 PM

Lazarus Something: BUT BABY

9:38:35 PM

Lazarus Something: AH OK

9:38:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  i know.. you are up SO very late… you must leave me now.

9:39:02 PM


9:39:10 PM

Lazarus Something: YEAH ITS LATE

9:39:14 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes!! like so

9:39:17 PM

Lazarus Something: OR BETTER SAY EARLY YUP

9:40:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  I hope you don’t think me the whore & not IM again

9:40:07 PM


9:40:42 PM


9:40:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  so IM me whenever and I shall not keep you any longer… I shall bid you good… morning? go get some rest…

9:41:05 PM

Lazarus Something: YEAH MRNING

9:41:12 PM

Lazarus Something: OK BABY THEN LET ME GO NOW

9:41:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  go!! now!!

9:41:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  bye!

9:41:43 PM


9:41:47 PM

Lazarus Something: BYE BABY

9:41:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  ❤

IM Sep 11, 2012 9:42:06 PM

9:42:06 PM

Lazarus Something: ❤

IM Sep 12, 2012 2:10:38 PM

2:10:38 PM

Lazarus Something: hey baby

2:10:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  hi!

2:11:06 PM

Lazarus Something: hi

2:11:17 PM

Lazarus Something: Ive a question for you babe

2:11:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  certainly

2:12:10 PM

Lazarus Something: since you know so much about WDW, can you tell me, how I can delete somebody from my friend list? or how I can check if that person still exists on WDW or is that person blocked me?

2:12:25 PM

Lazarus Something: if not is

2:12:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  just a sec…

2:13:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  up in the menu there is an option called Editor Search

2:13:19 PM

Lazarus Something: ok.you type and Ill be right abck…….I need a blanket its brrrrrrrrr

2:13:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  you can type their name in there & it should bring them up

2:14:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  and then once you go into a friend’s profile there are 3 options to the right of where it says their name and Posts

2:15:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  if you are friends it should say Send Message / You Are Friends / Remove

2:15:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  to remove them, of course, click remove

2:16:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  poor cold baby

2:18:00 PM

Lazarus Something: im back…..it say only the name of that person

2:18:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  it looks like your friends are me, sisterofmercy, sandman and numida_meleagris

2:19:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  if there was some1 else they have removed you

2:19:19 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah and sisterofmercy I can only see her name not more…why?

2:20:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  if you klick where it says contributions it should take you to your profile… if you then clik his/her name in your friends section it should take you to his/her profile

2:20:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  ohh ok

2:20:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  I just clicked, now I see what you mean

2:20:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  weird!

2:21:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  maybe their account has been deleted and/or is being looked at for some reason by WDW admin

2:21:13 PM

Lazarus Something: so has she been deleted?

2:21:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  tbh I’m not sure… it looks possible

2:21:35 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok.so how cna I unfriend her, cuz she was very rude

2:22:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  I think she has cuz when I bypass your page and just use editor search it says no results found

2:23:01 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok

IM Sep 12, 2012 2:23:11 PM

2:23:11 PM

Lazarus Something: good cuz she was very rude to me

2:23:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  idk why it would still be on your friends list… wdw bug probably

2:23:31 PM

Lazarus Something: its ok

2:23:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  what rude thing did she dare to do?

2:24:34 PM

Lazarus Something: ah I never said that I am who I am, and she said soem rude things..maybe I have her messages

2:24:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  lots of rudeness on WDW

2:24:58 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

2:25:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  is there any truth to this “Sandra collapsed” rumor ?

2:26:16 PM

Lazarus Something: its not true, she was in hospital but she faked it to get pitty from vil

2:26:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  and did he?

2:27:25 PM

Lazarus Something: kinda, bits and pieces here and there, but not really

2:29:01 PM

Lazarus Something: well

2:29:16 PM

Lazarus Something: I’ve a bad feeling when it comes to her my bro.

2:29:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  well if she’s his poison girl in the literal sense then I can see why… we can at least hope that she gets busted while holding

2:30:39 PM

Lazarus Something: she is spinning her spider webs around him, AND I am sure she was teached by THEM

2:31:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  repugnant. He is so handsome it seems like he could at least find an attractive fwb

2:31:43 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I know that he is the golden boy

2:32:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  I mean in this pic alone the two other chicks are better looking…

2:33:22 PM

Lazarus Something: ugh

2:33:26 PM

Lazarus Something: shes so fucking ugly

2:33:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  it is really … disconcerting… that someone like that could get him in a bed with her

2:34:17 PM

Lazarus Something: but she has a sexy body, combine that with a paper back and fuckign her works pretty well for vilts

2:34:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  paper back?

2:34:52 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah a paper back on top of her head

IM Sep 12, 2012 2:35:15 PM

2:35:15 PM

Lazarus Something: I am sure he doesn’t do that, but I love to imagine it

2:35:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  ugh.. idk… body looks average to me.

2:35:36 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

2:35:52 PM

Lazarus Something: do I have to watch it?

2:35:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  no… just a body pic

2:36:07 PM

Lazarus Something: I dont want to look at her

2:36:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  unimpressive to me & I’m not even being catty… just honest

2:36:24 PM

Lazarus Something: its ok babe

2:36:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  you said yesterday he hates Jared Leto… Why? Is there truth to that “he banged Jonna” rumour?

2:36:57 PM

Lazarus Something: more then true

2:37:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  I think Jared is a pompous ass but he is undeniably good looking… but his arrogance spoils him.

2:38:18 PM

Lazarus Something: while vil was touring in, idk mexico I think it was, she had to do some model jobs in the US and she met him and she got fucked by him, and vilts found some obvious text messages on her mobile

2:38:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh, delightful.

2:38:43 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

2:38:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  poor V coundnt do a thing could he?

2:39:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  I mean physically speaking, its obvious that Jared could whomp him into the ground

2:39:31 PM

Lazarus Something: nope, just to dump her, he did and then he strated to drink more then he already did before

2:39:39 PM

Lazarus Something: oh well he did

2:40:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  unless maybe they had fought when Jared starved himself for whatever movie that was….

2:40:58 PM

Lazarus Something: vilts met him on a festival in the US and the first thing he did when he saw him was trying to beat him down, while he was totally drunk , he gav ea blue eye to him but jared did more to him

2:41:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  I saw the vid where V asked Jared about the logistics of the name 30 seconds to mars… I detected extreme dislike but my friend thought it was in my head….

2:42:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh.. Jared hurt him? Well fuck, poor V. he shoulda known J would whomp him.

2:42:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  how in the world did they keep that out of the media?

2:43:11 PM

Lazarus Something: no there definitely was a bit dislike, vilts did it on puprose to piss him of and he did it with a very rude tone in his voice.

2:43:42 PM

Lazarus Something: well I jsut say…….THose poeple kept it out of the media

2:43:44 PM

Lazarus Something: THOSE

2:43:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh… ok

2:44:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  you know the fangirlies would have ate that shit UP

2:44:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  ha it would be worse than team edward and team… whatever that guys name was… I didnt watch the twilight crap

2:44:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  vampires are spozta look like Keifer Sutherland and Billy Worth

IM Sep 12, 2012 2:45:02 PM

2:45:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  I mean Wirth

2:45:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  not those teilight dudes….

2:45:48 PM

Lazarus Something: ha, ask tonie about the name of that other team . I am sure she knows it, she is a big fan

2:46:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  team jacob, that was it

2:46:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  toni marie?

2:46:34 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah might be that it was that

2:46:35 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

2:46:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  haha point her towards The Lost Boys XD

2:46:55 PM

Lazarus Something: lost boys, that is vilts territory

2:48:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  sometimes i have the feeling that kat tries to copy Jami Gertz as she was in The Lost Boys

2:48:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  …as if she ever could

2:49:02 PM

Lazarus Something: oh just ignore her, she is only a little puppet in THEIR game

2:49:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  I never understood why Jonna never had her teeth fixed, Barring her teeth she was pretty much perfect

2:49:59 PM

Lazarus Something: beside the blonde  yup

2:50:32 PM

Lazarus Something: she is just another bitch who wanted to have the golden boy, and for that she dyed her hair dark

2:50:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  did Susannah do the same?

2:50:49 PM

Lazarus Something: vil would have never touched ehr with blonde hair

2:51:03 PM

Lazarus Something: su? no never, she was wonderful and his first big love

2:51:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  to an outsider she seems like the only thing he ever had with actual value

2:51:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  but why did she do the dark hair?

2:52:23 PM

Lazarus Something: su? yeah she was, she and b, and she had dark hair

2:52:47 PM

Lazarus Something: the picture on wdw, that is not su

2:53:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  the Niiranen person? ok…

2:53:44 PM

Lazarus Something: the what person?

2:54:07 PM

Lazarus Something: and that means?

2:54:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  the Susannah person with the last name of Niiranen on fb whom everybody seems to think is her

2:54:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  blond… horses… babies…

2:54:28 PM

Lazarus Something: no that is not vilts su

IM Sep 12, 2012 2:54:38 PM

2:54:38 PM

Lazarus Something: babies?

2:54:39 PM

Lazarus Something: su?

2:54:49 PM

Lazarus Something: I am sorry but that is impossible

2:54:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok… she is friends with Gas and silke & others so people thought she was…

2:55:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  impossible?

2:55:16 PM

Lazarus Something: mehmeh it is defenetly not su

2:55:32 PM

Lazarus Something: definitley

2:55:42 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah impossible

2:56:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  This is the person that people think is her…

2:56:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  https://www.facebook.com/susanna.niiranen.50

2:56:58 PM

Lazarus Something: no it’s not her and that she has a fb profile, is also very, very impossible

2:57:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  impossible? why impossible?

2:57:42 PM

Lazarus Something: because.but please remember, I trust you bae, don’t tell anybody please

2:58:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  i promise

2:58:23 PM

Lazarus Something: she is an angel in heaven

2:58:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  no !

2:58:44 PM

Lazarus Something: yes

2:59:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  so sad!! What happened to her, if I may ask?

3:00:44 PM

Lazarus Something: it broke his heart from that time on, everything was lsot, he drank he did shit, he was out of control, b was the only woman who was able to reach his heart, and who gave him hope and joy and happiness. He was like the old vil, while he was with ehr, she was his soulmate and he was convinced that su sent b to her to rescue him.

3:01:12 PM

Lazarus Something: she had a car accident, a few days before christmas, and….

3:01:56 PM

Lazarus Something: nah nevermind, but she had a car accident and she died on the crash side.

3:02:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh that is just terrible

3:02:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  it was ultimately her demise that ruined him then

3:02:50 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

3:03:07 PM

Lazarus Something: not only that

3:03:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  jesus, theres more? no wonder he’s unstable

3:04:13 PM

Lazarus Something: but really, I trust you baby ok? please, dont tell it to any soul, nobody knows it, just close friends and fmaily

3:04:24 PM

Lazarus Something: family

3:05:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wont even tell my bff

IM Sep 12, 2012 3:05:55 PM

3:05:55 PM

Lazarus Something: ok I trust you baby really

3:06:00 PM

Lazarus Something: ok well

3:06:19 PM

Lazarus Something: lets put it that way,.

3:07:03 PM

Lazarus Something: I could be an uncle of a 8 or 9 year old boy

3:07:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  could be> is it unsure?

3:08:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  it would be nice to see your wonderful gene pool passed on

3:08:35 PM

Lazarus Something: no I could be, because she was pregnant when she died

3:09:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh… thats so sad… so she knew it was a boy…  gosh thats just awful!! nightmare stuff

3:09:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  and right before Christmas? Sounds like Lifetime movie of the week stuff… just awful!

3:10:01 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah she knew it and vil knew it as well, they both knew it, vil already painted our old baby bed , just for his son

3:10:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  that is unspeakably sad

3:10:27 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah , a few days before christmas

3:10:36 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

3:10:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  Christmas must be a really shitty time for him….

3:11:04 PM

Lazarus Something: he couldnt bare to threw the baby bed away, after he lost both of them

3:11:15 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah for everyone in our family

3:11:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  your parents mourn for the grandbaby that never got to be… how heartbreaking!

3:12:12 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah they do

3:13:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  well with 2 handsome sons there’s still the possibility of a grandbaby in the future… not that that erases the pain or tragedy any…

3:13:51 PM

Lazarus Something: one handsome son, the golden boy

3:13:58 PM

Lazarus Something: I am nothing

3:14:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  you know, I really didnt think that the blond lady’s face looked like the girl in the old pictures…

3:14:06 PM

Lazarus Something: just the second born son

3:14:12 PM

heartagram_princess:  bullshit

3:14:20 PM

Lazarus Something: cuz its not su

3:14:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  you are a champion in your own right

3:14:32 PM

Lazarus Something: not bs, truth

3:14:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  so why do they call you a thai boxing CHAMPION ?

3:15:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  is that just shit compared to a big, bad rockstar?

3:15:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  fuck all that

IM Sep 12, 2012 3:15:13 PM

3:15:13 PM

Lazarus Something: I am one, yeah but that its about it

3:15:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  you mustnt let yourself be eclipsed by him… oh that sounds stupid… I guess it would be very hard NOT to be

3:15:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  but still, fuck all that

3:16:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  who says you are “just” second born son? Do your parents really make you feel that way?

3:16:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  one handsome son, my ass

3:17:03 PM

Lazarus Something: seriously, what do I have? a better body then he has, yeah but that’s it, he has a the good looks, the baby face, the charm, the sweet yes, he is the sexymbol, I AM nothing

3:17:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  you are totally hot

3:17:47 PM

Lazarus Something: seriously, what do I have? a better body then he has, yeah but that’s it, he has the good looks, the baby face, the charm, the sweet eyes, he is the sexymbol, I AM nothing

3:17:56 PM

Lazarus Something: better body shape

3:18:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  its probably not much coming from some middle-aged American chick, but like i said before, I would …

3:19:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  well I would

3:19:33 PM

Lazarus Something: thank you

3:19:50 PM

Lazarus Something: and I wouldnt have a thing against it

3:20:00 PM

heartagram_princess:  you’d have me against you

3:20:41 PM

Lazarus Something: no no. I would have nothing against it

IM Sep 12, 2012 3:24:20 PM

3:24:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  I shall bid you a goodnight then, you sexy man

3:24:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  go, rest.

3:24:47 PM

Lazarus Something: thank you you sexy woman

IM Sep 13, 2012 5:11:15 PM

5:11:15 PM

Lazarus Something: hi babe

5:11:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  hi

5:11:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  how’s ig going today?

5:12:22 PM

Lazarus Something: hi..been very busy with my bro.and also busy in the evening..reading the bs on wdw

5:12:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  I imagine he must be delighted with the fans’ response… ?

5:13:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  you have told him, I’m sure?

5:13:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  or maybe he has read it himself

5:13:59 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah well, actually, he does not care a lot about, he is so messed up.

5:14:31 PM

Lazarus Something: and yes he did read it, but he just

5:15:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  idk whether to agree with that response or to be horrified

5:15:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  so I’ll opt for neither and just hope that you had a good day

5:15:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  after all he cant be ALL that matters

5:15:57 PM

Lazarus Something: my day wasnt good at all hon

5:16:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m sorry… I’d hug you if possible…

5:16:35 PM

Lazarus Something: thatll be great darling

5:17:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’d suggest optimism but it never panned out well for me so I don’t want to be a hypocrite…

5:17:55 PM

Lazarus Something: today he talked and cried a lot about b if Id only could find her

5:18:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  so she has made herself completely unavailable to him? or you just dont have the contact info. and he wont give you and/or use it..?

5:19:06 PM

Lazarus Something: both is right yup

5:19:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  I imagine all this Mittica crap must be smashing her heart

5:19:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  gosh she must be miserable, too

5:19:43 PM

Lazarus Something: Im sure it does

5:19:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  it’s just tragedy all around

5:19:58 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

5:20:25 PM

Lazarus Something: he told me he talked to her lately

5:20:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  well thats a hopeful sign

5:20:53 PM

Lazarus Something: nah not really

5:20:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  maybe there’s a hope for reconciliation

5:21:17 PM

Lazarus Something: she said to him that he shall leave her alone and fuck his whore

5:21:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  !!

IM Sep 13, 2012 5:21:53 PM

5:21:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  well I can kind of undertand her response

5:22:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  but I’m sorry if it’s gonna contribute to his ruination

5:22:33 PM

Lazarus Something: he told her that he loves only her but she doesnt believe any single word out of his mouth anymore

5:23:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  I guess only they know all of what happened on the inside of their relationship… he must have done something really hurtful and/or cruel to illicit such a response

5:23:26 PM

Lazarus Something: and she told him, that shes gonna change her mobile number so he wont ever be able to contact her again

5:24:05 PM

Lazarus Something: the only cruel thing he did, was to protect her and hidding things away form ehr, to protect her

5:24:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  so this is why the crying today? It’s sad, when love becomes a torturing cesspool. Things like these drove me to celibacy.  man it sucks!

5:24:29 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

5:24:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats all? Then why is she so torqued outta shape?

5:25:15 PM

Lazarus Something: cuz my guess would be, that eveything in his life seems to be so sureal and she cant cope with it and therefore not believe him anymore

5:25:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  i mean, upset

5:25:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  torqued outta shape means upset

5:25:52 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok thanks for the explantation babe, I am not so good with english like vil is

5:26:57 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok, thanks abgain honey

5:27:22 PM

Lazarus Something: again

5:27:41 PM


5:27:49 PM

Lazarus Something: ok honey

5:27:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  you do too have some charm ❤

5:28:14 PM

Lazarus Something: do I?

5:28:39 PM

Lazarus Something: might be the influence of my brother

5:28:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  or it could be you

5:29:18 PM

Lazarus Something: nah I think its his influence, you dk how I used to be when I was younger

5:31:12 PM

Lazarus Something: uhm I was….

5:31:16 PM

Lazarus Something: an asshole

5:31:42 PM

Lazarus Something: a male whore

5:31:53 PM

Lazarus Something: and I was an asshole baby sorry

5:32:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  well at least you said “was”

5:32:12 PM

Lazarus Something: I changed my girls like ym underwear, every day a new one

5:33:00 PM

Lazarus Something: while vil always was the gentleman he is, I was just fucking around all the time

5:33:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  some chick on groupieforums claims to have fukt him super quick and dirty in an alley after a show

5:33:49 PM

Lazarus Something: he really, never had any one night stands, affairs yeah, but enver a one night stand, while I had them every night

5:33:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  could be fiction… could be he’s not always a gentleman? You’d know better than I

5:34:04 PM

Lazarus Something: never

5:34:24 PM

Lazarus Something: no, he really is a gnetleman, at least when he is sober and clean

5:35:38 PM

Lazarus Something: when he is high and drunk, his alter ego? appairs and acts for him

5:36:32 PM

Lazarus Something: the thing is, he cant control him, it is a thing by THEIR doing

5:37:27 PM

Lazarus Something: the same thing rihanna has, she cant ontrol it either, but she tries to live with it

IM Sep 13, 2012 5:38:55 PM

5:38:55 PM

Lazarus Something: he calls him vlad the hermit

5:39:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah I saw Rihanna’s video where she proclaims to be an Daughter of THOSE people…

5:39:27 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah sad isnt it?

5:39:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  vlad the hermit… I’ve heard that around…

5:39:35 PM

Lazarus Something: aka brainwashed in rehab

5:39:45 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah hes his alter ego

5:40:35 PM

Lazarus Something: you can distinguish the two form each toehr, very easyily

5:40:40 PM

Lazarus Something: other

5:41:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  interesting… like multiple personalities

5:41:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  hah like Mariah Carey and J.Lo

5:41:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  always an alter ego

5:41:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  well the opposite sex has managed to make Rihanna look like an ass, too… parallels to yer bro. Look at that whole Chris Brown mess.

5:42:10 PM

Lazarus Something: if vil is really himself, all you have to do is look into his eyes, there you find the answer if he is himself or not. not only cuz the eyes are the mirror to your soul, also cuz, vlad loves make up, vil not so , at least not anymore, vil is almsot 36 and finally wants to look like a man

5:42:26 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

5:42:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  it’s about time. The old man hats are adorable… (not being sarcastic)

5:43:18 PM

Lazarus Something: eh nah, he maybe has multiple personalities, but vlad is like rihannas alter ego too,……is a demon

5:43:33 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah he loves his hats

5:44:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh I meant Beyonce not J-Lo… but I guess technically Jenny From the Block is an alter-ego too cuz that sure aint J-Lo

5:44:04 PM

Lazarus Something: I knwo it sounds sureal but its true

5:44:13 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

5:44:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  with Beyonce i meant that Sasha Fierce crap and with Mariah Carey it was “Mimi” weird stuff.

5:44:51 PM

Lazarus Something: exactly

5:45:22 PM

Lazarus Something: sasha fierce that is her alter ego aka, her demon inside of her ..planted inside of her by THEM

5:46:16 PM

Lazarus Something: so whenever he is wearing make up, I knwo that vlad is back

5:46:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  how many times has that fool changed his name?

5:46:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  P.Diddy I mean XD

IM Sep 13, 2012 5:46:25 PM

5:46:25 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

5:46:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  Sean John

5:46:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  whoever the hell that foo’ is

5:46:49 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

5:46:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh god so you must dread eyeliner

5:48:11 PM

5:50:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  wow ha! is off on another rant. That place is like a sick carnival

5:50:53 PM

Lazarus Something: oh wait I check

5:51:09 PM

Lazarus Something: ha? then im sure its against me

5:52:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  dont let him irk you… he’s just a troll

5:55:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  …?

5:56:22 PM

Lazarus Something: so

5:56:42 PM

Lazarus Something: deafed him ( hopfeully ) with is own weapons that fucking asshole over there

5:57:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  that place is a cesspool of madness

5:58:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  I hope yer bro knows he’s lucky to have such a devoted little bro

5:58:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’d say something stupid like, “don’t agonize over him, ” excepting for that I know how stupid it would be to say that

5:58:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  of course you agonize

5:58:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  he’s yer bro

5:59:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  but don’t let it consume you.

5:59:37 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah.Ill always defend my bro, always

5:59:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  you are such a likable sort!

6:00:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  like-able not lick-able… well

6:00:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  maybe both

6:00:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah, definately both.

6:01:24 PM

Lazarus Something: thanks babe

6:01:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  sure. any time.

6:02:48 PM

Lazarus Something:

6:03:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  I hope both of you guys find a way to be happy

6:03:57 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

6:05:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  you seem so sad tonight. I wish I could give you cheer.

6:06:09 PM

Lazarus Something: its ok baby but thank you

6:06:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  cyber-hugs

6:06:39 PM

Lazarus Something: awe thanks love

6:07:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  you can tell me stuff about you, too, you know.

6:07:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  it doesnt always have to be about him.

6:08:35 PM

Lazarus Something: thats very sweet of you..yeah I know, but theres nothing I have to tell about myself beside the golden boy

6:08:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  that cant be true

6:10:27 PM

Lazarus Something: it is true babe

6:10:28 PM

Lazarus Something: baby?

6:10:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes?

6:11:02 PM

Lazarus Something: in tired , sorry hon

6:11:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  its ok, I could tell

6:11:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  sorry isnt necessary

6:11:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  goodnight, lovely

6:11:45 PM

Lazarus Something: ok thnak you babe

6:12:25 PM

Lazarus Something: good night baby. sleep will and have the seetestof dreams my lil sunshine

6:12:37 PM

Lazarus Something: im off

6:12:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  ❤

6:12:46 PM

Lazarus Something: ❤

IM Sep 13, 2012 6:12:51 PM

6:12:51 PM

Lazarus Something: til tomrrow

6:45:12 PM

Lazarus Something: good evening babe

6:45:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  good evening to you too

6:45:48 PM

Lazarus Something: thanks honey

6:45:55 PM

Lazarus Something: how are you sunshine?

6:46:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  not too bad today, ran errands & such, got some new library books

6:46:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  how was your day?

6:46:55 PM

Lazarus Something: thats good to hear my baby

6:47:05 PM

Lazarus Something: ha my day? shitty as hell

6:47:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh dear, sorry to hear that

6:47:52 PM

Lazarus Something: its ok

6:48:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  will it ever get better? If you wanna talk about why it sucked, that’s fine… if you dont that’s fine too….

6:48:52 PM

Lazarus Something: you can amek a guess why it sucked

6:48:56 PM

Lazarus Something: make

6:49:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  brother drama?

6:49:53 PM

Lazarus Something: exactly today he was fucking pissed of cuz poeple spreading around lies and rumours and even true things ……….he totally freacked out and went all nuts

6:49:53 PM


6:50:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  what?! omg… from wdw or elsewhere? is he ok?

6:51:35 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah on wdw too……he got so damn pissed……..I think he even wrote some comments on wdw…..but its ok……poeple dont believe him either…he was drunk and I bet he did some misspellings…..and here people are tlaking too

6:51:48 PM

Lazarus Something: here in helsinki I mean.its a small city

6:52:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  he has to understand the price of celebrity… is that him on wdw now ranting about a lost baby or something? I posted as “concerned” but there’s been no reply…

6:53:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m sorry he’s having a bad day & even sorrier that it’s making your day suck as well you poor dear…

6:53:21 PM

Lazarus Something: nah he would enver ever mention his lost son

6:54:13 PM

Lazarus Something: he was ranting about sueing anybody who talks bs about b

6:54:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  ?!

6:54:55 PM

Lazarus Something: idk if he did that on wdw too..but to me he was ranting about sueing everybody who tlaks bs about b

6:55:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah I was confused because I didnt think he would mention the lost son… plus whoever rants on there now makes it sound like a current situation… not a decades-gone one

6:55:55 PM

Lazarus Something: im sure he did not mention his lost son.he would never do that…….cuz its a good hidden riddle

6:57:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  well if he does read I hope he heeds my advice about the green

6:57:38 PM

Lazarus Something: he should not take any shit……not even the green shit

IM Sep 14, 2012 6:57:43 PM

6:57:43 PM

Lazarus Something: wait let me check wdw

6:58:29 PM

heartagram_princess:  well I agree entirely …. of course … but if he MUST resort to substance abuse it would be a wiser choice than alcohol

6:58:34 PM

Lazarus Something: hey

6:58:49 PM

Lazarus Something: who is that? how does he/ she know about vilts lost baby

6:59:08 PM

Lazarus Something: vilts is not on his carpet.so who is it ?

6:59:14 PM

Lazarus Something: how come he she knows it?

6:59:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  I dont know but I swear to you I havent said I word – I wouldn’t – and if I did I sure as hell wouldnt have been the one to come & point out the post to you

6:59:29 PM

Lazarus Something: no mircale that vil is so pissed of

7:00:08 PM

Lazarus Something: baby……shhhhhhhh I trust, ok? but I hope that you will never ever betray my trust

7:00:43 PM

Lazarus Something: no vil is telltaleheart and like I told you……..nobody believes him cuz of some misspells……he was high and a bit drunk

7:01:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  I swear I didnt but idk how to make you believe me…

7:01:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  please believe me

7:01:20 PM

Lazarus Something: hey

7:01:26 PM

Lazarus Something: shhhhhhhhhhhhh I believe you

7:01:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok, good. thank you ❤

7:02:10 PM

Lazarus Something: no need to thank me

7:02:25 PM

Lazarus Something: but I really like to know who it is……..if vil reads that…………..oh oh

7:03:34 PM

Lazarus Something: Im with him, at the moment, in his tower. But in my own room, everything is quiet

7:04:17 PM


7:04:45 PM

Lazarus Something: thanks hon

7:05:17 PM

Lazarus Something: id really like to know who onhiscarpet is and how he or she knows his private things

7:05:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  …and those wdw fools say that Helsinki doesn’t gossip. right.

7:05:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  somebody definately seems to be getting off on instigating him

7:05:50 PM

Lazarus Something: oh yeah right, and how people gossip here.

7:06:15 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah seems so im afraid that it might be somebody very close to us

7:06:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  do you have any suspects?

7:07:01 PM

Lazarus Something: oh wait

IM Sep 14, 2012 7:07:20 PM

7:07:20 PM

Lazarus Something: it could be that onhiscarpet is mentoining the san thing

IM Sep 14, 2012 7:08:13 PM

Lazarus Something: mentioning

7:08:13 PM

Lazarus Something: cuz she is spreading around that she got pregnant from vil and that she lsot the baby

7:08:49 PM

Lazarus Something: its obviously bs but , vilts, it pushed him years back and made him remember su and his baby boy

7:09:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh, is she? hence the hospital drama? jesus, doesnt that fool know about rubbers? jesus, he is really trying hard to cancel out all of the wonderful things about you guy’s gene pool, isn’t he?

7:09:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m sorry, that was mean.

7:09:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  But fuck!! It’s like he’s not even thinking….

7:10:08 PM

Lazarus Something: no no

7:10:12 PM

Lazarus Something: you misunderstood

7:10:20 PM

Lazarus Something: he never ever made her pregnant

7:12:45 PM

Lazarus Something: he told me, that she makes him drunk and high to get laid by him and she insisted to have sex with him without a condom or without the baby pill, but he said no, but he told that she tried to fool him, she didnt take the baby pill and wanted to have sex while he was high and drunk but he said: hell no, not wihtout a condom. idk but , at the moment he is acting like a teenie who lsot his mind or who drank and drugged his mind away

7:12:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  I understood that part I just wondered if the hospital scene was a misguided attempt on her part at making him believe she miscarried

7:13:35 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok. yeah I bet she did that on purpose

7:14:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh man, that is awful. Poor sweetie, I wish I could hug ya. Jesus… sounds like stuff really sucks right now… he needs to purge himself of that hideous creature

7:14:23 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah it sucks very bad

7:14:52 PM

Lazarus Something: and its not that the baby was nameless they already picked a name for him

7:15:04 PM

Lazarus Something: su and vil I mean

7:15:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  That is so sad.

7:15:30 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

7:16:43 PM

Lazarus Something: and so today when he found out that she tried to become pregnant form him and spread the rumour that she was and lsot the baby, he believed her and he pfreaked out and ran to sus grave to crie there

7:16:59 PM

Lazarus Something: cry

7:17:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  that poor man.

7:17:47 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

7:18:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  Make him stay away from wdw if you can

7:18:51 PM

Lazarus Something: idk if I convinced him that she is lying, but for now everything is quiet , no moans are comign from his bedroom, i hope he is sleeping finally

7:18:58 PM

Lazarus Something: I do my best

7:18:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  I dont see how that poisonous cesspool could be helping him any

7:19:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  hah block wdw on his computer XD

7:19:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  (i wish you could but I know that it’s unlikely)

7:19:48 PM

Lazarus Something: hm idk how to do that

7:20:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  I hope he’s not letting the garbage on that site poison him. How did you guys find out about that garbage site anyway?

7:21:34 PM

Lazarus Something: b. she once told him about it, while she was in LA and he at home, she googled him cuz I think she didnt trust him anymore ( she thought hes cheating on her ) and then she found out about it

7:22:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  well… if he’s banging sandra I guess he IS cheating on her? Or did he only do that after a definite severing of the relationship?

7:23:19 PM

Lazarus Something: yes, he did after a definate severing

7:23:33 PM

Lazarus Something: he never cheats

7:24:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  Does sandra know about Susanna & the baby? Because if she does & she is using that to fuck with him in this cruel & disgusting way….

7:24:41 PM

Lazarus Something: he did buy into her, but I told him that its her trying to chain him to her and that she is trying to fool him, so for now he is sleeping and i dont hear mourns coming out of his bedroom , so I guess for now he believes me and not her

7:25:02 PM

Lazarus Something: I think she might know something

7:25:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  then god she’s even more repugnant than I ever gave her credit for… !! Which is a LOT of repugnance by the way

7:25:26 PM

Lazarus Something: yyup

7:25:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m glad he’s not crying anymore… and that he hopefully didn’t drink himself into a stupor…

7:26:16 PM

Lazarus Something: nah I made sure of that, I flushed everything he has inside the house down the basin

7:26:27 PM

Lazarus Something: and he was already drunk enough

7:26:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh jeez

7:26:44 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

7:26:57 PM

Lazarus Something: b is the only one who could help him

7:27:16 PM

Lazarus Something: only she has the power to make him stop doing shit and boozing

7:27:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  when he resembles sober you have to try to convince him to get away from sandra. People have called her HIM’s Yoko Ono & you know what? I am starting to believe them…

7:27:49 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I heard that and yeah she is

7:27:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  idk why B would tell him about WDW if she loves him so much. It seems like she would want to shield him from that garbage

7:28:02 PM

Lazarus Something: and I dont want my brother to end like john lennon

7:28:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  neither do I

7:28:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  neither do 1000’s of poor sad bastards all over this planet

7:29:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  some very mean people post at WDW and -well – he IS making a spectavle of himself with sandra – he HAS to see that – but he must know that not everybody hates him

7:29:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  *spectaCle

7:30:10 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

7:30:21 PM

Lazarus Something: hes out of his mind

7:30:29 PM

Lazarus Something: hes gone nuts

IM Sep 14, 2012 7:30:45 PM

7:30:45 PM

Lazarus Something: but he would neve rlisten to me if Id tell him ti stop this shit

7:31:01 PM

Lazarus Something: the only person in the world he listens to is b

7:32:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  Well from the vantage point of a female… I gotta say… he did a pretty good job of fucking any chances he had with her up when he stuck it to that monstrosity of his… that…. girl… whatever she is. Yuck.

7:33:44 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah. I told him the same, and he told me that she doesnt believe a thing coming out of his mouth..oh I told you that ysterday

7:35:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  I don’t want to endorse the break-up that may destroy a man as lovely as your brother, but, I can kind of understand how she feels. He’s not even mine – I’ve never even met him – and the thought of him fucking sandra makes me sick. It must absolutely destroy her. It must hurt her so deeply…

7:36:57 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I bet poor b but he talks about ehr nonstop and that she is the only one he loves and that she is his soulmate and his best friend and all that

7:37:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  and it doesn’t matter how fine a man is. Before I became jaded and celibate I had my share of some fine men. It was the learning process… learning that no matter how good they look it doesnt matter if they are an addict. It was that learning process that broke me.

7:37:27 PM


7:37:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  maybe that same learning process broke b.

7:39:22 PM

Lazarus Something: she found out that hes a junkie, well THEY made him one and b knows that and she said, they might turned him into one ( at the beginning ) but after that he usedit on a free will…..yeah of course b, cuz he had no othe rchoise he already was addicted

7:50:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  well its good that youre staying the night with him… I hope you getthe rest you need as well

7:51:13 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

7:53:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  well after this scene I hope he comes to his senses and gets away from her. He’s not a stupid man, how can her trying to get pregnant be alright with him? Its not alright & he needs to figure it out, and quick.

7:54:34 PM

Lazarus Something: yup but im not so sure if hes at his senses, at the moment

7:54:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  maybe you need to grab him by his ears & bobble him until he comes to his senses

7:55:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  so many people were so proud of him when he went thru rehab & quit smoking…

7:55:19 PM

Lazarus Something: I dont think it would help

7:55:35 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah and now hes back on it again

7:56:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  in interviews he did so much talk about not wanting to disappoint his parents, his record company, his fans, bla bla and etcetera. What changed things?

7:56:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  “them”?

7:56:34 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

7:57:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  so.. that tattoo on his right arm… fufbu isnt exactly babbling when she says its about THEM, is she?

7:57:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  It (the tattoo) pretty much screams “them”

7:57:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  just like the olympics did

7:57:36 PM

Lazarus Something: depends on which tattoo? the hermite one with the hourglass?

7:58:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  the eye and the… what is it? some sort of a building with a tower? hard to see on pics & I havent studied it

7:58:40 PM

Lazarus Something: yup that one . his hermite tattoo, yeah its one of their tattoos

7:59:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’d ask why Mige or Linde cant help him but based on that last picture, they’re all Stepford Wives now…

7:59:36 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

8:01:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  have you been threatend?

8:01:19 PM

Lazarus Something: with what?

8:01:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  anything…

8:02:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  being a family memeber and all…

8:03:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  nevermind. It’s ok.

8:03:27 PM

Lazarus Something:

8:03:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m sorry

8:04:10 PM

Lazarus Something: they did but most of all they threatened vilts with b they would hurt her and all that stuff if he wouldnt leave her

8:04:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  jesus thats sick

8:05:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  what do they care? because it would hurt his precious marketability?

8:05:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  well that just doesnt make sense… sandra is MURDERING his “marketability”

8:05:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  in case he hasnt noticed fans are leaving in droves

8:06:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  if a numb fok like me can see that then surely “they” must?

8:06:34 PM

Lazarus Something:

8:07:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  why is he so interesting to him? why would they let this hideous girl smear his career but not allow a decent girl? What do his bandmates make of all this?

8:07:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  I mean so interesting to THEM

8:07:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  not him…

8:08:16 PM

Lazarus Something: wait please babe, I can hear him crying

IM Sep 14, 2012 8:08:22 PM

8:08:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok

8:30:53 PM

Lazarus Something: Im back

8:31:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  welcome back sweetie

8:31:10 PM

Lazarus Something: thanks honey

8:31:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  idk if he would approve of you talking to fans but if he knows that you do tell him that at least 1 fan wishes that he would stay away from WDW

8:31:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  that place is poison to him

8:32:03 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah it is. but he was crying cuz he was talking to b

8:32:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  he talked to her again?

8:32:40 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah

8:32:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  well if she keeps taking his calls maybe there is hope?

8:33:16 PM

Lazarus Something: nope

8:33:45 PM

Lazarus Something: she said the same as yesterday. go fuck your whore. you destroyed me. you hurt me. you fucked me over and so on

8:34:08 PM

Lazarus Something: I think its useless. He shouldnt talk to her, its just bringing him more down

8:34:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  harsh. will he ever give up?

8:34:37 PM

Lazarus Something: no never. he loves her to much

8:36:38 PM

Lazarus Something: but enough about him. I gave him some valium he should be sleeping by now

8:37:00 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah me too idk what he thinks

8:37:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  well sweetie I’d invite you to talk about you, like I did last night… … ?

8:37:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’d listen just as avidly.

8:38:09 PM

Lazarus Something: I jsut wish you could be here now, to hold me

8:38:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  I do too

8:38:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  ❤

8:38:50 PM

Lazarus Something: ❤

8:39:11 PM

Lazarus Something: id love to hold you in my arms, right now and to feel your arms around me

IM Sep 14, 2012 8:43:28 PM

~~more sexy romantic crap edited out~~

IM Sep 16, 2012 1:48:05 PM

1:41:14 PM

heartagram_princess:  so I hear a rumor that VB might open a night at Helldone?

1:42:02 PM

Lazarus Something: huh?

1:42:53 PM

Lazarus Something: Im sorry but I cant handle all these chat shortcuts….never used them……all I know is lol and idk and a few others

1:43:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  I heard that Vanity Beach might be an opening band at Helldone for at least 1 night

1:44:01 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok…..Idk yet…….well see

1:44:11 PM

Lazarus Something: but it is possible

1:44:44 PM

Lazarus Something: Its never my decission……always jonas

1:45:22 PM

Lazarus Something: hes the one who decides

1:45:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wish I wasn’t such a broke & busted ass… a pilgrimage to Helldone is not something I can afford… nor do I have any good buddies setting up any fund raisers and posting them on street team pages for me…

1:46:04 PM

Lazarus Something: ha ha your are quoting mrs crawford huh?

1:46:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  a little bit…

1:46:33 PM

Lazarus Something: shes a real pain in theass…as far as I heared it from vilts

1:46:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  I believe it

1:47:51 PM

Lazarus Something: wait please phone call…….. vilts

1:47:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok

1:48:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  lol @ rolling eyes

IM Sep 16, 2012 12:29:21 PM

12:29:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  But like I said, other people’s drama. I try to avoid drama in my own life. It’s why I don’t date.

12:29:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  dating = drama

12:29:45 PM

Lazarus Something: ah ok.well..youre dating me

12:30:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  don’t I wish ❤

12:30:51 PM

Lazarus Something: ❤

12:31:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  So what have you been up to lately?

12:32:02 PM

Lazarus Something: oh workign on some material together with my bro..and taking care of him

12:32:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  That sounds fun… the first part of it, anyway

12:32:57 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah it is its great to work toether with him…even though he can be a lil diva

12:33:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh lord XD

12:33:41 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

12:34:14 PM

heartagram_princess:  that rose of light person was throwing up some drama on WDW last night but of course it all turned out to be false info

12:34:56 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I read that so funny we just shug our heads and laughed

12:34:59 PM

Lazarus Something: me and my bro

12:35:30 PM

Lazarus Something: which does not mean that we laugh about fans, like somebody mentioned on wdw one time. that is not true. we jsut laughed about rose of light

IM Sep 18, 2012 12:35:58 PM

12:35:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  I gotta say Gas looks amazing… he really buckled down on the weight loss thing, didn’t he?

12:36:09 PM

Lazarus Something: yup he did

12:36:12 PM

heartagram_princess:  Good for him. I need to find the incentive to do the same

12:36:25 PM

Lazarus Something: and vilts. well they photoshoped him a lot and in a really bad way

12:36:31 PM

Lazarus Something:

12:36:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah… i saw a lot of unpleasantry about that on facebook this morning

12:37:10 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I bet

12:37:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  even his most rabid and faithful fans referring to the Soundi cover as robotic or droid-like… it’s an unfortunate scene…

12:38:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  but it was a ridiculous photoshop job for sure…

12:38:14 PM

Lazarus Something: oh lord yeah poeple ask me: what the fuck happened to your brother? he looks fuckign soulless

12:38:20 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah it was

12:38:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  soulless… yeah….

12:38:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  there is a bit of that

12:39:16 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I know, cuz his soul is almsot gone

12:39:17 PM

Lazarus Something: almost

12:39:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  contractually obligated?

12:40:10 PM

Lazarus Something: oh sometimes I have to think about what youre tlaking. cuz my english is not as perfect as his is

12:40:31 PM

Lazarus Something: well he signed the contract deal with warner in blood

12:41:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  That’s pretty macabre but I believe you… those bastards are weird

12:41:23 PM

Lazarus Something: and now lindes fiance ( tonie) did the same, she signed a contract with wraner, my brother warned Linds but idk why, but she signed the conract

12:42:03 PM

Lazarus Something: is evil

12:42:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  I spent a dull day watching youtube vids on that topic… I believe you very well

12:42:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  and when Eminem or DMX show up dead any shards of doubt I have left will be gone

12:43:05 PM

Lazarus Something: youre jsut like vilts. he spends his free time on the topic mayen calender and the conspiracy prophecies and 2012

12:43:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  I try to be reasonable and stay quasi-anchored in reality because I allow huge chunks of myself to dwell in the fantasty lands too often

12:43:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  but… even tho its what some people consider conspiracy theory… I totally believe you

12:44:18 PM

Lazarus Something: vilts is obsessed with 2012

12:44:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  well if somethings gonna happen it better happen quick cuz so far it’s been pretty dull

12:45:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  but he must be holding out for 12/21

12:45:15 PM

Lazarus Something: and i think. when it comes to 2012 and the secret bungs. then I think 2012 end of the world, might be true

12:45:22 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah he does that

12:45:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  some morbid part of me hopes that it’s true, but… I dont have the happiest life…

12:45:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  bungalows

12:46:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  XD

12:46:28 PM

Lazarus Something: nah nah dont say that babe

12:47:00 PM

heartagram_princess:  I know they call the alignment on 12/21 The Tree of Life

12:47:29 PM

Lazarus Something: oh I didnt know that. vilts knows more about it then me. I jsut know what he bla blas me all day long

12:47:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  maybe something profound will happen, but maybe, it wont… I spent some time watching a bunch of that stuff on youtube a few years ago… I find it fascinating as well

12:48:38 PM

Lazarus Something: quetzal something bla bla tells me something. its something vil used to tlak about

12:48:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  the feathered serpent god

12:48:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  he is expected to be back this year

12:49:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  we’ll see….

12:49:10 PM

Lazarus Something: serpent. aka secret bung.

12:49:12 PM

Lazarus Something: bungd

12:49:15 PM

Lazarus Something: bund

12:49:22 PM

Lazarus Something: sorry im a bit tired

12:49:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats not a problem

12:49:42 PM

Lazarus Something: thanks babe

12:51:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  After all the hype with the Nostradamas. the I-Ching, the Quran, the Bible, teh Mayans, bla BLA etcetera its gonna be a disappointment if SOMETHING doesnt happen

12:51:40 PM

Lazarus Something: sweetheart. on thursday Ican stay up longer, then ill have the whole night for you? does that sounds good? or great?

12:52:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  It sounds good and great … ❤

12:52:47 PM

Lazarus Something: nah its gonna be funny if something doesnt happen in denver, the airport, they have a big city down under for the wealthy poeple, including my bro when theyre all runnign there and nothings gonna happen. it will be a great laugh

12:54:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah, my expectations is that nothing will happen. It sure makes for a great story, tho. So he is one of the chosen ones, ey? I thought they had a low tolerance for addicts among the chosen. It must be the great genes that got him in, I am guessing?

12:54:58 PM

Lazarus Something: yup, the genes and his name

12:55:10 PM

Lazarus Something: and his cahrm for every lady

12:55:12 PM

Lazarus Something: charm

12:55:29 PM

heartagram_princess:  you have the same genes and name my dear

IM Sep 18, 2012 12:56:18 PM

12:56:18 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah I have babe. but im not the choosen one. im not the oldest. I can go with him , but I wont. who takes care of my parents then? cuz theyre to old for their nwo

12:56:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  So I guess that in his headspace he’s probably not thinking about Helldone at all because he must believe that it’s just never gonna happen? Due to whatever the hell it is that he thinks IS gonna happen?

12:56:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  far out!

12:57:12 PM

Lazarus Something: yup exactly

12:57:18 PM

Lazarus Something: and he hates helldone

12:58:00 PM

Lazarus Something: he never wanted to do it ever agian. b asked him to cancel it cuz its not good for him. cuz of what the sick poeple do to him. but nwo that shes gone. he has to do it again

12:58:16 PM

Lazarus Something: people

12:58:17 PM

Lazarus Something: now

12:58:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  no more poeple huh

12:58:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  now, the people

12:59:14 PM

heartagram_princess:  has he been told that something will happen? I suppose the date he goes to this wonderful underground city is 12/21 ?

12:59:22 PM

Lazarus Something: yeah sorry, after what I read on wdw, I recognized that I am typing it the wrong way as well

12:59:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats ok dear, piss on em

12:59:38 PM

Lazarus Something: yup its 12/21

1:00:21 PM

Lazarus Something: yup its 12/21 they told him that the metaphroshere? is going to end and all hell breaks loose

1:00:34 PM

Lazarus Something: metagrosphere?

1:00:50 PM

Lazarus Something: idk the word, vil would know it, help me please babe

1:01:00 PM

heartagram_princess:  Maybe I’m mixing up reality with Stephen King’s The Stand… they DO have a low tolerance for drug addiction in the NWO dont they? No… they probably encourage it. I think i grasped onto a Stephen King concept…

1:01:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  let me google…

1:01:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  google doesnt seem to know that word. I’ll have to research.

1:02:09 PM

Lazarus Something: I think they do , yeah. but he is choosen cuz of his name. drug addict or not, they see in him, kinda a son of their god

1:02:24 PM

Lazarus Something: metasphere?

1:02:25 PM

Lazarus Something: nah

1:02:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  And how much of that is based soley upon his lovely flesh? Or does it go deeper than that?

1:03:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  and I totally agree with the eye-roll

1:03:54 PM

Lazarus Something: it goes deeper. it is our last name. it is the time and the date of his birth and and and

1:03:57 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

1:04:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  well how very interesting. Yeah I wonder how many people will go to DIA on 12/21 just to watch the extra traffic

1:04:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  that place is weird O.o

1:05:14 PM

Lazarus Something: yup

1:05:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  Will not his estranged one have a spot there as well?

1:05:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  his b

1:06:57 PM

Lazarus Something: oh actually. THEY dont like her at all. cuz she believes in god, she made him get baptized ( but shhhhhhh poeple do not know it and he has an image to take care of )

1:07:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  seems like if he’s right about 2012, his image, already kinda beat to hell to be honest, isn’t gonna matter much longer

1:08:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’ll have to look into what the different layers around the planet are called… atmosphere, stratasphere, others

1:08:24 PM

Lazarus Something: idk. im not so sure about. I think its just the people on wdw who hate him

1:08:41 PM

Lazarus Something: nah its not the word im looking for

1:08:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  but how a galactic alignment would interfere with these spheres, I cant beigin to imagine

1:09:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  well sure, there’s haters, but even with them aside recent developments have not been beneficial to his image

1:10:16 PM

Lazarus Something: hm the sun, for example. on 12 21 the sun will be arise right in the milkstreet and that jsut happens every 2500 years or something like that, and that means chaos

1:12:49 PM

Lazarus Something: and theyre all puppets of THE

IM Sep 26, 2012 9:58:56 AM

9:58:56 AM

Lazarus Something: hey baby Im so sorry, IM very busy these days going on tour in a bit, hence I have to rehearse all day logn and then theres my older borther who needs a babysitter all day long please forgive me .(


heartagram_princess:  aw, sad! I only missed you by 15 minutes. Maybe we’ll get to talk again… someday?

IM Oct 2, 2012 2:14:41 PM

2:06:42 PM

lazarussomething30: hi babe

2:07:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  hello!! my you have been busy lately!

2:07:36 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah sorry……..my brother..he needed loads of help

2:07:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  I thought I should never hear from you again… thanks for adding my real Yahoo account.

2:07:51 PM

lazarussomething30: his ex….the muse….she came backf ro a while

2:07:59 PM

lazarussomething30: my pleasure baby

2:08:10 PM

lazarussomething30: but now shes gone again

2:08:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  me back? but then why do you still seek her?

2:08:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  *CAME

2:08:35 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah came

2:08:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  so things are good?

2:08:50 PM

lazarussomething30: nope

2:09:02 PM

lazarussomething30: ok she wasnt here……..but they talked to each toher again

2:09:04 PM

lazarussomething30: other

2:09:19 PM

lazarussomething30: and soemthing went wrong…and she dumped him again

2:10:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  to dump him again must have meant at least a temporary reconciliation. If he is so smitten why did he blow it again?

2:10:18 PM

lazarussomething30: he didnt

2:10:23 PM

lazarussomething30: his manager did it

2:10:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  ?!

2:10:53 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah.I told you about what some poeple do to him, right?

2:11:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  b-man? yes you did and I have been reading about Monarch programming

2:11:31 PM

lazarussomething30: b-man?

2:12:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  just something i saw on wdw, I guess it was irrelevant. onhiscarpet said b-man cost him his chick

2:12:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  but nevermind that

2:12:24 PM

lazarussomething30: well. his manager is obssessed with vil. He loves him.

2:12:32 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah Ive read that as well

2:12:52 PM

lazarussomething30: and since the begining, he was against their relationship

2:13:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  so he’s gay on him huh? thats unfortunate. And he cant do anything about any of it because of contract/repercussions… right? But why did the chick leave again? Why didnt she just say, “you know what? fuck you!”

2:13:51 PM

lazarussomething30: he did everything to get between their relationship and this time he did it again.

2:14:41 PM

lazarussomething30: yes right, and no he can not do a thing. because he is drapped.

IM Oct 2, 2012 2:33:31 PM

2:14:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  but how? doesnt true love conquer all, and all that jazz?

2:15:24 PM

lazarussomething30: they are a big clan. I know it sounds unbelievable and that there must be something he can do. but he can not.

2:15:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  how long ago did he sign this contract if I may ask?

2:16:45 PM

lazarussomething30: the first one was, idk. when he signed the deal with his manager, many years ago and the second one was when he signed the contracts with warner. from there everything got horrible.

2:17:41 PM

lazarussomething30: i think the first one was in idk 96 maybe? you have to ask him. and the second one maybe in 06 or 07

2:17:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  which one was the bl00d?

2:18:04 PM

lazarussomething30: the one with warner

2:21:00 PM

heartagram_princess:  I was reading, I have more to read… I dont understand some of what i saw. One site said there are different types of programming and one site said mk u…ra people must go thru SEVERAL programs

2:21:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  programs with weird names like Emerald and Disney and Ruby Slippers and Monarch

2:21:39 PM

lazarussomething30: that is true, he has been through several prgramms and theyre not done with him yet

2:22:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  but is the dragon (Sp) all up in that? Is that how he got rid of the girl?

2:24:15 PM

lazarussomething30: after venus doom was released he wanted to get out of that contract. and he failed, they reprogrammed him, officially he went to rehab, but that was bs. and after screamworks he wanted get out of it again, he paid a big prize fro that, now he is not clued to warner anymore but still to the rest of their caln

2:25:03 PM

lazarussomething30: dragon spell? Im sorry idk everything about it, I havent read everythign. vil is the bookworm in our family, not me.

2:25:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  any idea whats with those chapters everybody is wiggin out over on WDW?

2:25:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  dragon is what I call the manager so I dont have to type his name…

2:26:19 PM

lazarussomething30: nah, idk. but I can tell you that , if those are song names, vil find out about it and write new songs and then the album release will take logner.

2:26:26 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok

2:26:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  he is the dragon, SM is the witch, muse is the princess. Its all a fokd up fairytale. Someone on WDW even associated it to the Mario Brothers game what with dragons and princesses and towers and all.

2:26:52 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah the dragon got between them.

2:27:11 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok

2:27:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  someone on wdw suggested maybe the witch logged into his computer & posted them… is that possible?

2:27:32 PM

lazarussomething30: it is possible yup.

2:27:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  but in fairy tales isnt the handsome prince supposed to slay the dragon?

2:28:10 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah he is, but his hands are tight up

2:29:25 PM

lazarussomething30: for example. whenever he tries to call her, he cant get through to her. guess why? cuz the dragon is blocking her number for him , he pays a lot of money for that.

2:30:37 PM

lazarussomething30: from him not for him

2:31:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  but doesnt he have enuff bros and hos that he could borrow a cellphone? Or take his boney butt to whatever passes for WalMart in Helsinki & buy himself his own phone & service plan? There’s gotta be a way. I mean, you said they talked so… I guess she didn’t follow through on her threat to change her number.

2:32:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  and he got through to her SOMEHOW… why not again? Has she moved past her “fuck off and fuck your whore” phase?

2:33:04 PM

lazarussomething30: screamworks was a big flop. so warner said to him: we payed a hell of money for renting the studio and the producer and so on. vilts wanted to do a remix of screamworks but years later, but when the labum failed, warner said to him. you hurry with that remix album and pray that sells itself or else you and your boys have to pay everything we blew out of our window for your flopped album, out ofr your own pockets.

2:33:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  How is that fair? the fokrs didnt even promote it.

IM Oct 2, 2012 2:46:04 PM

2:35:38 PM

lazarussomething30: well he tried that a lot of times, but the dragon blocked everything he could think of. their clan is very powerfull, never forget that. and she called him , yes but via skype. and he cant call ehr via skype, because, his headphones are not working, well they do but not his mic. he can only call talk to her when the dragon allows him to do so.

2:36:29 PM

lazarussomething30: and he does not have enough money to buy himself a new headphone and he does not take money from me or others, he is to proud for that, because, he has only pocket money form the dragon and that is not even enough to buy himself enough food

2:37:07 PM

lazarussomething30: and he sgives the last cent of his money to help the witch

2:37:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  This is seriously messed up.

2:37:15 PM

lazarussomething30: it is

2:37:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  Why does he help the witch?

2:38:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  seems to me that extra $$ however small for new headset would make more sense than any extra $$ however small helping the witch. Seems like if his heart was for the one, he would just put his foot in the witch’s uncomely ass.

2:39:23 PM

lazarussomething30: because, she is a friend of him. and he can never resist a woman that is crying and showing him puppy looks. she cries to him she needs money and viola vil gives her his last cent. only because he cant stand it when women cry or when women come and whine to him, that they have no money and that he is his best friend and that he needs to support her and bla bla

2:40:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  Still makes no sense that he would prioritize that witchy creature ahead of headphones if headphones are required to talk to the princess

2:40:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  no offense but he needs to man up a little

2:40:48 PM

lazarussomething30: and not jsut that he cant stand crying women, also the dragon told him to support her and help her no matter what or else he will hurt and rape him. and vil gives everything to be unharmed and untouched.

2:40:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  whores are whores and true love is true love

2:41:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  if he’s gonna forsake one for the other then he kinda deserves to be miserable

2:41:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh.. ok

2:41:22 PM

lazarussomething30: and to add up

2:41:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  now i just read what yu sed

2:41:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  if the dragon is so fokn rich why doesnt he support her him damn self?

2:43:27 PM

lazarussomething30: the princess came pack and she told him , vil we have no other choice left then to play by thier rules. so she said, if you can , go and kiss the dragon with a free will, and let me give your guards some cyber sex so at least they leave you alone and will not harm you. and he did not let her do it, he rather let them hurt him then hurt her the love of his life. and that is why she flipped agian. because he did something for a call to her, on a free will.

2:43:44 PM

lazarussomething30: who? vil?

2:44:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  yea

2:44:14 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah

2:44:43 PM

lazarussomething30: I know I can trust you. and lately youa re the only person, beside my brother, I can trust

2:45:00 PM

heartagram_princess:  I keep it on the down low.

2:45:00 PM

lazarussomething30: the thing is.

2:45:10 PM

lazarussomething30: the thing is.

2:45:34 PM

lazarussomething30: they are raping and abusing him since he is a baby. my parents had no idea about it.

2:45:49 PM

lazarussomething30: it all goes out form my uncle.

2:45:56 PM

lazarussomething30: no not matti

2:46:04 PM

lazarussomething30: our uncles name is oscar.

IM Oct 2, 2012 2:58:56 PM

2:46:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  maternal or paternal uncle?

2:46:22 PM

lazarussomething30: he is a big mamebr of their clan.

2:46:42 PM

lazarussomething30: paternal

2:46:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  So you were spared by not being first born?

2:46:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  What did oscar do?

2:47:07 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah I was sadly lucky enough to be born as the second one.

2:47:38 PM

lazarussomething30: he is raping and abusing vil since he was only a few months old.

2:47:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  jesus why

2:48:48 PM

lazarussomething30: because they think that he is the stronger one, because he is the one who survived through all these pain

2:49:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  seems like dads woulda killed him…. clan or not…

2:49:42 PM

lazarussomething30: my dad? no never.

2:50:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  mom neither huh. Jeez… oscar, matti, sounds like a lot of freaky uncles in Helsinki. Bastards.

2:50:54 PM

lazarussomething30: you know I trust you sweetie. so what I am gonna tell you has to stay between us. my brother my paretns and you, are the only poeple I trust.

2:51:06 PM

lazarussomething30: no mum neither.

2:51:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wont tell.

2:51:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  The upside to being a hermit myself… no one to tell!

2:51:40 PM

lazarussomething30: when he was born, he wasn’t alone.

2:51:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  ?

2:52:38 PM

lazarussomething30: and every christmas, for our family, is more of a weeping celebration rather then a happy celebration

2:52:59 PM


2:53:28 PM

lazarussomething30: and every time, especially on christmas, when my mum looks into vilts face, she sees him and thinks of him, and how he would look like today

2:53:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  What became of him?

2:55:05 PM

lazarussomething30: he died on christams, he got only a month and a few days old everybody thinks it was an sudden infant death. but I am sure it was something cruel

2:55:31 PM

lazarussomething30: jori was his name

2:56:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  on christmas? shit! between that and Sus and Helldone its amazing yer bro dont off himself in early December! Poor man.

2:56:20 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah

2:57:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  Well fabric softener is some really fucked up shit. If yer mum used that crap there is a small possibility of legitimate SIDS.

2:58:00 PM

lazarussomething30: and around christams, every year, he gots very depressed and crying a lot. he tells me then, that he feels uncomplete, that there is always a part of himself that he will forever miss. I read that twins always feel like this if the other twin is far away or gone

2:58:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  My cousins are twins and one commited suicide. I know the other one really suffers.

2:58:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  so I understand

IM Oct 2, 2012 3:11:14 PM

2:59:28 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah he suffers a lot. and he always tell me that I have no idea of how he feels

3:00:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  That must be hard on you as the “other” brother. In a way your mum must have been frightened to have you.

3:00:09 PM

lazarussomething30: I try to be there for him. I do everythign for him becaus ehe is my brother . but words like those really hurt me

3:00:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  Yes I can see where it would be very hurtful.

3:01:57 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah she was and whenever I tell her that he is the golden boy, she tells me, that he went through a lot of shit and that he is missing his other half but that both of us where gifts from God and yes, she was very frigthened to have me but when I was bron she was happy that I am alive and healthy and that I was a strong lil boy willign to live

3:03:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  he may be her golden boy but you are her strength

3:04:34 PM

lazarussomething30: she says, he might be the golden boy, but I am her strong lil man. Because I was very sick after I had become a few month old and I was close to the death , but mum says, that I was a fighter and strong and that I never gave up to stay alive, I was willign to live and ot protect my older borther.

3:05:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m glad you survived the sickness. She must have been beside herself with worry.

3:05:25 PM

lazarussomething30: she also says to me: he might be older, but you are stronger.

3:05:48 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah she was. she said; she could not have bare to lose another child

3:05:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh definitely…. who could?

3:06:19 PM

lazarussomething30: nobody could

3:07:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  someone on wdw brought up a curious question that I am afraid to ask you, kind of…

3:08:04 PM

lazarussomething30: and my mum: she did not have an easy live when she met my dad. she is hungarian and her parents my grandparents where gypsies. and my grandpa did not allow the relationship between her and my dad. he made her life a hell.

3:08:14 PM

lazarussomething30: what question?

3:08:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  why is their symbol on yer myspace?

3:08:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  your mum is gorgeous

3:08:54 PM

lazarussomething30: yer? you mean your? my?

3:09:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes

3:09:08 PM

lazarussomething30: thank you yeah she is a wodnerful and strong woman

3:09:16 PM

lazarussomething30: because

3:09:29 PM

lazarussomething30: vil is not the only one who is trapped

3:09:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  you poor dear. (hugs you)

3:10:07 PM

lazarussomething30: when I was younger

3:10:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  that is unfortunate.

3:10:51 PM

lazarussomething30: he told me about them, but he didnt tell me about the cruel things they did and stilld o to him. he wanted to be a cool older brother, so he told me jsut about the good stuff.

3:11:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  there’s good stuff?

3:11:09 PM

lazarussomething30: so i decided to become just like my brother.

3:11:14 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh jeez

IM Oct 2, 2012 3:25:30 PM

3:11:49 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah there is good stuff, to bait young musicians.

3:12:07 PM

lazarussomething30: parties, booze, drugs, sex, when youre a teen it is cool

3:12:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  Hell with that face he coulda had all that without their help, easily

3:13:08 PM

lazarussomething30: so I went to the dragon and asked him some stuff and he said, if you want to become a famous musician like your brother is, you have to pay a big prize. I said: ok whatever it is it cant be so bad, so Ill do it.

3:13:59 PM

lazarussomething30: so i signed a contract to him, a private one, and lil did I know, I didnt read the lil letters.

3:14:29 PM

lazarussomething30: I shouldve read them though and when I signed it, it, everything was to late

3:14:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh dear… what did they say

3:14:47 PM

lazarussomething30: you will hate me for that

3:15:23 PM

lazarussomething30: I swear to you it wasnt easy to do and they forced me that they will kill our praents if I shouldnt do it

3:15:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  I cant hate you, you were just a kid with glamours in your pretty eyes

3:16:32 PM

lazarussomething30: oh after I told you what they forced me to do, you will ahte me, because you love him , just like every other woman too

3:17:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  try me

3:17:36 PM

lazarussomething30: and he had no idea of what I did to him, til my bad conscience wouldnt let me sleep anymore

3:18:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  you poor dear

3:18:36 PM

lazarussomething30: they forced me to rape my own brother I told them noooo. I rather die then to hurt him, so kill me please. but they said, theyre gonna kill my parents if I would not do it

3:18:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  I dont think I’ll hate you though, feel free to test your theory but I bet I won’t

3:19:33 PM

lazarussomething30: he forgave me for what I did to him, countless times because they forced me but I can and will enver forget it

3:19:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  so I’m guessing since you said he didn’t know, that he was unconscious?

3:19:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  also… NOT hating you! ❤

3:20:35 PM

lazarussomething30: he is my brother I love him I hate myself for what I did to him I cant look into the mirror, not longer then a few seconds because of what I did to my own brother

3:21:14 PM

heartagram_princess:  well you were kinda in a bad spot

3:21:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  you couldnt look in the mirror knowing you were responsible, according to THEIR fucked up logic anyway, for the death of your parents

3:22:26 PM

lazarussomething30: I will never love myself ever again I will always hate myself for what I did to him

3:22:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  and you said he didnt know… so he was presumably unconscious, so in a way, for him anyway, it’s like it didnt happen. I know you arent so lucky.

3:22:51 PM

lazarussomething30: he knows it I told him about it a few years ago.

3:23:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  who knows what all happened to him while he was unconscious. I am sure you were the least of it. Not that that is very comforting.

3:24:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  but I do not hate you, having your parents lives threatened is a strong motivator

3:24:23 PM

lazarussomething30: thank you

3:24:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  poor sweetie. hugs & concerned pats.

3:25:30 PM

lazarussomething30: thank you

IM Oct 2, 2012 3:39:07 PM

3:25:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  Why do you feels responsible for the demise of his relations with that girl? I’m sure you had nothing to do with it?

3:27:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  Also, you cant hate yourself forever for what you say you did to him. I’m sure that if he understands that your parents lives were at stake, that he’s GLAD you did it.

3:27:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  especially if he wasnt evn conscious to experience it

3:28:20 PM

lazarussomething30: no I had nothing to do with it, true. But he had tot ake care of me, because I was doing shit again, at that time, and I was very rude to her, and rude to him, because of what I did to him, I feel responsible in a way, that I want him to be happy, he doesnt have much fun or happyniness in life. she was the only person who made him healthy, stoped him from taking drugs, stoped him from boozign and gave him that glimpse back in his eyes.

3:29:24 PM

lazarussomething30: nowa days his eyes look so empty and souless

3:29:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes they do

3:30:25 PM

lazarussomething30: cuz, he lost everything he had his soulmate.

3:30:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  but if she’s the kind of pussy who’s gonna let his need to take care of his sick little bro drive her away, then she’s not good enough anyway. You can’t feel responsible for that & I’m sure it was OT the reason. You beat yourself up too much.

3:31:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  *was NOT damn typos

3:31:16 PM

lazarussomething30: when they where tlaking agian, he stoped boozing, he stope with the drugs and since yesterday she is gone again and viola, hes doing it all again

3:32:12 PM

lazarussomething30: he even stoped hanging around with the witch.

3:33:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  he needs to boot that damn witch, she’s making a joke out of him to his fans. I dont see how a decent manager couldnt see that. hard to believe that old dragon idiot PROMOTES that. Sick.

3:33:42 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah I know

3:34:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  So when long ago you said you needed to make amends for a wrong you did did yu mean the rape or the breakup with the girl? Cuz hon I know its hard too see things clearly from the inside. But from the outside I tell you neither one of those things were your fault, ok?

3:35:27 PM

lazarussomething30: I meant both , yes youre right both

3:36:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  you mustn’t destory yourself over it. Like I said, he survived. You said he didnt even know until you told him (which must have been mortifying)…

3:36:40 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah

3:37:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  and like i also said if he knows that parents lives were at stake I’m SURE he understands. In some ways he isn’t a very smart man, but in other ways he is brilliant. I am sure that he understands this.

3:37:40 PM

lazarussomething30: he is very brilliant

3:38:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  for the most part

3:38:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  you cant deny he has an idiot streak

3:38:50 PM

lazarussomething30: babe? can you wait pleaseß I need a lil toilette break.

3:39:03 PM

lazarussomething30: I’ll be right back.

3:39:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  but he is still a lovely guy. Sure, sweets, I will be here.

IM Oct 2, 2012 4:14:11 PM

3:58:02 PM

lazarussomething30: here I am again baby

3:58:14 PM

heartagram_princess:  welcome back ❤

3:59:02 PM

lazarussomething30: thank you ❤

3:59:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  Do you have a new website in the works, darling?

3:59:58 PM

lazarussomething30: a new website? what do you mean?

4:00:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  yesterday Jonas remarked something on fb about working on your website? But your MySpace and soundcloud look the same.

4:01:12 PM

lazarussomething30: oh Im working here and there, on my myspace, from time to time, but nothing serious.

4:03:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh ok. You said before that bro has disassociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) a bad one one called Vlad. Are there only 2 personalities? Is it from childhood trauma or Warner Bros / Monarch trauma? Do you have any of that, other personalities, yourself?

4:05:13 PM

lazarussomething30: as far as I know, he has only one, called vlad, but I am sure there might be more, cuz hes beend raped since he is a baby and poeple who had several traumatas jsut like him, also have several peronalities. Me? as far as I knwo myself, Im jsut myself and body else, might come form the fact that I am really a lot more stronger then viltsu

4:05:48 PM

lazarussomething30: nobody

4:05:51 PM

lazarussomething30: not body

4:06:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m glad you weren’t traumatized into splitting like that. So Vlad has been around longer than WB? Must have been from the childhood trauma then.

4:06:52 PM

lazarussomething30: WB?

4:06:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  Warner Bros

4:07:03 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok, yeah

4:07:23 PM

lazarussomething30: vlad is very cruel and evil and a real asshole.

4:08:09 PM

lazarussomething30: but as far as I found out yet, he is a sir. from the 19th century, sir vlad hermit.

4:08:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  does Vlad have a gay streak?

4:08:44 PM

lazarussomething30: nope. but bi.

4:09:19 PM

lazarussomething30: and vlad is very arrogant

4:10:21 PM

lazarussomething30: and I know for sure, when vlad is there, cuz vlad is always wearing the black eyeliner.

4:10:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok I always wondered if the touchy-feely pics of him rolling around on beds with Jimmy Pop, or poking his butt into Mige’s crotch and looking like he was getting ready to suck off Juska were all about shock value or if there was some legitimacy to them…

4:11:06 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah its very sad when he does things like that

4:11:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  One doesnt know whether to write it off as rockstar shock value, drunkenness or gayness.

4:12:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  maybe a combination of all of the above.

4:12:39 PM

lazarussomething30: or the kissing scene on stage with califlwoer dick. That wasnt vlad, that was vil, forced by them to kiss him, because he didnt wanted to take shit anymore, so that kiss, was a shit kiss to drug him up again.

4:13:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  califlower? is that the mccracken guy?

4:13:51 PM

lazarussomething30: yup exactly

4:13:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  ickky.

4:14:11 PM

lazarussomething30: sharon used to call him califlower dick, cuz she hates him.

IM Oct 2, 2012 4:14:29 PM

4:14:29 PM

heartagram_princess:  haha, nice nickname. Who’s Sharon?

4:14:40 PM

lazarussomething30: Ozzys wife.

4:14:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  I went to school with a kid named Nick, we called him dickless Nicholas.

4:15:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  does Sharon know the dragon man?

4:15:37 PM

lazarussomething30: yup and she hates him as well.

4:16:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  as she should. Too bad she cant seize control. But I know that’s impossible, and besides, with Jack being sick I think she is beyond giving a fuck about anything.

4:17:06 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah she cant do a thing about it yeah that might be true. poor guy

4:17:14 PM

heartagram_princess:  I know.

4:17:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  Are there any truth to the rumors about your bro and that vapid Megan Fox?

4:18:53 PM

lazarussomething30: nope, they met for a dinne ronce, but thats it about it, they jsut talked for hours and she was in a relationship at that time, and he was with b at that time. they jsut met because they both adored each toehres work, she loves his music and he loved her movies and thats it.

4:20:11 PM

lazarussomething30: and at that time he was more fmaous then her, so it also was a bit of good puplicity for her image and vilts agreed, and thats it.

4:20:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wondered. Seeing as how KVD is alleged to have introduced them, I figured Kat would have clawwed somebody’s face off if it were true. Brian Austin Green. hm. Interesting. Or was it Shia LeBouf? (just joking… I dont expect you to answer that)

4:21:01 PM

lazarussomething30: I think at that time it was her co actor from transformers. shia.

4:21:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  He loved her movies? Wow. i will refrain from saying something here about that.

4:21:45 PM

lazarussomething30: ah nah. its ok babe

4:22:17 PM


4:22:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  I just cant stand that chick. i dont understand the appeal she has to men. And she pitched a bitch once when Transformers director got the cast a tour of the Giza Pyramids. How fucking stupid and ungrateful….?

4:23:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  some people would do anything for a chance like that.

4:24:33 PM

lazarussomething30: well, I have to admit, she is atractive, but I think, the reason why she gets all the men is cuz she is an easy target for every man, cuz she is easy to get laid, vil told me that, not that he got laid by her, but he told me that she tried to flirt with him and to tlak about sex with him,

4:25:18 PM

lazarussomething30: but he told her that he is happy in love with the love of his life.

4:25:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  well hopefully he’ll figure out how to get that back

4:26:05 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah

4:26:34 PM

lazarussomething30: he was in big trouble when that rumour about him and gox came up, b released hell on him.

4:26:45 PM

lazarussomething30: sorry, fox not gox

4:26:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  I bet she did

4:27:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  i would have been livid too

4:28:12 PM

lazarussomething30: but that is the thing with you girls you rather flip and freak over a rumour, then staying calmed and ex your boyfriend first, before you assume.

4:28:26 PM

lazarussomething30: ask not ex , sorry

4:28:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  I understand

IM Oct 2, 2012 4:39:33 PM

4:29:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  well shit, she’s with Brain Austin Green. Proof solid that she aint too hard to get XD

4:29:20 PM

lazarussomething30: yup

4:29:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  and Shia LeBouf? Really? Good lord.

4:29:33 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah really

4:29:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  its kind of douchetacular. XD

4:30:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  well I know I’m not a therapist but i really do hope for you that you can stop hating on yourself about those things, right?

4:31:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  It’s not your fault sweetie.

4:31:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  must not hate on self

4:31:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  if you must hate, hate THEM

4:31:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats where it belongs

4:32:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  did he not tell you that he understood & forgave?

4:32:32 PM

lazarussomething30: yes he did

4:32:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  then wht cant you…?

4:32:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  *whY

4:33:10 PM

lazarussomething30: idk I just cant

4:33:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  you MUST.

4:33:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  How much do your parents know?

4:33:58 PM

lazarussomething30: not very muhc

4:33:59 PM

lazarussomething30: much

4:34:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  that is probably for the best I guess. Gotta keep it on the down low.

4:35:04 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah, it would break thier hearts, esepcially my mums heart

4:37:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m sure. Given how things are going lately I’m sure her heart is already cracked. Seeing her son looking like a zombie cant be good.

4:37:54 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah looking like a zombie and being surrounded by a witch

4:38:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  and a dragon!!! so… is he going to be prepared for Helldone when Dec. 21 ends up being a giant wash?

4:38:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  do the boys in the band know about this DIA stuff?

4:38:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  denver….

4:39:33 PM

lazarussomething30: DIA? nah he is not, he thinkgs everything will end on 21

IM Oct 2, 2012 4:52:50 PM

4:40:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  In some ways that would be ok but I think he is in for a huge disappointment.

4:41:12 PM

lazarussomething30: idk

4:41:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  I guess we shall find out soon enough.

4:41:53 PM

lazarussomething30: yup

4:42:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  do you think he & the muse will EVER get it figured out?

4:42:54 PM

lazarussomething30: idk but I really, really hope so

4:43:33 PM

lazarussomething30: btw, she used to be the woman I fell in love with but had no chance with herm cuz she loves him deeply and uncinditionally

4:43:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  Did she get over her Sandra anger?

4:43:44 PM

lazarussomething30: her not herm

4:44:17 PM

lazarussomething30: towards viltsu, yes. but she will every crossed hrpass, the witch will be dead.

4:44:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  did he know you were in love?

4:44:33 PM

lazarussomething30: but if she will every cross her path

4:44:47 PM

lazarussomething30: yes he knew it, cuz I told him about it

4:45:01 PM

lazarussomething30: sorry for the many typos, Im becomign tired baby

4:45:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  well in that case I certainly hope she crosses her path. thats ok about the typos sweetie. Why did he… if he knew you cared?

4:46:00 PM

lazarussomething30: why did he what? yeah I hope so too, she will release hell on her

4:46:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  why did he get with the girl if he know his little brother was in love?

4:47:37 PM

lazarussomething30: nah nah, he fell in love with ehr, before I even knew that she is existing, I fell in love with her, while he introduced me to ehr as her fiance.

4:47:58 PM

lazarussomething30: his not her

4:48:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  No offense but muse baby maybe isnt so bright. She got over her anger at him but will shred S to bits? Unreasonable, really. S just did what a million trillion trillion fan girlies would do if given the chance. It is he who decides where to thrust his junk. Oh ok. Why did you fall in love?

4:50:29 PM

lazarussomething30: oh she wouldnt touch ehr, but she would yell at her. I fell in love, because she cared about me, when nobdoy excapet m brother and my parents cared about me, she was there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on, she helped me , togtehr with vil through a lot of things, and she is very very lovely and kind and sweet.

4:51:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  Then I am sure you cannot be the reason for their demise. You must stop blaming yourself for that, it isn’t fair.

IM Oct 3, 2012 2:55:48 PM

2:42:45 PM

lazarussomething30: hey sweetie

2:43:25 PM

lazarussomething30: just read your fb status and you tell me that youre ugly babe? if every girl or ex gorlfriend gets jealous on you?

2:43:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  hello lovely sir

2:43:35 PM

lazarussomething30: hello lovely lady

2:44:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh! You read that? Yeah, small town drama. It’s ridiculous, really. I dont understand why these girls are threatened, I’m really not anything to look at.

2:44:52 PM

lazarussomething30: hush youre are wonderful and beautiful

2:45:09 PM

lazarussomething30: no wonder that theyre all jealous on you and yes I read it

2:45:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  thank you kindly

2:45:29 PM

lazarussomething30: its the truth baby

2:45:42 PM

lazarussomething30: he wanna know something?

2:45:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes

2:46:07 PM

lazarussomething30: ok wait I post it on fb

2:46:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok

2:46:58 PM

lazarussomething30: oh wait….my reception.be right back

2:47:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok babe

2:50:01 PM

lazarussomething30: ok Im back.wait I post it

2:50:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok ❤

2:53:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  aww what a sweetie

2:53:26 PM

lazarussomething30: viola

2:53:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  what movie you watching?

2:53:58 PM

lazarussomething30: ghetto gangs

2:54:13 PM

lazarussomething30: a french movie but in english of course

2:54:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  hmm, never heard of it!

2:55:03 PM

lazarussomething30: its a good one

2:55:07 PM

lazarussomething30: btw

2:55:12 PM

lazarussomething30: he says..hi sweetie

2:55:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  hello back to him

2:55:48 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: thank you sweetie.

IM Oct 3, 2012 3:18:16 PM

2:57:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m glad you guys are having a relaxing evening. Have you ever seen Where The Day Takes You? It’s a wonderful movie, but awful hard to find. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find… it has an amazing, all-star cast.

2:58:11 PM

lazarussomething30: nah never head of it, and neither does my walking movie library beside me

2:58:14 PM

lazarussomething30: heard

2:59:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  War Party is another great, but hard to find one…. maybe he’s heard of that oe, it has one of the Lost Boys, Billy Wirth in it

2:59:38 PM

lazarussomething30: he shucks his head

3:01:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  fantastic movies, both. You guys should try to find them on eBay or something. I mean LOOK at this all star cast on WTDTY. It amazes me that more people dont know this film. See here; (I hope the link works) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0105810/

3:03:40 PM

lazarussomething30: half of the cast I enver heard about before but I know some of them

3:04:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  Will Smith, Sean AStin, Balthazar Getty, ALyssa Milano and Ricki Lake are prob the most known but many others are popular too

3:05:12 PM

lazarussomething30: balthasar who?

3:05:23 PM

lazarussomething30: ricki who?

3:06:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  I adore Sean Astin… I’ve seen everything he’s ever made. He is such a lovely guy. lol Balthazar was in The Lord of the Flies and Ricki Lake was in Cry Baby as Johnny Depp’s fat/pregnant sister.

3:07:25 PM

lazarussomething30: oh idk lord of the flies

3:07:49 PM

lazarussomething30: oh and cry baby. He here beside me smiles like this cuz of johnny

3:08:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’d be surprised if yer bro don’t. It’s a sick, twisted, dark cult classic. Very disturbing stuff.

3:08:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  Johnny ❤

3:09:10 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: jeha johnny yay

3:11:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  Johnny is alright. I kinda like Cillian Murphy too. I like weird men.

3:13:13 PM

lazarussomething30: he says…..oh he is a cool guy.he liekd him in the dark night rises

3:13:40 PM

lazarussomething30: and in tron. well Ive no idea about that guy, never heard his name before

3:13:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  I liked him in Red Eye. he was a real creepy creep! and Rachel McAdams is always cute.

3:14:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  you never heard of Balthazar? Or Cillian?

3:14:28 PM

lazarussomething30: nope never

3:14:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  far out.

3:15:27 PM

lazarussomething30: sorry baby

3:16:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  its ok I cant expect you to be familiar with a bunch of Irish and/or American celebs. Especially dude celebs.

3:16:37 PM

lazarussomething30: yup sorry

3:17:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  but Where The Day Takes You is fantastic, I hope you guys can find it. Oh yeah it also has Will Smith in it.

3:17:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  Before he was huge.

3:17:48 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah he will search for it tomorrow in the studio

3:18:16 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ha. he needs another leak.

IM Oct 3, 2012 3:34:55 PM

3:19:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  tell him to look for War Party too. Billy Wirth is fantastic at everything he does. He is way more than the hottest vampire in The Lost Boys. Man I love that movie. I was obsessed with it as a kid.

3:19:34 PM

lazarussomething30: I relay it to him

3:21:24 PM

heartagram_princess:  its about a reinactment of a battle between the US Cavalry and the Blackfeet Indians. Some racist creep puts real bullets instead of blanks in one of the guns. Shit hits the fan. Great film.

3:21:52 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok. he will search for it

3:22:31 PM

lazarussomething30: he needs to do soemthing for his nose

3:22:49 PM

lazarussomething30: or his veins either or, both crap

3:22:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  wonderful. What is some of you guys favorite (non Johnny Depp!) movies? Whats wrong with his poor nose?

3:23:13 PM

lazarussomething30: or his veins either or, both crap

3:24:17 PM

lazarussomething30: his one will be lsot boys and stand by me and a movie with kevin costner, forgot the title of it. mine? hm idk

3:24:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  he should look into bentonite. It’s a hydrated clay made of volcanic ash. It can be used internally or topically. It heals and detoxifies.

3:25:06 PM

lazarussomething30: nah nah, he is not sick, he is doing shit

3:25:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  Stand By Me is a fave of mine, too. I had a fixation with the Coreys. I was devastaed when Haim died. 😥

3:25:27 PM

lazarussomething30: oh sorry babe

3:25:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes I guessed as much about the shit. Bentonite could only help him, it leaches poisons, toxins from the body.

3:26:21 PM

lazarussomething30: he doesnt want any help

3:26:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  and if nosebleeds or whatever, it would help the healing process.

3:27:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh. well hell. Bentonite is wonderful stuff at any rate. Too bad. It would only help him… But if he’s not interested, what can I do? Not a thing except for to hope he doesn’t end up like Haim.

3:27:50 PM

lazarussomething30: hes back. he said: kevin costner the war.

3:28:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  idk that one, I will look around.

3:29:54 PM

lazarussomething30: and stand by me and lost boys and lil nikita with river phoenix and mosquito coast with river phoneix and harrison ford

3:30:43 PM

lazarussomething30: and sakrileg with tom hanks and angels and demons with tom hanks and all kind of movies inlcuding johnny depp and jack nicholson

3:31:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh ANYTHING with River Phoenix. Even that mess, A Night with Jimmy Reardon. River was… no words are enough for what he was.

3:31:26 PM

lazarussomething30: he says….oh Idk that one

3:32:56 PM

lazarussomething30: he says….wait is it that one where he sleeps with his movie mums friend?

3:33:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  Have you guys seen ANimal Room? It has that Doogie Howser dude Neil Patrick Harris being beaten and harassed by Matthew Lillard (13 Ghosts, SLC Punk). It has a very A Clockwork Orange vibe to it. Another wonderful, obscure movie. He aint miisng much by not knowing A Night w? Jimmy Reardon. It was the only blight on River’s career. Stupid, campy teenage crap that would have been better suited to one of the Coreys.

3:34:22 PM

lazarussomething30: he says….wait is it that one where he sleeps with his movie mums friend?

3:34:30 PM

lazarussomething30: nope we dont know that movie

3:34:37 PM

lazarussomething30: we dont know animal room

3:34:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  his mother’s divorced friend seduces River in A Night With….

3:34:55 PM

lazarussomething30: he says……ah yup then I knwo that movie

IM Oct 3, 2012 4:04:49 PM

3:36:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  Animal Room is a great, sick movie. I dont see how the same man (Matthew Lillard) who made such great films as Animal Room and SLC punk ever had to resort to such crap as that 13 Ghosts and oh lord, that god-awful Scooby-Doo crap with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Srah Michelle Gellar. Ugh.

3:37:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  I couldnt even watch that, I just know that it exists. Please tell me you guys have seen SLC Punk?

3:37:21 PM

lazarussomething30: nope we havent

3:37:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh shit!! I hope you guys are keeping a list.

3:37:50 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: does your sweetie know the crazies?

3:38:29 PM

heartagram_princess:  I have heard of it but not seen it. Is it recommended?

3:38:56 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: its a great one, if you like zombie movies you should watch it

3:40:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  Oh yes I like zombie movies. Do you guys get AMC network/The Walking Dead over there? Good stuff. My fave zombie movie is 28 Days Later of course, because I am partial to Cillian.

3:41:55 PM

lazarussomething30: we have the walkign dead.its a serie right? at the moment it has a break Idk when the next season will run ehre….he loves 28 days.28 weeks and all that shit

3:42:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes. Walking Dead is a series on the same network as Breaking Bad. I know you guys are busy but if you have time you should def. find time for Breaking Bad. Its the best tv series I’ve ever seen. Ever.

3:43:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes the new season of The Walking Dead starts on October 14th, sweetie. Set your DVRs.

3:44:09 PM

lazarussomething30: in america. but not here in finland

3:45:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh, ok. well it will come around soon enough, I am sure.

3:46:15 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: sweetie, you should watch let the right one in

3:48:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  I will do that. The video store in thes cow country town has died so I’ll see if I can get them thru redbox or netflix or hulu. If I can’t I’ll be bad and download it online.

3:49:41 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: that is ok, nowadays everybody downloads everything on the illegal way, nothing new, its ok to the movie genre but a no go for musicians

3:51:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  I try to be good to the musicians I respect. (edit) is totally downloadable for free online but I paid for it because I respect him. Did you ever play …

3:53:15 PM

lazarussomething30: he listens to it right now

3:54:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’ll quit typing & give you guys a minute to properly appreciate it.

3:59:16 PM

lazarussomething30: hes laughing and says: cool shit that is

4:01:12 PM

heartagram_princess:  sometimes I put my headphones on at top volume and listen to that shit until my head rings like a bell. Dude is as bloody brilliant as yer bro is, but of course in a different way.

4:02:16 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: oh thank you but I am not so brilliant at all

4:02:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  well he may be no Syd Barrett but tell him he’s had his moments. XD

4:03:28 PM

lazarussomething30: hze says: thank you sweetie. Im bluishign here

4:03:30 PM

lazarussomething30: blushing

4:04:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  aw. goodie. I cant believe the likes of me could introduce YOU GUYS to good films/music. I blush more.

4:04:49 PM


IM Oct 3, 2012 4:26:25 PM

4:05:40 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: did you know , that the last die hard movie, the dirocter was a finn?

4:05:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  I did not know that!

4:06:44 PM

lazarussomething30: and here he starts: he says: and did you knwo that nokia is coming from finnland and originally was a vacum cleaner factory before it changed into cell phone facotry?

4:07:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  more stuff I did not know!

4:07:48 PM

lazarussomething30: just ask him and he tells you any usless stuff nobody needs to know

4:09:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  Thats interesting tho. I like obscure, unknown stuff. Look at my fave films. I bet you guys havent seen White Water Summer either even tho it has 2 major stars in it (Sean Astin, Kevin Bacon). Thats another one like Where the Day Takes You that nobody knows about or can find. I had to stalk eBay for years before I finally got a copy… on VHS. I don’t care. I bought it anyway.

4:11:12 PM

lazarussomething30: nope we dont know it

4:13:29 PM

heartagram_princess:  good stuff. Kevin bacon is a camp counsellor who takes these boys river rafting. Then he goes psychotic out in the middle of nowhere in these woods on this river and he psycholigically & physically tortures sweet little Sean Astin. The rest of the boys try to figure out what to do. Very suspenseful.

4:14:14 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok. sounds interesting

4:15:36 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: did you know that the day when the summer time turns into winter time has only 23 hours?

4:15:37 PM

lazarussomething30: nope

4:16:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  a day missing an hour? Nope, didnt know.

4:17:19 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: and did you know that I was born in 1976 : 1+9+7+6 equals 23

4:18:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  Thats ANOTHER interesting movie!! 23!! Jim Carrey goes crazy over the # 23! I did know he was born in 76. Young pups, you guys. lol I’m decrepit.

4:18:36 PM

lazarussomething30: and he says: and did you knwo that paris hilton stayed only 23 nights in jail instead of 45?

4:19:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  amazing she stayed even THAT long. Spoiled starlet.

4:19:24 PM

lazarussomething30: oh lord .he doesnt know that movie……well now he knows about it and watns to see it

4:20:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wanna see 23 again now. It was Jim Carrey NOT playing the fool. Very interesting stuff. I bet yer bro would have an interest, seeing as how he seems to have an interest in that # as well.

4:20:45 PM

lazarussomething30: now he wants to see it

4:21:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  Yeah Jim … wow… its an interesting movie. It’s very strange to see Jim NOT being the fool. And did he buff up for that movie? Holy shit! See: http://www.smh.com.au/ffximage/2007/04/26/23_070423120041905_wideweb__300x450.jpg

4:22:00 PM

heartagram_princess:  Dont look like the Jim Carrey we’re used to, does it?

4:22:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  So what else is interesting about the # 23?

4:23:00 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: everything

4:23:17 PM

lazarussomething30: now he is far away, dreamign or whatever

4:24:08 PM

lazarussomething30: npw he says: oh lady di died at 0:23

4:24:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  I know youre busy men but I think you’d both enjoy Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. But he’s off on a trip about 19. Roland is in the pink, 19 has got him. Reminds me of that but it’s 23.

4:26:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  Poor Lady Di. Weird shit about her hair in jelly that Jonas posted about.

4:26:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  pyramid sand, yum.

4:26:25 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: you should watch the movie 11 oe something like that, he cant remember the correct tile of the movie but everything turns around 11:11

IM Oct 3, 2012 4:42:05 PM

4:26:38 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah we saw it

4:26:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes, the gateway!

4:26:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  11:11 is the gateway, the tree of life, all that jazz.

4:27:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  the time of reconing

4:27:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  recKoning

4:27:59 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: look at WTC= w= 23 t 20 and c= 3

4:28:33 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: nah hes tlaking about a different movie with 11 11

4:29:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh ok. Ill try to find it. yeah, 9-11 was full of weird shit much like the Lincoln?Kennedy “coincidences”.

4:29:54 PM

lazarussomething30: and he says: the day the world trade canter got smashed was 11.09.2001= 11+9+3 equals 23

4:30:08 PM

lazarussomething30: centre

4:30:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  That is disconcerting.

4:31:23 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: yup yup

4:32:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  yes he must see 23, but man I hope he doesnt end up like Jim Carrey over it… (joke) Jim completely loses his mind over 23.

4:32:31 PM

lazarussomething30: we will watch it

4:34:08 PM

lazarussomething30: he says: oh ho, my lil bro is getting nervous, seems like he wants to be alone with you.

4:34:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m a fool for conspiratal stuff. I spend way too much time on YouTube watching those vids. I am a fool for that History channel tv show called Ancient Aliens. I made a Giorgio Tsoukalos fan art album on my facebook and nobody even “liked” it. I dont care. I think that guy is awesome. Its always ALIENS with him.

4:35:00 PM

lazarussomething30: yes I wanna be alone with her and yes I am nervous because youre starting to speak out your nonsense of the 23 and all that shit again. I knwo whats comign next 27

4:35:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  aw, nervous? nah. It’s not like I could ever get next to either one of ya’s so I’m just happy to talk to both or one. You’re both adorable & lovely.

4:36:07 PM

lazarussomething30: I meant him, with speaking out nosnense and all that

4:36:29 PM

lazarussomething30: thank you baby you are more lovley then the two of us are together

4:37:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  dont I wish. But really I do like off-color topics. 2012, DIA, illuminati, nephilim, anunaki, nibiru, quetzalcoatl, aliens, I’m a fool for all that stuff. It’s fun & interesting subject matter to be sure.

4:38:47 PM

lazarussomething30: but I wish to be alone with you and he wishes to speak out his nonsense, and btw he is totally fucked up again, drunk and high

4:39:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh dear. Well if you wish to be alone with me, thats all good and fine, too. I object, not.

4:40:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  I do have one question tho, is he mynamesnobody? on Yahoo?

4:40:16 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah I wish to and he needs sleep……Im worried about him, he drink sto much and doesnt know hes limits, neither with booze nor with his shit

4:40:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m nobody, who are you? I’m nobody too. XD

4:41:24 PM

lazarussomething30: yes he is, but that is only his work email. but sometimes when he is drunk and high, he gets pissed and uses that email for other stuff I think.

4:41:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  take him down & force some bentonite down his lovely corded neck. Just kidding. Seriously tho, it would help out his poor rotting organs to function better, I think.

4:41:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok well I guess I’m his friend on yahoo then but we aint never chatted.

4:42:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  But enough about him, tell me some other stuff.

IM Oct 3, 2012 5:04:06 PM

4:42:12 PM

lazarussomething30: oh ok

4:42:12 PM

heartagram_princess:  Any ol thing, I dont care.

4:42:49 PM

lazarussomething30: other stuff? like what?

4:44:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh anything. Anything at all. Films, music, stuff about your band, bands or books you love, anything.

4:44:57 PM

heartagram_princess:  anything you want my dear. Even if you just wanna rant about… him.

4:45:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  Sleeping Beauty XD

4:46:01 PM

lazarussomething30: sleeping beauty?

4:46:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  just a wisecrack about your sleppy brother… just a joke.

4:46:29 PM

heartagram_princess:  slEEpy

4:46:36 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok

4:47:26 PM

lazarussomething30: oh wait please. I think he finally knows that he had enough for tonight, he wants to go to bed. Ill help him he cant walk straight

4:48:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok I shall wait here. Very very soon, like in the next hour, a lady is bringing us over a new baby kitty.

5:02:05 PM

lazarussomething30: here I am again and I told him good night from you too

5:03:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  aww thanks you guys are sweet.

5:04:06 PM

lazarussomething30: youre welcome babe

IM Oct 3, 2012 5:34:01 PM

5:05:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  glad youre there to take care of him (and not some witch)

5:05:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  I hope you’re doing ok and staying away from bad things.

5:06:47 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah ill always take care of him. he is my beloved brother . and yes I am not doing bad things dont worry about me sweetie

5:09:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  does he ever make it to all the way sober? Oh doesnt he know he is breaking his fans… and parents… and brother’s… hearts?

5:10:22 PM

lazarussomething30: hm the past few months? nope not at all and maybe he knows but maybe he doesnt care

5:11:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  that sucks, sincerely.

5:11:50 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah

5:13:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  Do you ever box anymore or is that all in the past? Taking Silver in the world championship is nothing to scoff at.

5:14:14 PM

lazarussomething30: I still do… but more on a private level. no matches anymore.

5:14:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  Good. It keeps you healthy and handsome and cut, I am sure.

5:15:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  I dont know if the term is used there but here, cut is a word for muscular definition.

5:15:15 PM

lazarussomething30: oh thank you baby

5:15:28 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok thanks even more

5:16:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  You really are a cutie. Are you still involved with that Wainio chick or is she the one who pulled that bullshit move you mentioned before?

5:16:51 PM

lazarussomething30: Im proud of my muscles  vil tries to gain them too, or he did try, now that hes drinking and doing shit again, he doesnt anymore, but he gained a lot in 2010, the last time when he was healthy, I was so proud of him then

5:17:21 PM

lazarussomething30: yup she is the one with the bs and no I am not with her

5:17:30 PM

lazarussomething30: shes a good friend but thats it about it

5:31:54 PM

lazarussomething30: lazarussomething30: Im proud of my muscles vil tries to gain them too, or he did try, now that hes drinking and doing shit again, he doesnt anymore, but he gained a lot in 2010, the last time when he was healthy, I was so proud of him then
lazarussomething30: yup she is the one with the bs and no I am not with her
lazarussomething30: shes a good friend but thats it about it

5:33:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh ok. i saw she didnt change her display pic so I didnt know if it was still on or if she’s just using the pic to rub it in that she got a hottie

5:34:01 PM

lazarussomething30: ah nah babe

IM Oct 3, 2012 6:00:13 PM

5:41:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  lol I shouldnt be amused but someone… user Carrie21… threw Gonzo back up as HER profile pic on WDW

5:41:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh dear.

5:41:57 PM

lazarussomething30: oh my

5:43:12 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wish I could hang out with you someday, but being on the other side of the world is kind of a problem. Oh jeez.

5:44:16 PM

lazarussomething30: well make it happen one day baby I promise you

5:45:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  I hope so. I can always dream.

5:45:47 PM

lazarussomething30: I promise you baby

5:47:02 PM


5:47:24 PM

lazarussomething30: ❤

5:51:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  So my sweet, I hope hope HOPE we can talk again soon? Really soon! I know you are fixing to get very VERY busy, with new album and tour and all. But I hope you’ll find time for your secret internet girlfriend. ❤

5:54:26 PM

lazarussomething30: well I hoped we can share more time today but if you have to go out for dinner and here its getting very late I hope tomorrow Ill find time for us babe

5:56:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  Well the restaurant doesnt close for 2 hours… maybe we can have another half hour? Kitty fell asleep for a while so I’ll ley him be for now. I made a facebook status about you but nobody will know its you but you.

5:57:33 PM

lazarussomething30: ok wait I check it

5:59:30 PM

lazarussomething30: what exactly does the guy mean when he said: so you can jump his bones.perfectly?.its not a nice comment he made, right?

6:00:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats just Billy. He’s a hillbilly and a turnip. he always has to be obnoxious. It’s what he does. I retorted.

IM Oct 3, 2012 6:17:20 PM

6:00:25 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok

6:01:27 PM

lazarussomething30: but IM smitten by you too babe

6:02:36 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok so he takes care of you

6:03:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  idk if I’d go THAT far. He just gave me antibiotics. I was frankly amazed that he wanted to screw me cuz in school he used to be cruel to me. He’s one of the jerks I’ve known since I was a kid. He’s just a toothless hillbilly. He can only dream of getting next to me. Wet dreams, at that.

6:05:11 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok….well im getting jelaous if he has wet dreams of you

6:06:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  haha, its the first time in the history of EVER that anyone has been jealous of Billy. Trust me. He’s a roly poly little fuck and toothless to boot. He was an asshole kid and he grew up to be an asshole man. I did appreciate the antibiotics, though. You should have seen me. My jaw puffed way, out, I looked like a chipmunk hoarding a nut.

6:07:30 PM

lazarussomething30: nah.youre always beautiful baby…at least to me

6:07:56 PM

lazarussomething30: and if he ever gets to close to you.and you dont want him to be close to you….one word and Ill beat him up

6:08:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh that would be so romantic! You make me a smitten kitten!

6:08:44 PM

lazarussomething30: oh ho

6:08:55 PM

lazarussomething30: I love smitten kitties

6:09:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m your smitten kitten!

6:09:35 PM

lazarussomething30: rrrrrrrr that sounds great to my ears

6:12:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  Too bad Billy’s wrong about that jumping bones part…

6:12:32 PM

lazarussomething30: why?

6:13:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  too bad you’re too far away for me to be able to do that!

6:14:13 PM

lazarussomething30: oh yeah

6:14:38 PM

lazarussomething30: but Id more like to see you ….can I be blunt? can I say it babe?

6:15:14 PM

heartagram_princess:  You know I’ll never tell anybody that i talk to you but even if i did (which I won’t) they would just think I was crazy like that PoeRaven76 chick on twitter who is convinced that she is your bro’s special online friend. YES!! Please say it!! Whatever it is please be blunt my dear!

6:16:50 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok. the one theyre tlaking about on wdw ? nah vilts doesn tknow such a girl….ok IM blunt….I rather like to have you in my arms and later jump on something else of my body…..if you know what Im tlakign about sorry .I know its not a gentlemans talk

6:17:20 PM

lazarussomething30: sorry for my bad behaviour

IM Oct 3, 2012 6:32:38 PM

6:18:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  Thats ok… I’d jump on it.

6:18:29 PM

lazarussomething30: oh lord really ? sorry again for my bad behaviour babe

6:18:32 PM

heartagram_princess:  Ilike it when you’re naughty. Bad boys are hot. Especially Finnish ones.

6:18:47 PM

lazarussomething30: oh thank you

~~another great glut of cybersex edited out here. So gross!~~


9:03:33 PM

lazarussomething30: IDK LOVE I JSUT DO IT

9:04:01 PM

lazarussomething30: I THINK ITS THE FAMILY GENES

9:04:09 PM


9:04:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  grrr baby you are so damn sexy

9:04:59 PM


9:05:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  I would so totally be your princess and your whore… if dreams came true.

9:05:17 PM

lazarussomething30: YOU CAN BE EVERYTHING FOR ME

9:05:59 PM


9:06:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  I like it both ways!! I really do.

9:06:31 PM

lazarussomething30: DITTO

IM Oct 3, 2012 9:13:07 PM

9:06:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  Often both during the same session is ideal.

9:06:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  but not always

9:07:06 PM

lazarussomething30: YUP

9:07:27 PM

heartagram_princess:  I might name my baby kitty Lazarus.

9:07:40 PM

lazarussomething30: SURE YOU CAN

9:07:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’d love to see you be a shy little love making tiger…. ❤

9:08:09 PM


9:08:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh I bet yu can!

9:08:31 PM

lazarussomething30: LAYING MY HEAD ON YOUR BREASTS

9:08:35 PM

lazarussomething30: YES I CAN

9:09:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  mmm with your head on my breasts I cant hide how fast my heart beats for you

9:09:28 PM

lazarussomething30: ITS OK BABY.* MINE TOO

9:10:08 PM

lazarussomething30: WHAT TIME IS IT?

9:11:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  9:10 here babe so… 4:10 there?

9:11:10 PM

lazarussomething30: OH LORD

9:11:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  my horny baby

9:11:24 PM

lazarussomething30: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

9:11:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  time for bed my sleepy love

9:11:45 PM


9:11:47 PM

heartagram_princess:  so fucking hot, jeez.

9:12:07 PM


9:13:03 PM


9:13:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  but I’ll never tell

IM Oct 3, 2012 9:24:11 PM

9:13:12 PM

heartagram_princess:  you’re my secret

9:13:12 PM

lazarussomething30: WAIT I CHECK IT

9:13:44 PM


9:15:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m glad dude isnt having cramps tonight. What kind of cramps? body? legs?

9:15:45 PM

lazarussomething30: BOTH

9:16:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  dude needs potassium. make him eat bananas.

9:16:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  better yet hide his drugs and sit on him.

9:16:58 PM


9:18:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  Yeah I bet. I read Nikki Sixx’s two books recently. Also read Brian “Head” Welch’s book a while ago. I never did those drugs but those books, and having worked at homeless shelters in my past helps me to understand what those people go through….

9:18:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  I wish your brother would be a Brian “Head” Welch and not a Nikki Sixx, you know, figuratively speaking

9:19:10 PM

lazarussomething30: YEAH I KNOW

9:19:44 PM


9:19:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  Nikki is a douche anyway. I have thought so for a while and reading his two books only concreted that opinion. I looked at Kat;s books too. Ugh. Strange people. I dont mean the metal?LA lifestyle, i mean THEM specifically.

9:20:20 PM


9:20:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  Really? Doesnt he admire Nikki? Why wont he listen? What about ozzy or Slash? or did he just do that inteview with them & not really know them?

9:20:43 PM


9:21:30 PM


9:21:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  She sounds lovely. Too bad everything is shit for them.

9:21:50 PM

lazarussomething30: YEAH

9:22:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  he wont listen to Ozzy? wtf?

9:22:26 PM


9:22:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  I have a couple of questions baby if you have a few more minutes

9:23:09 PM

lazarussomething30: SURE A BIT TIME IVE LEFT

9:23:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  you said something about they are talking about a girl on WDW who you said he doesnt know. Who was that? I actually havent looked at WDW yet today

9:23:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  earlier I think you said that

9:24:11 PM

lazarussomething30: A GIRL HE DOESNT KNOW?

IM Oct 3, 2012 9:32:53 PM

9:24:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah earlier i thought you said they were talking about a girl on WDW but vilts doesnt know her

9:25:05 PM

lazarussomething30: REALLY? CANT REMEMBER THAT::::IM SORRY

9:25:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  i didnt question it at the time because i was preoccupied with something else. Probably thoughts about naked you…

9:25:14 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats ok

9:25:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  my other question was… I cant remember ANY details but

9:25:28 PM

lazarussomething30: NAKED ME HUH?

9:26:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  Yes baby DEFINITELY naked you. Definitely. A while back there was some story i heard somewhere about your bro and Kelly Osbourne. Somebody was a cunt to somebody or somebody was mean or annoying… I dont know any details… what was THAT story about? Bullshit or aany truth to it?

9:27:40 PM

lazarussomething30: KELLY? WELL

9:28:13 PM


9:28:19 PM

lazarussomething30: AND SHE WAS ANNOYING HIM

9:28:31 PM


9:28:43 PM


9:29:02 PM


9:29:17 PM


9:29:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  Yeah I didnt know the story but i saw something somewhere that expressed that not everything there wasn’t entirely good or friendly

9:30:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  NAKED US DREAMS

9:30:09 PM

lazarussomething30: YUP

9:30:13 PM

lazarussomething30: OH YEAH

9:30:16 PM

lazarussomething30: BUT BABY?

9:30:26 PM

heartagram_princess:  I know baby

9:30:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’ve had you for more time today than i could imagine, I am so lucky

9:30:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  goodnight sweetheart ❤

9:31:05 PM


9:31:17 PM

lazarussomething30: GOODNIGHT MY DARLING ❤

9:31:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  Tell him thanks for that on my behalf. Did you show him my frightening facebook pictures?

9:31:55 PM


9:32:09 PM


9:32:10 PM


9:32:53 PM


IM Oct 3, 2012 9:35:09 PM

9:34:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  Goodnight for reals this time baby. lust for you.

9:34:21 PM

lazarussomething30: LUST FOR YOU TOO BABE

9:34:24 PM

lazarussomething30: GOOD NGIHT LOVE

9:34:27 PM

lazarussomething30: BYE FOR NOW

9:34:35 PM


9:34:39 PM

lazarussomething30: GOING OFFLINE

9:35:02 PM

lazarussomething30: KISSES:*:*:*:*:* NOW REALLY::::::::::GOING OFFLINE BABE

9:35:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  ❤

IM Oct 4, 2012 5:04:11 PM

4:27:59 PM


4:46:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  Hi baby!

4:47:07 PM

lazarussomething30: hi babe

4:47:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  Glad to see you.

4:48:20 PM

lazarussomething30: ditto baby ok so far and yours?

4:49:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  Not too bad. Hadta go into town and do some errands. I’m glad to be back home. Are you posting those fools on WDW a pic babe? I just logged in a sec ago and saw something….

4:51:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  babe?

4:51:50 PM

lazarussomething30: yup I am

4:51:53 PM

lazarussomething30: yes baby?

4:52:08 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah so I can clearify that the mask pic is a fake, for I have a real mask pic

4:52:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh, interesting. I wanna see.

4:53:01 PM

lazarussomething30: accept my invatation baby

4:53:47 PM

lazarussomething30: see? now this is a real vilts mask pic

4:53:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  How is hers fake?

4:54:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah thats def him

4:54:29 PM

lazarussomething30: hers is fake, cuz the eyes are not vilts eyes

4:54:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  is hard to tell but I thought, maybe, possibly

4:55:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  what about pics of that creature draped across some thing that showed up today… poeple argued whteher or not the thing she was draped on was in his tower or not…

4:55:43 PM

lazarussomething30: well fact is

4:57:04 PM

lazarussomething30: vilts has such a chest and stage has such a chest as well…..so it can be his but it also cant not.and naother fact is…yes she used to be in his twoer while he was away

SM coffin

4:57:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  He is far too trusting isn’t he?

4:58:48 PM

lazarussomething30: yup he is

4:59:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  I had such fun with you yesterday.

5:01:56 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah I hope so too baby you are so sexy as well and yes it was wodnerful yesterday

5:03:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  I want to see more pics of you. SO few online.

5:04:11 PM

lazarussomething30: of me? there are not many pictures of me

IM Oct 4, 2012 5:18:01 PM

5:05:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  well not online sure babe but surely you must have one? or two?

5:06:54 PM

lazarussomething30: ok wait im a bit busy cuz I have to answer some emails and here on wdw

5:08:10 PM

lazarussomething30: ok idk if youve seen those pictures already. might be possible

5:08:11 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats ok babe

5:08:52 PM

heartagram_princess:  pictures are coming> I closed window earlier….

5:09:09 PM

lazarussomething30: but IM on my brothers comp, so idk if only he has the pics, but might be that jonas has them or that vilts has the same. idk IM lookign for some private pics though

5:09:40 PM

lazarussomething30: theyre from vilts comp

5:09:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  I promise I wont show anyone. I will keep your trust.

5:10:07 PM

lazarussomething30: I knwo you do baby

5:10:29 PM

lazarussomething30: I have a stick with me..but that might take a while til I searched there……cuz its 16 gb big

5:10:29 PM

heartagram_princess:  Yes, saw that on Jonas’s facebook.

5:10:45 PM

lazarussomething30: then Im sure you saw the other ones as welll

5:11:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  show me show me ❤

5:11:11 PM

lazarussomething30: ok<3

5:11:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  cuteness.

5:11:37 PM

lazarussomething30: oh thank you

5:11:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  for reals.

5:12:12 PM

lazarussomething30: hm the other pics on here are jsut viltsu pics

5:12:31 PM

lazarussomething30: like this one

5:13:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  webcam pic? its kind of … odd

5:13:46 PM

lazarussomething30: yup webcam

5:13:54 PM

lazarussomething30: hm let me see

5:13:59 PM

lazarussomething30: what else I can find

5:14:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m too poor to afford one of those. A webcam. Oh yes show me more! ❤

5:15:38 PM

lazarussomething30: I dont hav eone either baby

5:15:54 PM

heartagram_princess:  Too bad.

5:17:23 PM

lazarussomething30: viltsus lil princess not mine


5:17:53 PM

lazarussomething30: ha baby ..look :

5:17:56 PM

lazarussomething30: Congratulations!
You have been promoted to the next editor level: Star Editor

5:18:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  ? olivia?

IM Oct 4, 2012 5:38:00 PM

5:18:14 PM

lazarussomething30: yup lil oli……linds daughter

5:18:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  yay!!! Now you can do more around the site… if you wanted to.

5:18:30 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok

5:18:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  lil princess huh? Cutie.

5:18:59 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah shes his daughter in law

5:19:08 PM

lazarussomething30: nah sorry wrong

5:19:13 PM

lazarussomething30: god child

5:20:15 PM

lazarussomething30: hm let me see what else I ahve

5:22:26 PM

lazarussomething30: here are many pics of his muse

5:22:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m guessing I dont get to see those

5:23:03 PM

lazarussomething30: uhm, thats up to him

5:23:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  are those your gloves dad is wearing?


5:23:48 PM

lazarussomething30: nah

5:26:44 PM

heartagram_princess:  Mige seems like a fascinating man.

5:27:15 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah hes cool

5:27:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  I have a question… i saw an interview in Inked mag where he alleges that Oliver Peck did one of his Poe eyes. Is this true?

5:28:21 PM

lazarussomething30: oliver peck? kat did vilts poe eyes.

5:29:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  Ok. I saw an interview that said different but I believe you over that, of course.

edit: That interview used to be here, but, the link is dead.  😦

5:30:50 PM

lazarussomething30: thanks babe

5:38:00 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok

IM Oct 4, 2012 5:58:13 PM

5:44:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  I like that last one the most ❤

5:45:41 PM

lazarussomething30: oh thanks baby

5:47:43 PM

lazarussomething30: oh h

5:48:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  Gas’s kid is cute.


5:49:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  How come you dont accept random people on your fb like Jonas does? … just curious…

5:49:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  not the one I’m on of course but the otherone

5:50:04 PM

lazarussomething30: cuz Idk them…..so i wont accept them

5:50:16 PM

lazarussomething30: huh?

5:50:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  not the lucifers son, acct, the jesse vao acct.

5:51:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  *Oliver… not Valo

5:51:18 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah cuz i dont knwo them so I wont accept them

5:51:53 PM

lazarussomething30: he has such stuipd pic titles


5:52:23 PM

heartagram_princess:  lol like trying to rest? XD

5:53:24 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah exactly so stupid titles ..I would……….sure

5:53:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  really?! I will send friend req. cuz I am logged in

5:54:14 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah really

5:55:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  friend request sent. Whenever I log into fb this one poor bastard IMs me… the saddest man I ever met… he is chronically ill and all he does is bitch about it so

5:55:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  none of his other friends will talk to him. So usually I chat here so he cant entrap me.

5:56:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  I know why he is sick but he wont fix it so… its like with yer bro… what the fuck can you do?

5:56:22 PM

lazarussomething30: oh..I found some pics which are not so lovely

5:56:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  not so lovely?

5:56:50 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah

5:57:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  of who babe? why unlovely?

5:57:33 PM

lazarussomething30: is it real? the blood or what did he do?

5:57:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  is that a belly?

5:58:03 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah his belly


5:58:13 PM

lazarussomething30: what the?

IM Oct 4, 2012 6:08:21 PM

5:58:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  hard to tell wtf it is. looks more kind of like shards of something rather than blood?

5:58:51 PM

lazarussomething30: shards?

5:59:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  maybe he passed out drunk and some fool friend of his drew on him with markers like folks like to do with drunk passed out people…

5:59:20 PM

heartagram_princess:  shards are like the broken pieces of something

5:59:22 PM

lazarussomething30: and what about this pic?

5:59:45 PM

lazarussomething30: looks like scratches

5:59:51 PM

heartagram_princess:  looks like somebody drew on him. It really doesnt look bloody to me


6:00:05 PM

lazarussomething30: I really hope youre right

6:00:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  I mean look

6:00:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  theres no source for the blood

6:00:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  the tops of the red marks just… happen

6:00:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  no holes or gashes or whatever

6:01:03 PM

lazarussomething30: ok good

6:01:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  sweet ride!


6:01:08 PM

lazarussomething30: yup

6:02:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah only red marls i ever seen like that on a person or animal is from infection.

6:02:09 PM

heartagram_princess:  *marKs

6:02:27 PM

lazarussomething30: infection? oh no

6:04:13 PM

heartagram_princess:  I bet he passed out drunk and some wit drew on him. But of course I dont know.

6:05:20 PM

lazarussomething30: oh I found something very sad

6:05:25 PM

lazarussomething30: ok I hope so baby

6:06:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  What did you find? The B? By the way thank you for saying you’d accept me on the facebook.

6:06:21 PM

lazarussomething30: my pleasure baby

6:06:28 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh… Mr. Dunn

6:06:33 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah

6:07:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  That is sad. He shouldnt have been doing what he was doing. You know my fave guys on Bam’s show are the ones I never hear anything about anymore…

6:08:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  Raab and Dico. Dico is hysterical… he has way more star power than Bam but, things in this life just arent fair, are they?

6:08:21 PM

lazarussomething30: ok I can show you something if you promise me to not tell it to anybody

IM Oct 4, 2012 6:08:39 PM

6:08:39 PM

lazarussomething30: yup

6:09:06 PM

lazarussomething30: its a pic with her name on his chest………I can show it to you if you promise me to not tell it to anybody

6:09:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  of course i wont babe. i wouldnt jeopardize talking to you like that…!

6:09:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  I know you’d never talk to me again if I told… so of course i wont.

6:10:14 PM

lazarussomething30: cuz Im in the folder that says………KEEP OUT

6:10:42 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’ll never tell.

edit: Even though I knew you were full of shit, Laz-Baby, I would not have ever told, either, just on principle.  But then… you had to get mean and shitty and delete – and block! – me after i so kindly forgave you your bullshit lies. Or, was your reason because I told your LaSun14 (who may be another alt profile of yours, for all I know, you freak) about your Jesse Oliver Cyber Games and she denied that you were JOV – and that you’d play those games – rather vehemently. Then, you add me on another (very transparent) profile in an attempt at, what? idk. You pretended to be somebody else but your “poeple” and and and your……..”jsut” and your “tlak” and so many other mannerisms, oh puking lord, like the “kisses on your cheeks :* ” made it so so very obvious, really.

6:11:10 PM

lazarussomething30: now you knwo her nickname.the nickanem she used to clal her.and I wasnt allowed to call ehr like this…….nobody was…only vilts

6:11:17 PM

lazarussomething30: he

6:11:18 PM

lazarussomething30: not she

6:11:21 PM

lazarussomething30: damn typos

6:11:34 PM

heartagram_princess:  I’m guessing the first part is Anna…

6:11:43 PM

lazarussomething30: nope

6:11:49 PM

lazarussomething30: totally wrong

6:11:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  this Sandra scene must really hurt her. Why can’t he see which one is worthy?

6:12:13 PM

lazarussomething30: he does but she keeps on dumping him

6:12:23 PM

lazarussomething30: nope the first part is ar

6:12:35 PM

lazarussomething30: arbella

6:13:15 PM

heartagram_princess:  Thats unusual but pretty

6:13:44 PM

lazarussomething30: see? ive plenty of proof about bell for wdw. but I cant upload them vilts would kill me

6:14:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  Yes, I am sure he would.


6:15:09 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah

6:15:34 PM

IM Oct 14, 2012 8:08:35 AM

7:51:13 AM

lazarussomething30: hi baby

8:08:35 AM


IM Oct 14, 2012 8:33:51 AM

8:32:10 AM

lazarussomething30: babe?

8:32:13 AM

lazarussomething30: where are you?

8:33:51 AM

lazarussomething30: Im waitign for an answer from you for one hour and a half now Im sorry but I cant wait any longer……..I took time only for you…but if youre not answerign me.then I go back to my brother and into his music studio cuz Ive to work…yes even on a sunday…………….I msis you be good and take care love ya

5:05:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  Thank heavens for that. What is up with this do you? person on WDW? I don’t think I even like that place anymore…

5:05:53 PM

lazarussomething30: again….Im sorry for what I said yesterday

5:06:04 PM

lazarussomething30: idk who do you is

5:06:32 PM

lazarussomething30: but vilts was there yesterday or the day before yesterday.cuz he was tired of the bull

5:06:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  thank you. I was pretty upset about it, I already had a shitty week, and then, that, in my inbox…

5:06:48 PM

heartagram_princess:  really? What did he say?

5:06:55 PM

lazarussomething30: im soooooooooooo sorry baby

5:07:28 PM

lazarussomething30: he thanked his fans for their support and told them the he is detoxing and getting sober and that he is not with mittica

5:07:35 PM

lazarussomething30: and stuff like that

5:08:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  was that his only post?

5:08:12 PM

lazarussomething30: yup

5:08:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  What about all that Red Riding Hood jazz…. not him? That’s good. It was kind of silly and clearly cut and pasted from somewhere…..

5:09:24 PM

lazarussomething30: nah not him

5:09:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  Funny, his post was pretty much ignored, but that carpet fellow shows up and they all start slavering all over themselves… it’s a spectacle isn’t it?

IM Oct 24, 2012 5:24:19 PM

5:09:42 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah its really funny

5:09:52 PM

lazarussomething30: solitaryman something was his name

5:11:05 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok I know which post you mean. The one that oddly everybody ignored. That place used to be amusing but anymore it’s just kind of disturbing. I don’t like it anymore but I am drawn to read… morbid curiosity I guess…

5:11:49 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah he said to me……Im sure nobody will read or believe it.but i dont care I have enough of this bull

5:13:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  I thought it was probably him but had no way to be sure. Now some creature calling itself Do you? is posting crap about having been with him. Jesus as many women who claim to be with him you would think he was Wilt Chamberlain.

5:13:34 PM

lazarussomething30: idk that dude

5:14:21 PM

heartagram_princess:  He was a basketball player who is famous for claiming that he bedded 20,000 women

5:14:30 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok

5:14:52 PM

lazarussomething30: I just wanna bed you

5:15:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  Don’t I wish?

5:15:58 PM

lazarussomething30: to be honest…idk how much women he had in his life and i do not care..but I know he is true when in relationship and never cheats…..oh yeha and she is back

5:16:01 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah

5:16:17 PM

heartagram_princess:  What’s he gonna do if somebody asks him about Sandra on Friday? You know somebody is bound to ask…

5:16:38 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh she is back? In Finland not LA? Oh I bet poor Sandra is furious…

5:17:34 PM

lazarussomething30: he will tell the truth..that he never was and never will be with her, that she is only a friend nothing more, not even ( as people claim to say ) a fuck body

5:18:16 PM

lazarussomething30: nah she is in LA but she is back in his life and they are back together, but they wanna start slow and right now she is helpign him sobering up and detoxing

5:18:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  What is with that ridiculous ring and shirt picture? It’s like she is TRYING to make people hate har and laugh at her… is she brain damaged?

5:19:04 PM

lazarussomething30: not his shirt nor his ring

5:19:29 PM

heartagram_princess:  good. He really needs sobering and detoxing. If he is willing to accept help now tell him to buy something called hydrated bentonite and guzzle some every day…

5:20:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  It’s just volcanic ash but it leaches toxins, pesticides, drug residues, heavy metals, etc. from the body

5:20:14 PM

lazarussomething30: do not worry, she takes care of him, makes him take his vitamins, detoxing and sobering up, she is the only person my brother listens to for real

5:20:43 PM

lazarussomething30: she has a lot knowledge about doc stuff I am sure she already told him to use that.

5:23:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok, good. Well I’m glad to hear it. Hopefully he’ll get back on top and get past this shitty period in his life.

5:23:37 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah we all hope so too

5:24:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  hopefully people in dubious positions of power will leave them alone…

IM Oct 24, 2012 5:38:58 PM

5:24:53 PM

lazarussomething30: we all hope so too

5:26:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  So you have been a really busy man, huh? Lots of studio time these days, recording….

5:26:41 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah and vilts…my all time problem

5:27:05 PM

lazarussomething30: the golden boy problem

5:27:31 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah I know how that feels…

5:28:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  In spite of the crazies on WDW I think most people are pulling for him. What do the guys in the band make of that place? Is miguel Mige?

5:28:26 PM

lazarussomething30: nah I do not think so

5:28:29 PM

lazarussomething30: but babe

5:28:35 PM

lazarussomething30: I missed you

5:29:06 PM

heartagram_princess:  have you? I want to believe…

5:29:16 PM

lazarussomething30: yes really

5:29:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  I missed you, too.

5:29:42 PM


5:30:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  Well like I said, every time you talk to me doesn’t have to be an hours-long marathon. I’d rather get 20 minutes twice a week than 3 or 4 hours twice a month…

5:30:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  but I understand that you are busy.

5:31:00 PM

lazarussomething30: im sorry baby

5:31:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  it’s ok, I understand.

5:32:59 PM

heartagram_princess:  VB must keep you very busy. Did you ask Jonas not to post about you much on facebook? Seems like he’s posting stuff about his friends constantly but you never seem to be there… would it be too bold if I were to ask if you shall ever accept my friend request on your real account?

5:34:11 PM

lazarussomething30: mmmmmmmmmmm I will baby…….yeah i dd ask him……babyß in tired..its vvery late

5:35:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  Like i said, short conversations are ok. I understand if you must go to bed now. ❤

5:35:52 PM

lazarussomething30: ys plese fr ne its fry lste

5:35:53 PM

lazarussomething30: vry

5:35:58 PM

lazarussomething30: 3

5:36:01 PM

lazarussomething30: ❤

5:36:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  I am much more understanding than you think. Just try to not make me go these two week stretches without hearing from you, ok, if you care like you say you do… I get to missing you and feeling neglected and such…

5:37:03 PM

heartagram_princess:  well alright then, I shall say goodnight. Sweet dreams to you.

5:38:02 PM

lazarussomething30: wll i wnt yo all the tme bby.bt i hvent sid a word abt mking lve cuz I dont want you to thnk that in jst comign onlne whn im horny (

5:38:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  Well thats good… haha, to be more than an online booty call…

IM Oct 24, 2012 5:49:04 PM

5:39:17 PM

lazarussomething30: oh i cn hndle yo bbay

5:39:55 PM

lazarussomething30: btty mans ass crck right? dnt get angry.idk wht it mean bt i think vilts once explained it to me.but im not sure

5:40:12 PM

heartagram_princess:  booty

5:40:22 PM

heartagram_princess:  it means 2 things really

5:40:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  a butt, usually a womans, or, sex

5:40:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  booty itself is butt, booty call is a term meaning meeting up for sex

5:41:07 PM

lazarussomething30: ah ok

5:41:16 PM

heartagram_princess:  weird American slang, it started out in the rap world

5:41:25 PM

heartagram_princess:  rappers talk about booty a lot

5:41:57 PM

lazarussomething30: a ok

5:43:23 PM

lazarussomething30: is ok.i ws thnkng abut reding some ertc ltterture wth yo…d yo hve some?

5:43:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  Unfortunately not…

5:44:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  but I’ve been told that I sound like erotic literature when I try to cybersex or roleplay

5:45:32 PM

lazarussomething30: yh i tld yo tht

5:45:52 PM

lazarussomething30: bt yo sd yo lke t rd ertc ltretre.so i thgt yo hve sne thre*

5:46:56 PM

heartagram_princess:  Did I say that? I don’t remember.

5:47:28 PM

lazarussomething30: o k srry bby*

5:47:54 PM

lazarussomething30: mmmmmmmmmmm yh i bt

5:47:55 PM

lazarussomething30: bt bby

5:48:06 PM

lazarussomething30: in sry …i cnt nke yo hppy tnght*

5:48:48 PM

lazarussomething30: in srry bby (

5:48:56 PM

lazarussomething30: an in srry in rlly tird (

5:49:02 PM

lazarussomething30: k

5:49:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  I can tell

IM Oct 24, 2012 5:51:10 PM

5:49:08 PM

heartagram_princess:  go to bed

5:49:17 PM

lazarussomething30: thnk y

5:49:19 PM

heartagram_princess:  goodnight … don’t forget about me.

5:49:30 PM

lazarussomething30: gd nght.sep tght an lvly drms.+

5:49:36 PM

lazarussomething30: nvr frgt abt yo

5:49:38 PM

lazarussomething30: bse fr nw

5:49:42 PM

lazarussomething30: tl ltre.+

5:49:47 PM

lazarussomething30: i lve yo.+

5:49:49 PM

lazarussomething30: .x.

5:49:56 PM

lazarussomething30: in gong off nw.+

5:50:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  youre gonna break my heart

5:50:04 PM

heartagram_princess:  goodnight

5:50:10 PM

lazarussomething30: ❤

5:50:13 PM

lazarussomething30: gdngt

5:50:52 PM

lazarussomething30: in off nw

5:50:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  goodnight

5:51:10 PM

lazarussomething30: gnt ngt bbe..off

IM Oct 28, 2012 5:52:53 AM

4:52:53 AM

lazarussomething30: boo

4:52:56 AM


5:05:05 AM

lazarussomething30: babe?

5:07:46 AM

lazarussomething30: have a bright sunday darling hope to read you later

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Lazarus Something: hey baby


heartagram_princess:  oh hi!

heartagram_princess:  you DO still exist!

Lazarus Something: yeah sorry baby…..Im to busy.and I enver read the messages on wdw

heartagram_princess:  Do you get a lot?   Curious people asking questions?

Lazarus Something: get a lot what?

heartagram_princess:  messages n you WDW inbox

Lazarus Something: idk……..yeah maybe………if I check my inbox then only for you

heartagram_princess:  Well thats nice to know

Lazarus Something:

heartagram_princess:  So what have you been doing with yourself?

Lazarus Something: not very much….working and being their for my bro

heartagram_princess:  well that’s decent of you

Lazarus Something: helping him to detox

heartagram_princess:  good!  detox is good.  Glad to hear it!

Lazarus Something: yeah…..his girl is back.and he wants to be clean and sober for her

heartagram_princess:  Good, good, hopefully he will stay that way.  Is she physically back or still in LA?

Lazarus Something: still in la……….sadly

heartagram_princess:  Well surely they are making arrangement s to see eachother soon, what with armageddon, Christmas and Helldone coming?

Lazarus Something: hes still freaking out about it

heartagram_princess:  which part?   XD

Lazarus Something: the armageddon

heartagram_princess:  I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person but I think he shall be gravely disappointed…

heartagram_princess:  know why?

heartagram_princess:  because I am an unhappy person and not super-enthused about life

heartagram_princess:  I would be ok if it all ended in less than a month

heartagram_princess:  BUT!

heartagram_princess:  since I want that, it wont happen.

heartagram_princess:  Nothing I want ever happens

heartagram_princess:  so…

heartagram_princess:  I hope he’s ready for a big disappointment…

Lazarus Something: idk ……im sorry baby………please think more possivly

heartagram_princess:  i am positive

heartagram_princess:  positive it wont happen!

heartagram_princess:    thats just me being a joker…

Lazarus Something: ok

heartagram_princess:  sort of.  But I dont think it will happen… and I devour all of those History Channel and YouTube videos about it… everything from the I Ching to the Terrance McKenna TimeWave Zero jazz..

heartagram_princess:  I wouldn’t mind if it happened but I expect… pretty much nothing….

Lazarus Something: yeah ok.but iM not the right person to talk about it.cuz im not interested in that ending world zenario……….im not vil

heartagram_princess:  I know.. dear… idk who you are for sure… but… it doesnt matter I suppose…

heartagram_princess:  Just so long as you’re nice to me, I dont care who you are or are not…

Lazarus Something: doubting me huh? ok iif you say so……im really tired of defending myself and thhose who are close to me

heartagram_princess:  it’s not like you think it is… I didnt doubt you… at all but then…

heartagram_princess:  well this is the question I wasnt gonna ask

heartagram_princess:  I dont wanna ask because I dont want you to get mad and not talk to me anymore….

heartagram_princess:  cuz I like you

heartagram_princess:  but when LASun14 invited people to message her on YouTube I took her up on it

heartagram_princess:  we have been talking regularly ever since

heartagram_princess:  and she wont tell me who you are

heartagram_princess:  but she does insist that you are not who I thought you were

heartagram_princess:  that is the ONLY reason at all babe that I wonder

heartagram_princess:  but like I said, I dont care, I dont have to know who you are, I like you anyway

heartagram_princess:  and I hope you won’t quit talking to me

heartagram_princess:  I like you lots & if you were to be angry with me I would be very sad…

Lazarus Something: i had to do it……….I dont feel good with it…..but I had to….and…….jsut like you.I think that nobody wants me………..and it was only to help vil…………I know.I shouldve told you the truth…..im sorry I didnt……..and that fb profile.isnt mine.its jes profile………….im a lot smaller then jes………..im blonde……..im in jes age.and im a close friend of vil……..not such a close friend of jes though : I do not even remember how it came up but I was not quizzing her about your identity…  and I didnt doubt you… but she insisted so… idk what to make of it.

heartagram_princess:  hey its ok

Lazarus Something: no its ok

heartagram_princess:  like I said I already like you… that’s not gonna unhappen

Lazarus Something: i was standing in vs fult.and in her fault as well……..and …….well I didnt want to hurt you

Lazarus Something: I like you a lot.and I never wanted to hurt you……..Im so sorry

heartagram_princess:  I’m not hurt really… just kinda sad.. but nat majorly so…  I mean it’s not like I’d quit liking you… but… how do you come to have Jesse’s log in infos, if I might ask… and… is Vlad Hermit a real profile of anybody’s

heartagram_princess:  ?

Lazarus Something: how come? he once told me his log in info……..but only those of his friends fb profile.where he adds friends…..not the puplic one though….vlad hermit……yes it belongs to somebody

heartagram_princess:  Vlad Hermit friend requested me… any ideas why?

Lazarus Something: maybe cuz he sees that youre friend with jes? idk why else  a firend of yours requested jes profile

heartagram_princess:  they did? who? the real profile or the Lucifer’s Son?  I didn’t tell anybody and I even took the mention of the friendships off of my “recent activities” section so people would not see…..

Lazarus Something: lucifers son

Lazarus Something: ana leone

Lazarus Something: requested him

heartagram_princess:  ok… well I have no idea who it was or how they found it… and that is the truth.  Do you remember who it was?  Ohhhh

Lazarus Something: no wrong. ana lone

heartagram_princess:  THAT chick

heartagram_princess:  yeak I know who she is

Lazarus Something: THAT chick?

Lazarus Something: THAT chick?

heartagram_princess:  yeah…  I know who she is but I never talk to her

Lazarus Something: ok

heartagram_princess:  But I know people who have told me things and there’s even more about her on WDW

Lazarus Something: about her? who is her?

heartagram_princess:  sorry

heartagram_princess:  Yahoo logged me out and idk why

heartagram_princess:  I am back

heartagram_princess:  I have a few of the more interesting HIM fans on my fb friends list

heartagram_princess:  but I have never talked to her… but I know several people who have

heartagram_princess:  nothing they have to say is very nice

heartagram_princess:  are you still there?

Lazarus Something: yeah wait please

Lazarus Something: yeah im still here

heartagram_princess:  welcome back sweetie

Lazarus Something: I jsut tried to call vil……..to tell him to be that IM sorry for what I did to you.but he seems to be sleeping ……….I jsut thought…….people would like jes more then me……..idk why I thought it…hes an asshole ….but I dont like myself ver ymuch..people tend to like or love my face…..but Ive learned that I have to hate it

Lazarus Something: b not be

heartagram_princess:  will you ever tell me your name?   Even just a first name?  Or add me on your real fb?   Don’t worry about telling Ville anything… I’m sure what some fat chick in the states thinks about anything is the least of his concerns…

Lazarus Something: I do not own any fb.

Lazarus Something: hey.youre not fat…dont say that

Lazarus Something: well……….I didnt lie to you about the first letter of my first name

heartagram_princess:  is it maybe….

heartagram_princess:  Jonathan Stanley?

Lazarus Something: nope

heartagram_princess:  But you do know who that person is?

Lazarus Something: uhm nope should I?

heartagram_princess:  Oh come, darling, shall you ever tell me?  I have proved to you I dont run to WDW with stuff and I did NOT tell Ana anything… I can say more about that in a sec but I dont wanna get sidetracked

Lazarus Something: no wait

Lazarus Something: you mean seppos assistant?

Lazarus Something: no im not

Lazarus Something: ana?

heartagram_princess:  yes thats who I meant… hell, it was just a guess…

Lazarus Something: ah the one from fb……and what about b?

Lazarus Something: nope im not

Lazarus Something: im not form the us

Lazarus Something: from

heartagram_princess:  Yes, that person you said friend requested somebody… Jess?  Vlad?  on facebook

Lazarus Something: jes

heartagram_princess:  ok…

heartagram_princess:  do you know what I mean if I say DeadMansThirst?

heartagram_princess:  and will you please tell me a name i can call you…?

Lazarus Something: deadmansthirst? nope

Lazarus Something: call me…idk………Im sorry I cant tell you my real name..its very dangerous for v and friends of v these days…….that sick clan is very angry these days

heartagram_princess:  I promise you can trust me.  Has anything you told me or showed me shown up on WDW?  nope!

heartagram_princess:  but if you cant or wont… I guess I cant exactly force you to… so, thats ok…

Lazarus Something: well you talked with b about me

heartagram_princess:  I dont remember how it came up… but… I did not ask her whilst doubting your identity… I dont know how it came up but… I wasnt doubting.  Considering that I was forthcoming with you about my identity but you didnt exactly reciprocate I would think you could at least forgive me that…  and I never said anything bad about you.  Ask her if ya dont believe me…

heartagram_princess:  Besides, she should be considered “safe”  right?  It’s not like I went spewing about you on WDW like some people (xCinnamonGirlx)

Lazarus Something: I believe you……..but it just happened…….people thought I am jesse so I never denied it and with you it was like.ok she likes jes………she wouldnt like me anyway..either jes or v……..so ok.Im jes for her………….she wouldnt like my damn face either………even though like I told you.people tend to like or love my face….but I hate it

heartagram_princess:  So, I guess I’ll just go on calling you Babe or Sweetie or Dude

heartagram_princess:  anyway if people tend to like or love your face what makes you think I would be any different?

heartagram_princess:  I’m sure you’re excessively handsome…

Lazarus Something: because my face is not jesses or vils face

heartagram_princess:  so, neither is Johnny or Brad or Cillian or George or … so many others’ faces but… they seem to get a lot of attention…

heartagram_princess:  only Jesse or Ville get to have their faces

heartagram_princess:  lucky them

heartagram_princess:  and I’m sure you’re all sorts of cute

heartagram_princess:  …hello?

heartagram_princess:  oh there you are

Lazarus Something: thank you very much.but Im sorry.I cant tell you my name…..its to dangerously these days . Its not good for vil

heartagram_princess:  Thats fine…   Dude.

heartagram_princess:  Sweetie,  Babe.

heartagram_princess:  will you tell me if Vlad is He?

Lazarus Something: nah vlad is not vil

heartagram_princess:  can you not tell me who he is?

Lazarus Something: unfortunately I can’t

heartagram_princess:  how bizarre      damn mysteries!

heartagram_princess:  ah well, it keeps stuff interesting.

Lazarus Something: yeah I bet. interestign and dangerously .

heartagram_princess:  Well I hope you don’t plan on going another month without talking to me…

heartagram_princess:  and I’m glad you’re not mad about that other stuff…

Lazarus Something: nah Im not. it is ok

heartagram_princess:  well, good then.  And like I told you before, our conversations don’t have to be all Ville all the time.  I mean he is interesting to be sure, but he’s not the only interesting thing that is happening.  The poor dear.  I do hope he is ok.

Lazarus Something: He is ok. He is jsut having a lot of problems at the moment. Busy with work and all that, you know?

Lazarus Something: Sweetie. I’m kinda tired.

heartagram_princess:  I saw that coming.    Well, off to bed with you then… figuratively speaking, not literally, I am afraid.  Goodnight then.

Lazarus Something: I’m sorry, I had to choose a other name. because Jes, ovciously, does not has to lsoe much or to be afraid of them. I have to lose a lot, and so does B and V. Jes , he listens to that clan and so is not in danger.

Lazarus Something: Other then myself and v. Jes is their puppet on a free will. Vil and myself are their puppets wihtout being their puppets on a free will.

heartagram_princess:  Well I still like you dear, and hope you’ll be safe.  I’m sorry to hear that about Jesse…  sorry to hear about all of it, actually.  Hopefully they will not interfere yet again with V and B.

Lazarus Something: Youll never know. Were never safe, non of us.

heartagram_princess:  Nothing against Jesse but I am unsure why “they” find him to be interesting unless it’s the gene pool thing…  but I do wonder anout his MySpace/SoundCloud profile pics.  Disconcerting, to be sure.

heartagram_princess:  that… symbol.  Like on that Leto guy’s arms.

heartagram_princess:  badness all around.  But still, I like the dude, what I know of him.  And idk much about the “real” you but just from taking to you so many times now, I like you, too.

Lazarus Something: im ok

Lazarus Something: ok sweetie. I am really tired.

heartagram_princess:  Ok well goodnight.  Talk to me again, sometime, huh?  Without me having to bloody harass you into it?  Huh?

Lazarus Something: Ok.

heartagram_princess:    Dont forget about me   (you will.)

heartagram_princess:  Goodnight!

Lazarus Something: I will not. goodnight and sweet dreams.

Lazarus Something has signed out. (11/26/2012 5:24 PM)

2:44:28 PM

lazarussomething30: yes she will be delighted to know that I am only havign cybersex with her

2:44:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  right

2:44:55 PM

lazarussomething30: sweetheart

2:45:11 PM

lazarussomething30: weill start adding one and one together please

2:45:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  and that is supposed to mean… what?

2:46:12 PM

lazarussomething30: `youre the only woman I have sex with

2:46:21 PM

lazarussomething30: you’re

2:46:41 PM

heartagram_princess:  maybe online…

2:47:28 PM

lazarussomething30: right..I do not have sex ( beside me hand) with women in my daily life, because I do not cheat.

2:47:32 PM

lazarussomething30: my

2:48:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  is that so?

2:48:17 PM

lazarussomething30: Yes

2:49:55 PM

lazarussomething30: I tell you something about my life. Vil is not the only one who is harmed.

2:50:45 PM

lazarussomething30: Nobody beside B, Vil and friends knows that. Now you know it too.

2:51:14 PM

lazarussomething30: It is hard for me, to trust people or to let people into my life.

2:51:36 PM

lazarussomething30: I’ve seen things people would not see in a lifetime.

2:51:50 PM

lazarussomething30: I felt pain, people would not feel in a lifetime.

2:52:45 PM

heartagram_princess:  ?!

2:53:56 PM

lazarussomething30: There are sick people in our life. Sick people, old sick people who love young men and who do not fear to hurt us .

2:54:36 PM

heartagram_princess:  well thats disturbing…

2:55:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  so if they’re old & you’re young, why not just kick their asses?

2:56:05 PM

lazarussomething30: I do not have a girlfriend. because, I can not let any woman close to me. I fear near, I fear to be touched, I take showers ( 2 to 4 hours long ) I am dirty.

2:56:33 PM

lazarussomething30: Because they have the power, they control us.

2:56:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  you must have an amazing hot water heater…

2:56:49 PM

lazarussomething30: Just a normal one.

2:57:35 PM

heartagram_princess:  Well I don’t think showers are gonna help the kind of dirty that you are talking about…

2:58:08 PM

lazarussomething30: To you, if you would see me. You probably call me cute and thin. But I, myself I feel fat and ugly, even though people call me cute. I can not look into a mirror. Not very long.

2:58:37 PM

heartagram_princess:  so you have body dysmorphic disorder

2:59:07 PM

heartagram_princess:  ?

2:59:15 PM

lazarussomething30: I do not eat very much, I ride my bike a lot, yes sometimes together with vil. But he is to busy at the moment.

IM Dec 17, 2012 3:21:24 PM

2:59:38 PM

lazarussomething30: I guess I have it, most of us have it.

3:00:21 PM

lazarussomething30: Yeah i guess I have it.

3:01:35 PM

lazarussomething30: You have a pretty face.

3:01:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  sure I do. Thats why all the mens want me. XD

3:03:19 PM

lazarussomething30: I would want you if I would accept women close to me, or anybody close to me. Hence why my ex dumped me. I did not let her touch me or anything like that.

3:03:55 PM

heartagram_princess:  yeah, having a boyfriend you cant screw would be damaging to one’s ego and self worth I guess

3:04:08 PM

lazarussomething30: You can ask B. I am sure Vil ahs the same problems I have.

3:04:15 PM

lazarussomething30: has

3:04:58 PM

heartagram_princess:  Well how entirely frustrating for everybody involved, I am sure.

3:05:32 PM

lazarussomething30: You have no reason to believe me. I accept that.

3:06:33 PM

heartagram_princess:  Well it is kind of a far-out story… nobody likes to appear gullible. Fool me one shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Or whatever.

3:07:24 PM

lazarussomething30: Ok, do not believe me, I will not tell you to believe me. So I guess this is where it all ends hm?

3:08:01 PM

heartagram_princess:  Its up to you man.

3:10:46 PM

heartagram_princess:  I dont doubt the Illuminati exists but you havent exactly been forthcoming with me… you wont even tell me who you are yet you call me your online girlfriend… what am I supposed to think?

3:10:57 PM

lazarussomething30: No, it is up to you. I will be honest with you. This is very hard time in my life. ( I know you do not believe me and you think it is all a joke, which is your choice ) But, whatever I say, it would not be enough to say. I think it is better we end it here. I do not wish to hurt you again and you deserve a man who is willing be touched be his girl. And who does not take showers for hours to rub it all off.

3:13:39 PM

heartagram_princess:  Well since this is online what kind of man I deserve is irrelevant. It’s not like I could touch you even if it was the one thing you wanted more than anything. I think you’re just annoyed that I dare to be skeptical. You always threaten to take yourself away if I become skeptical. besides how can you call me your online girlfriend when you go entire months at a time without even talking to me?

3:15:02 PM

lazarussomething30: Because I do not know what I want.

3:15:10 PM

heartagram_princess:  who does?

3:15:23 PM

lazarussomething30: I do not know.

3:16:18 PM

heartagram_princess:  This is all very strange. I still dont know why you blocked me on facebook. I’m not so sure that you actually consider me a “girlfriend”.

3:17:49 PM

lazarussomething30: I am sorry. I do not know what I want and what not. I need time. Forgive me please.

3:18:49 PM

heartagram_princess:  Time? uh… ok. Time I’ve got. Unless of course your good buddy is right about the 21st. (he is not.)

3:19:43 PM

heartagram_princess:  But you shouldnt toy with people’s emotions, calling them your gf and then not talking to them for a month. Surely you can see that that is a bit neurotic & unkind.

3:21:24 PM

lazarussomething30: I am sorry. I did not meant to toy with your emotions. I hope you can forgive me one day. I am sorry. I need to go now. We talk soon.

IM Dec 26, 2012 8:44:06 AM

8:27:40 AM

lazarussomething30: Hey sweetheart. Just wanted to wish you a verry merry xmas and a happy new year. I hope I’ll find more time for you and myself in the upcoming year. I am sorry that you felt that I am playing with your feelings. I didn’t meant to make you feel that way. on your cheeks

8:28:25 AM


8:29:21 AM

heartagram_princess:  hi, happy holidays to you too

8:29:26 AM

lazarussomething30: Ok, I guess you’re busy. I hope I’ll find some time to talk to you ( about us ) on the weekend, for now I have to go to the airport….oh you are there

8:29:34 AM

lazarussomething30: Thank you sweetie.

8:29:54 AM

heartagram_princess:  airport? sounds exciting! It’s nice to hear from you…

8:30:02 AM

heartagram_princess:  I hope you had a nice xmas

8:31:07 AM

lazarussomething30: Not really exciting. I’ve to be home for Helldone, Vil invited me to be there for the new years because we will have a traditional new years dinner .

8:31:42 AM

heartagram_princess:  lucky you! I wish I could go… New years EVe is my birtday, so it sucks extra every year that I can never afford to go

8:31:58 AM

heartagram_princess:  but hopefully everyone stays safe and has fun

8:32:31 AM

lazarussomething30: Oh im sorry to hear that sweetie. I could ask him for a ticket, if you want?

8:33:22 AM

heartagram_princess:  Maybe in the future. Another year, if it happens again. I mean I dont have airfare or lodging set up or anything…. it’s just not viable with such short notice… thank you though ❤

8:33:52 AM

lazarussomething30: Ok, as you wish sweetheart. Do you read?

8:34:19 AM

heartagram_princess:  yes, always

8:34:55 AM

lazarussomething30: May I recommend you a book?

8:35:13 AM

heartagram_princess:  yes please

8:36:15 AM

lazarussomething30: Ten shades of grey. Read and you might know how I feel. But don’t read to much into the Sm things, those are nto what I am talking about.

8:36:46 AM

heartagram_princess:  oh, THAT book. I have heard of it… I guess it is very popular! ok…

8:36:53 AM

heartagram_princess:  I am sorry you feel bad ways

8:37:07 AM

lazarussomething30: Yeah it is, and it feels very familiar.

8:37:54 AM

heartagram_princess:  ❤

8:38:05 AM

lazarussomething30: Ok, obviously, vil has to suffer more then I do, THEY are facinated by him, but I don’t feel well as well.

8:38:33 AM

heartagram_princess:  I’m sorry. I’d hug you in a totally unfilthy way

8:38:49 AM

lazarussomething30: Thank you

8:41:05 AM

lazarussomething30: I’ve read it and it feels familiar and I had to think of Vil. Yes I look up to him, he is like an older brother to me. And he has it much worse then I do.

8:41:48 AM

heartagram_princess:  you poor guys

8:42:03 AM

heartagram_princess:  I hope he isn’t too nervous about the show tonight

8:43:13 AM

heartagram_princess:  it must be a little nerve-wracking after the hiatus

8:43:42 AM

lazarussomething30: Oh, he is. But he will survive it. He ordered security ( personal security for himself ) Because of THEM and because of B, because she would not want him unprotected. And a bullet proof vest he ordered.

IM Dec 26, 2012 8:49:44 AM

8:44:36 AM

heartagram_princess:  it looks like your “misunderstood” buddy fubu is scaring people on wdw this morning

8:44:50 AM

lazarussomething30: Why is that so?

8:45:00 AM

lazarussomething30: She is not my buddy

8:45:05 AM

heartagram_princess:  he appears to have survived Dec 21 along with the rest of us…

8:45:12 AM

heartagram_princess:  idk, you seem to defend her a lot

8:45:19 AM

lazarussomething30: Yeah

8:45:36 AM

lazarussomething30: Yeah, because I think she is harmed by THEM as well.

8:45:53 AM

lazarussomething30: And she sounds very sad and lonely.

8:46:13 AM

heartagram_princess:  bulletproof vest huh? I guess that’s the end of the shirtless shows…

8:46:22 AM

heartagram_princess:  harmed? but… how? why?

8:47:01 AM

lazarussomething30: Yeah, he needs to be protected. The world is gettign insane more and more.

8:47:10 AM

heartagram_princess:  true that

8:47:19 AM

lazarussomething30: Just because THEY like to harm people.

8:47:43 AM

lazarussomething30: Ok sweetie, I should leave now, my plane. and I have to get to the airport.

8:48:31 AM

lazarussomething30: ?

8:48:35 AM

heartagram_princess:  ok

8:48:37 AM

heartagram_princess:  fly safe

8:48:42 AM

heartagram_princess:  contact me when you can

8:48:59 AM

lazarussomething30: Ok, sweetie. have warm holidays and many gifts. Hugs and kisses

8:49:06 AM

heartagram_princess:  back at ya

8:49:41 AM


8:49:44 AM

lazarussomething30: Thank you and thank you. Bye and hopefully talk to you in the weekend I am off.

8:49:44 AM


IM Jan 4, 2013 8:26:29 PM

8:19:17 PM

lazarussomething30: hey sweetie

8:19:30 PM

lazarussomething30: sorry dont ahve much time

8:19:34 PM

lazarussomething30: how are you?

8:19:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  oh hi… not too bad. you?

8:20:29 PM

lazarussomething30: yeah ditto that.

8:21:02 PM

heartagram_princess:  thats good. Did you have a good time at Helldone?

8:21:31 PM

lazarussomething30: I was only there on the first night.

8:22:40 PM

heartagram_princess:  I see… well I hope it was fun. I hope you had a nice christmas, too. We don’t really do holidays around here…

8:23:48 PM

lazarussomething30: Yeah my xmas was ok so far. Sweetie? can we try to talk tomorrow? For me it is late and I just wanted to wish you a good night, my tax will arrive in a minute.

8:23:59 PM

lazarussomething30: taxi

8:24:30 PM

heartagram_princess:  ok… nice hearing from you, even if it was brief. I dont mind brief. Goodnight. ❤

8:25:43 PM

lazarussomething30: Thank you sweetie. Goodnight you too.

8:25:50 PM

heartagram_princess:  Let V know that there’s till fans out here pulling for him… we’re not all hateful jerks.

8:25:53 PM

heartagram_princess:  ttyl

8:26:29 PM

lazarussomething30: I will. He will be happy to hear it. Ttyl. Bye for now sweetheart.


19 thoughts on “His Wicked Game

  1. Oh wow, just wanted to leave a comment cause idk how i ran into this, im not even a HIM fan so but that was quite some drama there….sorry for the total randomness lol
    You were wayyy too nice to this guy, tbh i felt a bit bad for how he treated you and he never even asked about your life or anything….even tho you were playing him but it shows a lot of his character right there

      • Way so!! However….i did get something out of it, which was the awesome movie suggestions so thanks for that 😉

      • You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy the movies, good stuff. Well of course I think it’s good stuff, they were my recommendations. 😆 Even if I did get the name of that awful River Phoenix movie wrong… but that wasn’t one of the good ones, anyway. 😆

        Idk if you read the other blog entry, titled The Devil’s in the Detail, but that explains a bit more about this whole mess.

      • Oh its quite alright, i’ll even watch the bad one just to see how bad it actually is :P. I’ve always kinda been searching for a reason to see some River Phoenix movies but somehow it never happened. I really watched too many horror movies so its about time i branched out a bit, haha.

        I didnt read your other blog entry, but i will. This…”dude, sweetie, babe” was a mess in himself. He also seemed not to know much about alters and DID (i actually do have DID and it seems to be a highly misunderstood condition). Oh well.

        While i was reading i really hoped he’d ask more about the kitty, but he never did. Too bad, cause i love animals so i wanted to know lol

      • I still have him! I didn’t name him Lazarus, though. I named him Boo. My other kitty, Nemmy, who I’d had for over 15 years died a month ago – I’m still pretty wrecked over it – so Boo is all that I have left now.

        You have DID? That sounds … awful. I admit I don’t know very much about it either, other than what I’ve heard on YouTube videos about LSD tests, MK Ultra and identity fragmentation.

      • I re-read some of this to remember which movies we had discussed – and oh man, some of that mush-mush chat is embarrassing as hell. 😳 I wanted to keep it going though for the reasons detailed in the blog entry about… the devil in the details. 😆

      • Boo sounds awesome and a much better name :P. What is his personality like? Im really sorry about Nemmy. I have 2 cats myself (Mickey and Whiskey) they are 6 and 7 years old. I pretty much always had cats, and its heartbreaking when a companion leaves you. I also have a crow.

        DID is actually not that awful unless there are no coping tools. If the system gets to a point of agreements and stuff, its manageable and ok most days. But it takes a while. The MK Ultra and stuff…that would be cult abuse, i think. Its more rare. Usually DID happens cause of bad parenting, mostly. Abuse in the family or neglect and all that stuff.

        The chat is a lot more embarrassing for him than it is for you IMO…you were pretty much a lady all throughout, but he made me cringe 90% of the time!! XD

      • My Boo? Oh he’s a turrible little thing, one of the worst cats I’ve ever had. He is cantankerous and yowly and rude, fightsy and bitesy and full of farts. He’s also a BIG boy – I damn near sproink myself over it on the rare occasions that I try to pick him up. I love the rotten little beast to bits.

        It is reputed that River Phoenix was a victim of cult abuse with those Children of God weirdos. Poor dude! People say that similar stuff happened to his brother Joaquin, too, and that’s why he’s so… unusual. Idk if that’s true or not but the boy is definitely unusual.

        My father was absent and I had an absolutely horrible mother… I can relate verily to the bad parenting thing for sure.

        Ha ha poor Laz-Baby is so cringe-worthy. XD

        I still want to know who that bastard is… ! I’d just write him off as a random loon if not for those devilish details.

      • Well your Boo sounds awesome XD
        Wow thats pretty bad what happened to River Phoenix. No wonder he got into drugs and drinking later on. He was gone way too soon…

        Im sorry about your parents…its pretty bad when people who are suppose to take care of you fail so miserably at it. I hope their behavior doesn’t affect you anymore tho those things can leave some marks for sure.

        I was reading your other post just now and oh Lord…he really kept on with all that stuff. You did quite a good job there with your digging tho. I am reading his LazarusNoNotVallo page…
        Hes probably just some random guy who has low self esteem but is also into mind games to feed his grandiose thinking. Pretty sure he has nothing to do with Ville Valo & crew. All this prolly made him feel special for a while, lol.

      • The guy is a trip. I ought to sic Nev and Max from that show Catfish on him. XD He keeps it going – as you can see he’s been fooling around on WDW as recently as January. He is denying it all, and hard, but he is always lying. Now that HIM are over I wonder if he’ll finally tire of his games?

      • Maybe you should – im half serious, lol. I watched a few eps of that show and it was worth a laugh…im not sure all their stories are real, some are just too much XD

        I saw hes active. That is weird. You would think whoever did it grew out of the games, its been years. It looks as if he didnt do any growing up at all. Its obviously him…

        Well, maybe more reading later. Its 4 am here, lol XD

      • Right, after reading everything and his latest posts, it’s really amazing to see how some people never change or grow out of trolling.

        I guess you could pass the email address/ whatever else you have that he was using through those people finder search engines and see what comes up … If you haven’t done so already.
        I was feeling a bit bad for him thinking what issues he might have had, but after his latest posts …. No comment.
        Oh well ..

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