the Devil’s in the Detail

It boggles the mind! It’s now been almost 14 months since I’ve posted the first (and until now, only) post on this blog, and I am still getting on average 6 – 8 visitors a day, sometimes up to 15. I haven’t pushed or advertised this blog anywhere for over a year; I don’t know how people are finding it. Good tags, I guess?

I’ve considered writing about this mess before, but frankly, I couldn’t be bothered. I am doing it now because I have found myself telling this story to curious HIM fans several times and I am tired of the re-typing and the re-telling of it. My first “chats with Laz” post kind of jumped into the middle of things, and it left much unexplained. At that particular point in time, I was more about antagonizing Laz-Baby and exposing his bizarre games to the people who were already following this mess and would “get it”, than I was about hyper-detailing the situation for the unaware.

In the third paragraph of last year’s blog entry, I kind of glazed over some major details, I stated simply “I randomly found the Twitter page of this guy who was pretending that he was (Finnish lovemetal band HIMs frontman) Ville Valo.” That’s not entirely true.

See… it is reputed that Ville wrote a song called “The Kiss of Dawn” for a guy named Dustin DuBois, who is purported to have committed suicide.

It is said that at the time of his death, Dustin was dating a woman named Carrie Zaray. Some time after Dustin’s death, unsubstantiated rumors began to swirl around this woman and the possibility that she might be dating Ville. At around this time, just to see what would happen, I sent her a friend request on Facebook and a follow request on Twitter, both from my real and very clearly female profiles. The requests were declined with out a word. Other HIM fans that sent her friend and follow requests were reportedly receiving the same treatment. A month or so later, a friend – (YES it really was a friend! I know how that sounds!) had made a couple of fake “Hot Dude” profiles on both Facebook and on Twitter; with which to fuck with her negligent boyfriend, in an attempt at making him jealous. The sexy long-haired dude whose pictures she stole to make this fake profile was hot hot hot!!! – many people would think he was hotter than Valo himself (which really isn’t that much of a stretch anymore). I asked her to send Carrie friend and follow requests from the Hot Dude profiles… just to see what would happen.

The response was almost immediate. Carrie could not be bothered to acknowledge the requests from myself and other curious, unattractive and/or female HIM fans, but she just about broke her ass responding to “the Hot Dude”! Within an hour of “his” requests she messaged “him” back and told “him” thanks for the friend/follow requests, and that it was very flattering and all, but she does not accept friend and/or follow requests from people that she does not know in real life. (Later on, this changed. When interest in her started to wane, she started adding HIM fans and then abandoned her social media accounts, or at least her Twitter account, @cjzaray, altogether).The account sat neglected and ignored for years and I find now that it has been deleted. At the time that she told “the Hot Dude” that she did not accept strangers on her friends and follow lists, she was not accepting HIM fan friend or follow requests… yet. She had not hidden her Twitter followers, so I poked through them and I found a curious profile, some guy who called himself @DeadMan’sThirst. (Don’t bother looking, it’s gone). Per her own words at that time, she must have known him in real life… right?

The @DeadMan’sThirst profile was public at the time, and it had only 23 followers. Most of the followers were not even individuals; they were things like Hair Metal Radio, EuroRockRadio, Vampire Film News, Wowtlet Suomi, stuff like that. I know that EuroRockRadio is/was (?) ran by Kelly Crawford/Hitt… the HIM Street Teams leader. Also on his followed/followers lists was Jonathan Stanley, nephew of HIM’s manager Seppo Vesterinen.  So, on a list of a mere 23 followers, most of whom were businesses or themed pages as opposed to individuals, 3 of the followers have HIM insider ties. I don’t know how to explain it – he just “felt” like Ville, somehow. You can see the  screenshot of his Twitter page here:

click the magnifying glass twice or of course it’s going to be too damn small.

He was not making a  great production of it (Not early on in my discovery of his page, anyway. His last and most recent tweets are pretty transparent and arrogant, though, no?) and nowhere did he mention Ville Valo or HIM in any way (unlike that idiot @Huoripukki, who puts on a great production of attempting to convince people that he is Ville. Who knows? Maybe he is. I have doubts). It was the words he used, and the way that he used them, and admittedly, the people and the pages that he followed…. but hell, I know that many rabid, obsessed fans are aware of the stuff that he likes and some of them even go so far as to likewise follow it all… but… it was just so detailed. Tony and Toni Marie Iommi, Black Sabbath, an Elvis Presley page, a Charles Bukowski quotes page, Klaus Kinski, Chuck Palahniuk, Johnny Depp, The Hoff, Dickhouse/Jackass, Daniel Lioneye, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Steve-O, Brandon Novak, Melissa Auf der Maur, Vampire Daily, Helsinki News, all of the HIM band members’ Twitter accounts, Kat Von D…. and even @Arthur_Rimbaud long before any of us ever heard of Rambo Rimjob. Many, many “Ville associated”  and “Ville approved” things. This was a couple of years ago now; I cannot remember them all. I screen-shot the tweets but neglected to screenshot the followed and followers screens.

Why would somebody who was NOT trying to garner attention or identify himself in any way and had only a paltry 23 followers try so hard to make a fake Ville Valo profile?

Whether it was the real Ville or a fake Ville, I still don’t know. I wish I knew. What I do know is that whoever was behind this profile is deeply disturbed. This game is absurdly detailed and complex…. a multi-faceted blob of snot. Curiously, he had tweeted on Nov 22, 2011 “Now I am officially an old man”. Whose birthday might that be? Hmmm…? There is also a reference to the death of Ville Valo’s friend, Kari Tapio… tweeted the day after Tapio’s death. It looks like Valo and Tapio shared a birthday… the same month and day, but a different year, of course. I had not noticed that before.

I sent a follow request to this mysterious Twitter account and I was granted admittance. This panned out well, as later on the page was eventually changed from public to private. I very quietly watched this page for about two years… I told NOBODY about it, not even my HIM-obsessed online BFF, (the one who had made the Hot Dude profile). Now, you know how certain people have certain typing mannerisms? I watched this page and I got to “know” this dude’s mannerisms. I, for example almost always typo the words “remember” and “because”, even though I know very well how to spell them. He always typo’d talk as tlak, just as jsut, people as poeple, and he would use…………all these dots in places that commas or semicolons should be……And and and he would sometimes randomly repeat the word “and” three times for no apparent reason…….He would also often sign off with + I love yu + or “kisses on your cheeks” :* These are not idiosyncrasies or mannerisms that are likely to be spread across several people. They all point to one individual, see? Unique.

His tweets indicated at first that he was happy with a beloved fiance. This happy twitter time frame (2010) oddly enough coincided exactly with the same time frame in which Ville Valo was a beaming blushing smitten fool for the still unidentified Screamworks muse. He can be seen radiantly beaming and blushing about it here:

Kat Von D believes that the muse is herself, as she has detailed multiple times in at least 2 of her books, on her facebook page, and all over her twitter. 

Considering how profoundly (read: obsessively) in love (read: lust) that she claimed to be in with Valo, I can hardly see where Kat would have had the time to fit him in between Steve-O, Nikki Sixx, Jesse James, Scroobius Pip, Deadmau5, Tom Green, and lord knows who else. And THOSE are just the ones that I know about! Would anyone really be surprised if there were more?

I’m thinking…. sincerely hoping, anyway, that KVD was NOT Ville’s muse…

The tweeter never referred to his fiance by name; he called her his Cali Sun or his LASun. Then, things went poorly and this magical love came to an abrupt end. He put on a great and blubbering production, (much of it deleted before I took the screenshot), about the tragic loss of this fiance. O Hark, and O Alas, and oh his bleeding heart in a grave and woe, his beloved, lost baby… it was a mess of soggy, simpering sop. Part of this snot-bubble blubber scene was a bit of poetry, or lyrics, as he called them, about a nightingale and a rose. Again, some this stuff is still on the Twitter web page screen shot, linked above AND in the original “chats with Laz” blog entry that I posted over a year ago. Some of the simpering sop, he deleted. A few months after the breakup, on Dec 1st 2011, he tweeted “whatever… late is to late (sic) :(……..shall I regret the decision I once made?….some say yes..some say no…. but I regret nothing.” If this tweeter was Ville, I wonder if this tweet was in reference, maybe, to his resignation to the fact that his fiance was done with him, and his subsequent (and ultimately catastrophic) decision to move on with a ridiculous female who proceeded to simultaneously alienate his fans and boggle their minds. I say “female” to poke a bit of fun, because this how he himself referred to her. (below the TOT video embed).

The female, as he called her, may very well be one of the dumbest – if not the dumbest – thing he’s ever done. She reduced him from a demigod to a bit of a joke in the eyes of many of his fans. That particular story has very little do with this one, but, for those of you who give a shit, that mess is detailed here:

(edit: my guess is that he DID regret it!) 😦

Many curious fans wanted to discuss this female – of course! – and the HIM Facebook fan pages and Valo Daily were, per usual, hyper-obsessively modding and controlling any attempt at conversations, questions or gossip in the comments sections. Anybody daring to mention the female, (Sandra Mittica) suffered immediate chagrin and then their comments were deleted. This controlling behavior prompted an exodus of the fans to the Ville Valo page on a website called Who’s Dated Who, (WDW) where they could say whatever they wanted in as graphic or deranged of a manner as they wished, and nobody would come along and delete their comments and conversations. There were a few controlling types that tried to dictate and insist upon what they thought was appropriate conversation, but everybody just ignored them, of course.

It wasn’t long before this weirdo using multiple names showed up on Ville Valo’s WDW page. EyeUminati, onhiscarpet, LazarusVampire, and most notably, LazarusNoNotValo, were just a few of the names that he used, who knows how many names there were? Who could remember them all? He would often present as if he were Ville, as can be seen under the EyeUminati link shown below… about 1/4 the way down the page.

(edit: The WDW website has made a lot of changes since I posted this, they now call themselves WDW AND FamousFix, and they’ve royally ruined the old numbered page system in which these links like the one showed above used to work. Clicking the links now will take you only to the most recent page of comments, which will regrettably forevermore be fubu’s batshit mad ramblings and the two or three readers left besides fubu laughing at her and/or begging her to shut the fuck up. Or maybe you’ll get lucky and chance upon one of xCreep‘s endlessly creepy hahahahahaha spam shows. It’s kind of sick over there. Maybe the changes at the site and the subsequent broken links are Massa’s work? Ey, fubu? hyuk hyuk! The links USED to take you to the specified page number as shown in the url but …. no more. The changes at WDW broke them. Damn it!)

So, this weirdo came to play his wicked games at the Ville Valo WDW page. Under the EyeUminati name he played like he was Ville, but under the LazarusNoNotValo name, he insinuated that he was, in fact, NOT Ville, but very close to Ville. He denied being the same individual behind both usernames, but the poor, addled fool… it was his particular typing mannerisms that made it obvious to the keen of eye that these two characters were in fact the same person. It was due to these exact mannerisms that I realized… besides playing with multiple names on WDW, this dude is ALSO the same guy behind that Twitter account! You know, that one that contained people that Carrie Zaray purported to know only in real life. The one that also followed and was followed by the HIM street teams leader AND HIM’s manager, Seppo’s nephew. The nephew’s page includes direct references to Seppo AND HIM/Ville Valo if you poke around it hard enough, you will see. Curious, no?

He did not attempt to alter his typing mannerisms at all; it never occurred to him that one of his paltry 23 followers on Twitter might also have been reading the Valo page on WDW. Admittedly, the odds of that happening were pretty slim, but… it happened. 😀

I just want to reiterate here that unlike certain high-profile slavering lunatics… er, HIM fans, on Facebook, I am not wont to see Ville Valo behind every strange, peripherally HIM-related profile online. I would figure that the odds of actually finding him and talking to him online would be pretty slim, especially since he purports to not care for the internet or social media. I wondered if it could be him only due to the very Ville-specific things he followed on Twitter, and because of the co-follows with Kelly, Carrie and J. Stanley. Had it not been for those things, I would have instantly written him off as a random loon. There’s a lot more of those in this particular fandom than most people would fathom… seriously!

After observing how this wicked gamer guy on Valo’s WDW page had all of the same typing mannerisms and idiosyncrasies of the tweeter, I watched him even more closely. He started telling these horrible stories; stuff about Ville being a victim of MK Ultra brain-washing, stuff about Peter Steele being an Illuminati blood sacrifice in some way related to HIM’s blood contract with Warner, stuff about Ville having a dead twin brother named Jori…. and stuff about suffering molestation by his old pedophile Uncle Oscar, and yet even more stuff about how Ville’s “dead” ex-girlfriend Susanna Niiranen (who is alive and well and on Facebook), was killed in a car wreck, (and on Christmas Eve no less, and of course with a belly full of Valo-baby… right?)  …just sick, bizarre stuff. Stuff about forced incestual incidents with his brother, and forced drugging and sodomy inflicted upon Ville by Illuminati Bad Men who probably looked a lot like this:  drfsr

My obvious progression of thought was, “how could this be Ville? If it were he, why would he say such fucked-up things about himself? What in the fuck is going on here?!” He even told that the new female, Sandra, and the circus of foolishness that surrounded her, was a public punishment arranged by the Illuminati due to the unsatisfactory culmination of the contract with Warner.

The guy was clearly having some fun needling the users of that particular WDW page with his perverse stories, so I thought, “if he wants to play, let’s play”. By that point I was like, 99% sure he was the tweeter, but I decided to test the theory. I didn’t mention the Twitter account in any way, I just decided during one of his games to post a part of one of his tweets; the poetry… or “lyrics” as he later called them, about the nightingale and the rose. His response was immediate. He insisted that I make a registered account at the site in order to private message (pm) with him. The poor sap thought that I was the lost, beloved fiance, because he claimed that only she knew those lyrics. I figured that if he was too dumb or too plastered to remember that he had posted the slop to his Twitter, then he deserved to wonder about it… so I was eventually able to convince him that I was not the lost fiance, and that I just had what I called “a unique window into the situation.”

I did. It was called Twitter.

I ended up talking to the dude for 16 months. During this time we communicated through emails, Facebook, Yahoo instant messenger, and the WDW private messenger. On Facebook he had added me to his fake-name account “Lucifer’s Son”. At some point during the 16 months in which we talked, I also received a friend request from “Vlad Hermit” – the only mutual friend that I had with him was Lucifer’s Son. I poked through the profile and it was immediately evident through the repeated specific typos and other mannerisms that this was yet another alternate account of this same dude. I accepted the friend request and asked “Lucifer’s Son” – just to see what he’d say – who this “Vlad Hermit” dude was. He claimed that “Vlad Hermit” was his brother.

Oh, did I forget to mention? LOL! By this point in the “friendship” he had hinted in a few hundred thousand subtle and not-so-subtle ways that he was Ville’s younger brother, Jesse Oliver Valo. I was bored, and I was stuck at home due to an illness that eventually required surgery to correct. If I had not become ill and had been forced to quit my job I very seriously doubt that I would have become as macabrely immersed as I did in this guy’s games, but, I had the time to waste, so, although I never believed that he was Jesse Oliver, I decided to play along, the big-eyed believer, just to see how far he would go with his bizarre-o games. So, if I were pretending to go along with him being “Jesse Oliver”, I was then to assume that “his brother” was Ville Valo, right? I never let on to him how transparent he was; or that I knew all along that it was an alternate profile of his own.

Interestingly, “Jesse Oliver” *snort* had very little interest in talking about things like Muay Thai kickboxing, a sport in which he has brought home multiple medals.

Jesse Oliver was in a band called Vanity Beach, which was fronted by Jonas Karsten, the ex-boyfriend of Ville Valo’s new “female“. The band’s Facebook page says that “the band is kinda on hold” right now, but at the time of my chats with dear Lazarus, the band was very much a current happenstance. On one occasion, Vanity Beach’s Facebook profile had been very active, promoting a weekend show. I made a reference to “the VB show this weekend” and he was completely disinterested and clueless… he didn’t seem to have any idea what I was talking about. he never had any desire to talk about “his” sport or “his” band… imagine that? I would try to steer the conversation away from his two favorite subjects, cybersex and/or Ville Valo… but those are the only things he seemed to find interesting to talk about. I placated him by attempting to cyber with him (I had not done it before and haven’t done it since – I find it to be pointless and dumb – he actually chagrined me at one point for doing it “wrong”). <—Lol! For the most part I was participating as little as possible, and yukking it up at his expense, and playing Plants Vs. Zombies or Bloons TD5 in another tab while he got himself all icky-sticky. Gross! I did it, frankly, to keep him talking to me… my curiosity about his true identity had been further peaked by some of the HIM insider friends that were liking Lucifer’s Son’s and Vlad Hermit’s Facebook statuses… Anni Wainio, Audrey Coste, Sheyda Shafiei, Kirsti Anna Urpa, and other known HIM friends. It was too long ago and too vague for me to have retained all the names… I don’t even know enough about the circle surrounding HIM to know which of all names would have been significant, but those two were known for their public and social media associations with Jesse Oliver and the female, Sandra Mittica. Also, interestingly, it was tested and proven by other HIM fans that I had formed Facebook friendships with, that these HIM friends, much like the others already mentioned, did NOT accept random HIM/VB fan requests… further seeming to prove that whoever Sir Weirdo was… he actually was, as he claimed to be, close to Ville. Creepy close.

I was further agitated and provoked to learn that he had been playing his “I’m Valo!” games with two of my favorite Facebook friends… he messed with one of them pretty hard and what he did was damaging to her. I won’t tell her story here but a lot of the HIM Facebook Friends Network (not a real thing, I’m being glib) know what happened. Regrettably, she did not see through his wicked games. For some reason, she opted to believe that he was actually Valo. He messed with her through alternate profiles that I did not know about at the time, but when we compared the usual notes about his particular writing flare and unmistakable phrases………such as +I love yu+ and and and……kisses on your cheeks :* we knew that it was the same idiot, obviously. My other friend, who had also been added as a friend on the Vlad Hermit profile, was skeptical, but also very curious, like myself, about his bizarre, hint-dropping “Can you guess? I am Ville Valo!” performances in our respective inboxes… we were plagued by curiosity about his identity because of the multiple HIM “insiders” that were mutually friends with and/or following his social media accounts. We really very badly want to believe that neither Ville nor Jesse could actually be this much of an idiot. We’re still not sure what to think. …?!!!

At some point during the 16 months in which Lazarus & I communicated semi-regularly, he told on WDW about the alleged Screamworks Muse, a woman whom he alternately referred to as Bell, Belle, Bella, Arabell, or simply, B. Some readers were skeptical and raked him over the coals for his eternal telling of tales, while others devotedly bought into every word that he said. I used to tease the users on WDW who responded so enthusiastically when he would post under his “onhiscarpet” name, (ah, yes, king of alternate accounts, he). These were the ones who were convinced that he really was Ville. They would put on a most precious little prancing pony show for him, vying for his attentions! It was revoltingly precious! Most of that crap is still there but it may require a lot of digging and even some url manipulation to find it. Scrolling back through the pages on the website, the pages only go so far back as to page url/comments_560. To see pages 561 – 1001 you would need to change the last number on the url to view the desired page number. (If anybody even cares…) Evidence of most of this mess is still there, on the hidden pages and on the shown ones. Some bits may have been deleted.

(edit: as I mentioned in a previous edit, WDW has made a lot of changes to their site since I posted this. I haven’t attempted the described  url manipulation methods since the changes were made, but due to the new auto-scroll feature of the comments sections, my guess is that attempting to link to particular pages via this method is probably now broken.)

As fubu notes on page 965, while the pages and conversations remained largely unmolested, every once in a while hours or days worth of conversations would just disappear… a website glitch, or the work of random neurotic deletions performed by the few editors on WDW afforded those permissions? Who knows? It may be because the page split off into a second page for quite some time… well over a year, maybe two, I can’t remember and don’t care to dig it up.  All I know is that the drama started on the original Ville Valo page when the female showed up, and that went on for a very long time. Eventually, after putting on a peripherally related Idiot Show over her breakup with DeadMau5, Ville-associated (and Ville obsessed) “celebrity” Kat Von D started getting picked apart on the Valo page. It is unconfirmed but widely speculated, given the evidence, that Kat or her “people” (*snort! cackle!*) contacted WDW and threw a bitch-fit, because the Valo and the Von D pages closed on the same day. By closed, I mean, the pages still existed but the ability for users to comment had been revoked.

A few weeks or months before this happened, some wit had created an alternate Valo/HIM related page (WDW is largely user-created content) called “Her Beloved Poet“, because many rrrromantic fools had insisted upon spamming the shit out of the Ville Valo page with their sad attempts at poetry. The other users who just wanted to talk dirt and not have to wade through a sop-ass poetry spam to do it, revolted, and they chased the bleeding hearts away to this here “Her Beloved Poet” page. When WDW admins shut down the real Ville Valo page, everybody just navigated their happy crap over to the Beloved Poet page… much to the delight of the bleeding hearts.

Not long after Lazarus told us about her, a person came to WDW claiming to be this muse, this Bell, Belle, Bella, Arabell, this B. She claimed that she had no social media accounts but invited WDW readers to communicate with her through her YouTube account, LASun14. So, I took her up on her invite. She told me that I was brave – or was it bold? – and that I was the only one to take her up on her offer. We talked back and forth for… Idk, I can’t confirm it anymore. I logged into YouTube to confirm and the contents of my message folder have mysteriously been purged.  The UI seems to have changed as well, so maybe those things are related, I don’t know. I think that we may have written back and forth maybe 10 – 12 times across a period of approx. maybe 4 months? We spoke of myriad things, and everything seemed friendly. She backed up some of what Lazarus had told, but she remained coy and cryptic about many things, as well. According to Lazarus, B and Ville had split because of his schedule and substance abuse issues, and because of her Christian based values, and oh yes, because she didn’t fit in with the Illuminati Bad Men’s plans for Ville and HIM. She correlated most of what he said, minus the Illuminati boogedy. I did not tell Lazarus that I was communicating with B, but I had alluded to her that I had talked to Lazarus. I pried gently about his identity. She refused to tell me who he is, she said only that he was a friend of hers and of Ville’s, and – get this – she said that who I am does not matter, but, who he is, does.

Nice, eh?!

She was, for the most part, pleasant, but every so often she would come across with a  sideways remark like that one, or like one she made one day about “wet-panties-fan-girls after her man” (yuck). She had an entitled arrogance about her that I could have done very well without. Around the same time that her limited charms were wearing off, Lazarus’s had long since expired. Luckily I was just playing the player, otherwise I could have been hurt by him, much like the Facebook friend I mentioned earlier had been. During our chats he would put on a production of “loving”,  “missing” and “trusting” me, (what sop!) yet his chats became farther and farther apart, 3 weeks to a month apart at the end, and he became abrupt and dismissive on the rare occasions when we would talk. More often than not he seemed fucked out of his skull, on whatever be his substance of choice.

Having become completely bored with Prinsessa and with HIMself, I decided I didn’t much care if I alienated them or pissed them off…. they certainly didn’t mind if they did it to me! So I decided, “fuck it”… and having long ago determined the extremely high unlikelihood of him being Jesse Oliver, I decided to see what would happen if I told Belle or whatever the hell her name was about Lazarus’s “Jesse Oliver/cybersex” games and sicko Illuminati torture stories. She… she flat out refused to believe me, she vehemently denied the very possibility of it, she claimed that he would never, ever do such a thing! Never-ever! …And she called me a liar. Because of that, I hope that she, especially, did so very much enjoy my chats with Laz-Baby blog entry when I posted it last year.

I told Lazarus that I had told Belle what he had been up to… he had not even known that I had been communicating with her. He was horrified, mortified, shocked, dismayed, maybe even verklempt. Due to the fact that Belle NEVER made any of the grammatical errors he did, combined with the fact that she had a much finer grasp on the English language than he ever did, and the genuine emotion that each displayed when I told them these things, I have dismissed the possibility that she could have been yet another one of his alternate profiles to play games with poeple, er, people with. Very few people (most likely of a psychopathic nature) could play that fine of a game, and pull it off… and he had already demonstrated, repeatedly, his blatant transparency. He admitted that he was not Jesse Oliver, (duh…. really?!) and he claimed that he was a small blond man with the first letter of his name being J. He purported to be a friend of Ville’s. (Some friend…) I made like I was not angry with him and I forgave his lies… I was ready to chalk it (the “friendship” with him) up when I told Belle what he was doing, and yet I found myself still macabrely curious about how much further, if any, he might take it. He, in turn, agreed that all was cool, thanked me for the forgiveness, and agreed that we could remain friends. Then, after that final lie, he promptly deleted and blocked me on ALL of his accounts – except for his “brother’s” – you remember, the Vlad Hermit account.

I duly noted this and feigned oblivion…. I still posted things but I used the audience editor to block him from viewing anything that I might not want him to see and/or to appear relatively inactive. I ignored the Vlad account altogether, I didn’t “like” or comment on any of his posts or status updates… but I noted that “Helsinki Scene People” and known “HIM Friends” did often reveal themselves as being on his friends list by liking his statuses. He had his friends hidden but their “likes” negated his attempts at concealing them.

Quite a bit of time went by, well over a year. Then, he posted this bit of slop (shown below) which seemed to be in reference to the new female. Prior to this post he had made posts about “the nose chicks” (whatever those are) being out of control, which coincided with fans making fun of the female’s…. remarkable… nose, and he made other posts about his girl’s “self-made” baking, which coincided with her tweets about baking muffins for Valo. Games on top of games. I have screen grabs of that jazz too but have only so much more energy to put into this. If somebody wants to implore about them maybe I’ll put forth the effort… but probably not. photo vlad.1_zpsyp8kxbdx.jpg Somebody on WDW poked fun (imagine that?) at the above post, and in spite of the multiple HIM friend “insiders” and active known HIM fans that Vlad had added to his Facebook, he assumed that it was me (maybe so…. maybe no) and via his “Vlad Hermit” profile, he threw a shitting fit in my inbox, effectively tipping his hand and exposing what I had known all along… it was an alternate profile belonging to that same neurotic Ville Valo/cyber-sex obsessed jerk, Laz-Baby, Lazarus NoNotValo. In the ranty inbox message, he continued his game of multiple personalities (oh I forgot – according to Lazarus, Ville has dissociative identity disorder due to his MK Ultra trauma and his “Vlad Hermit” persona was “a Sir from the 19th Century”, and wears eyeliner, and is arrogantly cruel). I warned him to quietly fuck off but he kept it going, so, I kept it going.

I amused the WDW readers by tormenting him for a month or so with subtle and not-so-subtle clues and instigations leading up to the release of the url to this blog, detailing my chats with Laz-Baby. Thankfully I am finally at the end of this wretched story; except for a final note of mild coincidental interest. Back when I first found the Twitter and it had only a paltry 23 followers, one of them was an attractive black haired girl, @DhuEnid. I have multiple tabs open in my browser at any given time, and opted to have a window onto his Twitter open at the same time I finally posted the url of this blog on WDW. Just to see if anything would happen. I didn’t expect that anything would, but, interestingly, I was able to observe that @DhuEnid, who had been following him since before I discovered the Twitter account, and had quietly followed him for YEARS, unfollowed him inside of an hour (!!!!) after I posted this blog’s url to WDW. Very curious, no?!

Also, “somebody” – I wish I knew who – thanked me on WDW for “opening their eyes to a truth”… I pressed for details but I never heard another word about that. Such annoying mysteries, these…! If he were Ville…. man, what the fuck?! If he were, as Belle claimed and as he purported to be at the end, a friend of Ville’s… man, what the fuck?!  photo boggle_zps6iaetntw.jpg

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6 thoughts on “the Devil’s in the Detail

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  2. Hi,
    so confused about all this. Did you ever hear anything again?
    Why would someone pretend to be Jesse? Especially if they are close to Ville? How fucking sick is that?

    Just was at a concert and Ville looked super healthy and happy. Either the relationship is better than the previous 3 years and she made him join a gym or he is single. A few months back a friend of a friend – who lives in Finland but isn’t a HIM fan – told us she saw Ville hook up every night with different girls…
    Too fucking curious for my own good.

    Thanks however, your story was wild from beginning to end.

    Greetings from Germany,

    • I know! How sick is it? After I outted this blog url on WDW after torturing him with it for a month or so, I never heard from the jerk again. He played on WDW for a while… I recognize his idiosyncrasies… but the WDW page has pretty much died now, all that’s left are fubu and a few tumbleweeds. I wish like hell I knew who this “Lazarus” jerk is!

  3. Mhhh, sorry, just saw your reply now! Do you know what is happening at the moment? If WDW is kinda dead, there must be another platform where they are starting again, since HIM are on all channels due to new drummer at the moment. And if he is as sick as he comes across he won’t stop doing it. Too much fun for him, wanking off about this.

    • If there’s a new platform, idk where it is. Maybe that vk russian street team page? I don’t really follow it as my page translator only works some of the time and all of the idiocy surrounding sandra destroyed most of my interest in him and HIM. It is fun, though, watching him wank off about it! It’s the only reason I stick around at all anymore. Mostly to point & laugh. 😀

  4. Verga, es increíble que haya leído esto teniendo tanta tarea jaja ta bueno te la lavas por fa
    vILLE IlluMinati, jUst NO Jejex

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